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									                               6 How to fill in the CAF 2 form

                              Pages 1 and 2 Basic information

These pages are to capture any relevant identification and background information. They
can form the front page of any other documentation you may want to keep.
       The purpose of the form is to capture what you are thinking and planning. It should
       be a servant not a master. If the form does not help you do this, do whatever is
       necessary to make sure that the record you keep is a clear statement of your
       thinking and planning.

Prior to completing CAF 2          Check Children Index          Circle results found

Nothing significant                                 Complete CAF 2
CAF already started or other practitioners          Contact before completing CAF 2
       What if I can’t find the child or young person?
             Contact the ISA team
      What if there are already practitioners involved?
             Contact them and discuss the way forward. They may want to be involved in
             the CAF2 or may want to meet with you. They will certainly hold important
      What if there is already a CAF2 in existence?
             Contact the CAF holder and discuss your concerns. You may become part of
             the CAF team.
      What if there is nothing significant?
             You should complete the CAF2-rermember to log this on the Children Index

Details of baby, child or young person being assessed

Name                               Address

       What if the name, address and/or dob that I hold are different from the ones on the
       Children Index?
              Look critically at both. If you are sure that your details are correct, make sure
              that your system is updated so that the Index is updated. If you think the
              Index is correct, change your record.

Date of birth                      Male Female

Contact telephone no

unique reference number (if known)
      Use any ID number that you normally use, with the source. EG UPN-abc123456
update/Version no (if known)
      This will be version 1. You will change it as newer versions are drawn up.
Details of all persons with parental responsibility
      This is not straightforward. You may want to note significant adults, rather than only
      those with parental responsibility. If you are sure about the PR, then note that under
      Add as many as are relevant

1 Name                                             Address

Relationship to baby, child or young person
Contact telephone no.

2 Name                                             Address

Relationship to baby, child or young person
Contact telephone no.

Family structure-siblings

Name                         dob                   relationship                  living at home

       As above, use this to record relevant siblings.

                                                                           CAF 2 Basic Information
 Page 2
Is the baby, child or young person disabled, or do they or their family have any additional
communication needs?
                                                                             Yes No
 If ‘yes’ give details;

       This is the place to record disability as it affects the child/family’s ability to access or
       communicate with services or practitioners.

 What is the ethnicity of this baby, child or young person?
 Are there any additional language needs?

       Always ask the family and/or young person to self define their ethnicity. Make no
       assumptions about that or the communication needs. The following are taken from
       the DfES school ethnicity census

       White         British Irish Traveller of Irish Heritage Gypsy/Roma Any other
                     White background
       Mixed        White and Black Caribbean White and Black African White and Asian
                    Any other mixed background

       Asian or Asian British     Indian Pakistani Bangladeshi Any other Asian

       Black or Black British      Caribbean African Any other Black background


       Any other ethnic background

       Family or young person does not wish an ethnic background category to be

 Agency involvement with this baby, child or young person

 Nursery, school or other educational provision               GP

 Health visitor                                   School Nurse


       This is to note contact details of the universal education and health services. Use
       the Children Index.

Details of person(s) undertaking assessment
       This is all about you.

Name of person(s) undertaking the assessment

Contact telephone no                     Address


Name of lead professional (where applicable)
     If the CAF 2 leads to a plan, there will be a need to identify the person with
     responsibility for coordination and communication This may be you, but it may not.
Assessment information

Date of assessment

What has led to this baby, child or young person being assessed?

      This needs a clear, agreed statement of the concerns that have led to the CAF 2
      being undertaken

 Other agencies working with this baby, child or young person

      As on the Children Index
      You will need to contact them You do not need to call a meeting at this point.
      You may prefer to start the CAF2 form and circulate it for comment. You will then
      have to draw the information together. You may want to call a meeting at this point
      but again, it is not essential.

      CAF 2 Basic Information
         CAF assessment summary-identify strengths and needs

Pages 3 and 4 are to help you capture a holistic view of the situation.

Please identify strengths and need. There is no need to comment on all factors.
     This is true. You do not have to comment on all factors. However it would be useful
     to consider them You may find strengths that you would otherwise overlook. Use
     the ISA CAF early identification materials, the blue card and the age banded
     descriptors, to help your thinking. Contact the ISA team for further copies or go to
     www.eastsussex.gov.uk/isa and down load the documents you need from the
       training materials

 Development of baby, child or young person
 Name:                                                 Date:
      This is to make sure this assessment is clearly identified even if these pages get
 Health-including general health, physical development, speech, language and
 communications development

 Emotional and social development

 Behavioural development

 Identity, including self esteem, self image and social presentation

 Family and social relationships

 Self care skills and independence

 Learning- including understanding, reasoning and problem solving, participation in
 learning, education and employment, progress and achievement in learning, aspirations
                                                   CAF 2 Assessment summary
Parents and Carers

Basic care, ensuring safety and protection

Emotional warmth and stability

Guidance, boundaries and stimulation


Family history, functioning and well being

Wider family

Housing, employment and financial considerations

Social and community elements and resources, including education

                                                   CAF 2 Assessment summary
 Supporting evidence (strengths and needs identified)
 Name:                                   Date:

       Pages 5 and 6 are the most important and therefore the most difficult to fill in. You
       need to keep focused on the concern that you have identified and look for strengths
       and needs which are relevant.

 Provide evidence to substantiate your conclusions and recommendations. Work with the
 baby, child or young person and or/parents/carer, and take account of their views. Record
 any major difference of opinion.
      You must work with the family or young person throughout, not just here. A major
      difference of opinion should have been identified and worked with. This document is
      about agreement and consensus.

Note the significant and relevant evidence that your assessment has identified
       Pick out the most significant parts of the assessment and summarise them in as
       factual way as possible.
       See guidance on ‘the language of assessment’

Now you have done the assessment, what do you think needs to change?

       This section must be agreed by the family. It is not the place to recommend a
       service or a provision. You need to describe the outcome that you are trying to
       achieve, in as factual a way as possible.

Action Plan
What do you want to achieve by this intervention? Be as specific as you can.
      In general good goals make sure that everyone is working to the same agenda.
      They encourage families to be on board with what is happening and they make it
      easier to review the progress that is being made.
      Goals can be long term and global, but they also need to be specific and relate to
      the review time.
      There is more about goal setting in the guidance.

What are we going to do and by when? (for example, you , your agency, other agencies,
the child young person and their family)
       NB you must not recommend a service or provision that may not be available. This
       is particularly important if the service or provision is outside your area of work. The
       Actions section is about the agreement from everyone involved in the CAF at this
       point, to specific and time limited actions which relate directly to the goals.
       This section can be a summary of what a practitioner or service is going to do. The
       practitioner will keep their own notes. It should include a note of what the family
       and/or young person have agreed to do.

                                                                       CAF 2 Analysis and plan
 Child or young person’s comment on the assessment and actions identified

      The views and thoughts of the child or young person should have been part of the
      whole process throughout. This section is to capture the comments in a way that is
      relevant and helpful.

Parent or carer’s comment of the assessment and actions identified

      As above. This is just a way of making sure that these views are recorded. You
      should not wait until the end to ask the parents/carers.

How will you review the progress?

Date for review

Process for review
      This could involve using CAF2 pages 5 and 6 to review the new situation. You do
      not need to redo any of the rest of the form. You do not need to call a meeting,
      though it will probably be desirable to meet with the family and/or young person.
      You do.

How will you know your goals have been met?

      This is where you will find out if the goals are specific enough. A goal is longer term;
      this section is about the short term targets which apply during the period of the
      review. You need to set an achievable and agreed level of progress.

                                                                        AF 2 Analysis and plan
Consent for information storage and information sharing
NB You may use this as a basis for a conversation, and then sign and date your own

Page 7 GREEN is optional. You do not have to have signed agreement. However it is
essential to have a discussion about the permissions on the form, as a way of being
transparent with the family and/or young person.

I understand the information that is recorded on this form will be stored and used for the
purposes of providing services to;


or this baby, child or young person, for whom I am

                            parent               carer

I agree to the information on this form being shared with the other people/services listed
who may be able to help provide services to me

or this baby, child or young person, for whom I am

                            parent               carer

I agree to                                 being named as CAF contact on the Children

The information may be shared, under Caldicott principles, with the following

All relevant Children Service Practitioners where relevant to the care of                    .


All relevant Children’s service practitioners where relevant to the care of
with the exception of

I understand I can revisit and revise these permissions at any time.

Signed                                           Name                  Date

                                                                                CAF 2 Consent

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