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									                                                                                                                                            October 2009

                                            EVERYTHING you need to
                                             know about ARTEMIS                                                                         Fig. 1
                                                                                                                                        A typical PROFIT

The COMPANY                                                                     The PEOPLE
Artemis Investment Management Limited was established by                        The founding partners are Mark Tyndall, John Dodd, Derek Stuart and
Mark Tyndall, John Dodd, Derek Stuart and Lindsay Whitelaw in                   Lindsay Whitelaw. This original fund management team has expanded
1997 as a dedicated active investment management house specialising             since 1997 and currently numbers seventeen, with additions arriving from
in growing the money of retail investors.                                       Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Asset Management, Société Générale Asset
Since launch the company’s success has meant it now manages an asset            Management, Jupiter, F&C Asset Management, Scottish Widows
base of some £9.8bn*. Clients’ investments are spread across a range of ten     Investment Partnership and New Star Asset Management.
unit trusts, an investment trust, hedge funds, a venture capital                The managers and the funds they manage are listed in the
trust, an international SICAV as well as segregated and pooled                  Unit Trusts table (overleaf).
institutional portfolios.
* Source: Internal as at 30 October 2009.
                                                                                Who to contact – SALES
                                                                                Tony van Gool
HISTORY                                                                         Sales Director
                                                                                020 7399 6203 / 07786 171 572
1997                      Launch of Artemis by four members previously at
                          Ivory & Sime                                          Damian Samuel-Camps
April 1998                Launch of UK Growth & UK Smaller Companies            Associate Director – Sales: South-West
                          Funds                                                 07775 508 713

March 2000                Launch of UK Special Situations Fund                  Mark Howell
                                                                                Associate Director – Sales: North of England and Scotland
June 2000                 Launch of Income & New Enterprises Funds              07887 520 316
March 2001                Launch of European Growth Fund
                                                                                Ian Spilsbury
September 2002            Acquisition of ABN AMRO Fund Managers                 Associate Director – Sales: South East, East Midlands
January 2003              Move to common administration platform as the two     and Northern Ireland
                          businesses fully integrate                            07900 276 573

February 2003             Three former ABN AMRO funds merged into three         Tom Underhill
                          corresponding Artemis funds, consolidating the fund   Associate Director – Sales: Central London, Channel Islands and Dublin
                          range to ten unit trusts                              07733 224 233

March 2005                Institutional funds launched                          Lawrence Brennan
                                                                                Associate Director – Sales: London
June 2005                 Artemis Strategic Bond Fund launched                  07973 817 025
December 2006             Launch of Artemis International SICAV
                                                                                Matt Lepine
May 2009                  Artemis Strategic Assets Fund launched                Associate Director – Sales: North
                                                                                01423 883 428 / 07825 384 931
                                                                                Simon Rogers
LOCATION, location, location …                                                  Associate Director – Sales: South
                                                                                07795 336 759
Artemis has offices located both in Edinburgh & London:
                                                                                James Martinelli
42 Melville Street, Edinburgh EH3 7HA                                           Associate Director – European Sales
Cassini House, 57 St James's Street, London SW1A 1LD                            +44 (0)7825 190090

You can also find us on the WEB at www.artemisonline.co.uk
Dedicated IFA Office:                                                           >   Sales aids and fund literature
>    View client valuations, check your clients’ portfolio values, purchase     >   Latest articles and news archive
     and sell investments, action switches, etc.                                >   Presentations
>    Artemis Film Club featuring fund manager interviews                        >   Reasons why letters
>    Ability to create client specific illustrations                            >   Ability to request literature online
>    Register for upcoming webcasts or view archive of recent webcasts
>    Monthly factsheets including fund performance (archived factsheets
     are also available)
Artemis offers a comprehensive range of ten unit trusts, hedge funds, a venture capital trust and one Luxembourg domiciled SICAV fund (comprising of
two sub funds registered for sale in Luxembourg, France, UK, Sweden, Switzerland and the Netherlands). Details of the unit trusts and SICAV funds
available are outlined in the table below:

  Fund                              Manager(s)                    Sector & Benchmark                                                      Ratings

  Capital                           Jacob de Tusch-Lec            UK All Companies/FTSE All-Share

  European Growth                   Philip Wolstencroft           Europe Ex UK/FTSE Europe Ex UK
                                    Peter Saacke

  Global Growth                     Peter Saacke                  Global Growth/MSCI World

  High Income                       Adrian Frost                  UK Other Bond/
                                    Adrian Gosden                 FTSE-A British Govt All Stocks

  Income                            Adrian Frost                  UK Equity Income/FTSE All-Share
                                    Adrian Gosden

  Strategic Assets                  William Littlewood            Active Managed

  Strategic Bond                    James Foster                  UK Other Bond/iBoxx Sterling non gilt
                                    Alexandra Ralph

  UK Growth                         Tim Steer                     UK All Companies/FTSE All-Share

  UK Smaller Companies              John Dodd                     UK Smaller Companies/Hoare Govett ex IT
                                    Mark Niznik

  UK Special Situations             Derek Stuart                  UK All Companies/FTSE All-Share
                                                                                                                                                        Derek Stuart
                                    Ruth Keattch

  SICAV Fund
   Pan European Equity              Philip Wolstencroft           MSCI Europe* (NR) €
                                    Peter Saacke
   Global Equity                    Peter Saacke                  MSCI World* (NR) €

* Benchmark only

 Broker Support                            For all your fund queries including         Unit Trust Dealing Desk                    International Dealing Desk
 Tel: 0800 092 2090                        fund aims and objectives and                Tel: 0800 092 2051                         Tel: +352 2696 2140
 Fax: 020 7399 6498                        performance records                         Fax: 0845 076 2290                         Fax: +352 2696 9748

 Client Services                           For all your administration queries          Website                                   Visit the site for up-to-date
 Tel: 0800 092 2051                        including commission & agency                www.artemisonline.co.uk                   fund prices, monitor your clients'
 Fax: 020 7399 6497                        enquiries, tax voucher information                                                     accounts and make online
 investorsupport@artemisfunds.com          & regular investment updates                                                           transactions

Regulatory Disclosure
This document is issued by Artemis Fund Managers Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority, 25 The North Colonnade, Canary Wharf,
London, E14 5HS and is a member of the IMA. Artemis Fund Managers Limited is a member of the Artemis Marketing Group. We only market our own unit trusts.

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