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									S TA K I N G YO U R C L A I M O N T H E W E B


ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and         • The registry for .edu.au names is AUNIC (Australian

                                                                                                                       fact sheet 2
Numbers) http://www.icann.org                                Network Information Centre), www.aunic.net
The international policy authority for domain names.
The policy for global top level domains, who is eligible
                                                           A registrar issues domain name licences to registrants.
for a name, and what names are allowed is determined
                                                           Registrars decide whether or not your domain name
                                                           application meets the policy rules. Registrars have
auDA (.au Domain Administration Ltd)                       direct access to the registry so that they can process
http://www.auda.org.au                                     new registrations and renewals,
auDA is the government-endorsed manager of the             and update registrant contact details in the database.
Australian domain name space. audio is an                  Registrars in the .au domain are accredited and licensed
independent, not-for-profit body. auDA grants licences     by auDA. Service offerings and charges may vary from
to Registry operators. It accredits and licenses           registrar to registrar. For more information see the list
registrars who can sell domain names in .au to eligible    of auDA accredited registrars at
individuals, companies or organisations. auDA sets         www.auda.org.au/registrars
policies for domain registration in Australia, for
                                                           All auDA registrars also provide global domain services.
example the types of names that can be used as
                                                           Some are ICANN-accredited registrars in their own
domain names. It also facilitates the .au Dispute
                                                           right, others are resellers of ICANN registrars. Some of
Resolution Policy (auDRP).
                                                           them also offer other country code domain services,
Registry                                                   like .uk or .nz.

The domain name registry holds the database of domain      Resellers
names and operates the nameservers that make the
                                                           Some registrars use resellers to provide customer sales
domain names visible on the Internet. The registry does
                                                           and support. Resellers do not have direct access to the
not have direct contact with registrants.
                                                           registry, and must process registrations and renewals
• Registry details for global domains can be found         through their registrar. Resellers are not accredited or
  through the ICANN website http://www.icann.org           licensed by auDA, they are appointed
                                                           by a registrar.
• The registry for com.au, net.au, org.au, asn.au,
  gov.au and id.au is AusRegistry. See                     Registrant
  www.ausregistry.com.au. AusRegistry also operates        The applicant or registered domain name holder.
  a free WHOIS online search facility that you can use
  to find out whether a .au name is available, and if
  not, details of who registered it.

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