Sinn Fein vote to accept policing with the proviso that M15 will

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					President Bush in the state of the Union address 2007


…terrorists,… we need less oil,.. terrorists are trying to stop America getting the oil, so
now we need less oil….!, but we need more troops and more money.

Democrat’s response

We need less oil as we are involving the US in unnecessary armed conflict.

The story of Empire throughout the ages.

But and despite efforts by the Democrats to block the bush funding… (for his own
private war in Iraq)…for the war on terror…the war roles on…why, well its important to
keep the dollar pumping into the arms industry and into the petro dollar bubble.
The federal reserve had already decided the war will continue, …so after the democrats
have taken both the congress and House of representatives, the war rolls on… after
victory is declared 4 years ago, and after Saddam Hussein is publicly hung, a long time
after his capture.
To date no connection to “9/11” (when 7 buildings fell, but only two planes crashed, do
the math) has been established with Iraq, but the amateur film “Loose change” set to play
in Cannes establishes exactly the contrary.

Other views

Continued wage cuts via price increases in Ireland (or America or anywhere but not for
the war(s) )

The Washington Post reports on the suggested blocking of funds by the Democrats

A quote from the above report

“On the House side, Rep. Edward Markey (D) of Massachusetts is proposing a similar
resolution to require Congress to expressly authorize any escalation of the war in Iraq.
"After more than 3,000 American casualties, over $300 billion in expenditures, and almost
four years of fighting, an increase in the number of members of the US Armed Forces
deployed in Iraq above the current level of 132,000 is the wrong course of action," he says.

The Christian (monitors) are (were) very worried about this also, not the disapproval
of Jesus Christ, but the democrats blocking funding …on the war. Essentially and
although they may be monitoring they are not Christian or Christ like.

To say nothing of the money feeding the world as Christ might.

The move to send more troops also coincides with Israel releasing $100 million in frozen
tax funds to the Palestinians. This is in return for measures to secure peace in Palestine,
but in reality to buy time in Iraq and keep any wider Islamic involvement out of Iraq.

Of course the money is printed as debt to fund the war. With interest attached it can never
be repaid as its value is 1) a debt.. and 2) more than a dollar to repay with the interest
The conservative estimate of $300 billion (above) could have bought millions of barrels
of oil from Iraq (at 2002 prices), so establishing stability in its borders, with its new
found wealth. How many barrels could €300 billion have bought?, and why was this
“option” not considered, after all it could have stored after it was shipped to America. ?

An additional request for 240 $Billion is made (Jan 2007)

Previously in this book it was discussed that money can be printed, not as a debt (an
eternal debt with accumulating interest…a national debt), but in Billions, printed to pay
for all our needs, from hospitals to education to infrastructure and housing.

This idea is criticised as “printing off extra money will simply cause inflation” !

but if we look around at every economy with a private central bank, its not as if we do not
have inflation, but how much is the inflation (3% ?,10%, it has been 21% in Britain, and
the % has gone through the roof in high inflation economies)

Therefore we already have inflation ??

The difference in a no-debt economy is “the debt” is paid at the end of the year by
cancellation of the debt. Beginning again as many small business do. (unless they sink
further into debt every year)

Bob and Bono (Geldof and U2) have proven without a doubt debt can be cancelled.

And so you can join in the continual revolution

Of course borrowing from outside (and your own central bank is a private bank, and is
therefore outside) means the borrower is unlikely to cancel the debt as it needs repaying
in the same value of currency (or the borrower, knowing you cannot repay will seize your
assets …eg your country !)

Printing money yourself (pieces of paper or electronic credit) means you own it yourself.
Trade occurring, the debt cannot accrue, so commodities can remain stable in price,
earnings can then pay for your goods.

Goods are not scarce they are very numerous only your wages and the currency you
spend is scarce. If you have the same wages your goods (commodities) will also remain
affordable, so you will have a wage increase. Inflation increases the price of goods, and
keeps available money (spending power, your wages) always in need of more money
(credit debt).

An alternative economy does not require poverty for everyone, or no more development
or wealth creating incentives, on the contrary.

A case in point is the release of the film “Blood diamond”. A factor to consider is
diamonds are not scarce, only the supply of them is. If supplied in the quantity at which
they actually exist they would be very cheap, supply and demand is therefore a rigged

market not a natural occurrence. The local economy does not benefit as corporations own
these interests from elsewhere.

Japan from 2000 to 2005 had 0% interest from their central bank (on all loans)and now
they have inflation by charging 0.25% on all loans.

Argentina 5 years on

So as president elect Bush says “the national debt is simply a debt we owe ourselves”
(see quote inside this book) and with his recent pronouncing of less oil dependency, (in
the sate of the Union) is he turning into a hippy, and if so did God tell him to do so.

God is not telling him to Nationalise Iraqs oil and buy it a fair price, in fact it seems God
wanted to drive up the price of oil, making big profits for men who did not personally
invade Iraq.

Surely this is democracy, as fuel prices increase worldwide, and is the only sign
democracy has reached Iraq

What is the alternative ?

Can we get rid of nuclear energy (which is not environmentally friendly) and be
independent, of course we can.

As the Stranglers once sang “Let me tell you about Sweden”, it is a country with their
modified and adapted national grid.

In this national grid, you can choose to power your domestic needs by solar panel power,
which is your own installation domestically, as windmill energy,(both storing energy in
batteries), or from a national grid or farmed wind energy, and eventually solar. Geo
thermal energy, and stove (fire) as well as many other cheap, (free) clean energy

If you create or produce too much you can sell it back to the grid, and you can switch into
the grid if you wish. Many live of the grid and can still switch into it or sell their power to

Domestically all houses can switch between energy supplies from their own homes as
easily as flicking a switch. !. Imagine if everyone in America had this alternative,
…no war or high prices

Americans has every climate available to it within its own borders, it could finance itself
in clean energy, without a foreign policy.

Whether or not you believe global warning is happening, the purely economic argument
is justification enough to switch our energy policy to a national shared grid. This does not
require private interests to run it.

If however, you are unsure see President elect Al Gore in his filmed lecture on the State
of the Union literally everywhere else
(Documentary; An Inconvenient Truth)

It is bewildering that massive solar energy farms are not produced in deserts ?. in turn
providing mechanised/ electronic irrigation systems to provide fertility too those deserts.

Worldwide reforestation needs to take place on a scale not previously imagined. Aside
from protecting the Amazon which in current deforestation policies in Brazil is actually
producing dry and arid land. The Soya bean crops do not get the rain they need due to the
fact that the trees have been felled.

Brazil is looking for an alternative economy, …well the vast and unexplored area of
natural medicines (many yet to be discovered…but if there is an ailment, a cure or
antidote must exist). This (lucrative) local economy will build a national economy.
Currently under today’s policies Brazil will have neither.

As reported on TG4 Gaeilge Televis Eireann 5.2.2007

Combine new approaches to our finance and energy needs and you have solutions
popping up everywhere.

What is the state of the Union, is it democracy in action.

Post the new invasion of Iraq (21,000 troops January 2007), the elected democratic
government with the Bush administration support (despite previously trying to “sort out”
the government death squads by …sending more troops, and not withstanding the co-
alitions own torture and illegal killing of Iraqis), in February 2007, the British media
reveals that Iraq is in Anarchy without the rule of law, and without democracy, in fact a
new Saddam style regime is still in place, as before.

Dispatches reported on the death squads, televised on 29.1.2007 (Channel 4
Britain)shows thousands of Iraqis civilians killed tortured and terrorized by their own
government. Many thousands of troops (mercenaries) on tour are guarding the oil, whilst
in Iraqi towns and villages military law of the gun keeps the population at bay, …trying
to prevent a civil war.

Whether a new Saddam rules (and that is planning currently) in Iraq to keep it comatose
and subdued and terrorised is not the question, as in fact this would be the safest way to
keep, Iraqis from rising to rule their own lands and keep their own oil.

The current civil war sees the majority tribe in favour against a minority tribe (internally),
it does not matter if they keep killing each other, only that the supply of oil is
secured.Victory (for the liberated Iraqis and the liberators) can only come when Iraq has
nationalized its own resources (oil mainly to itself)

Asking why an area has such factions and tribes within it, is a question arising out of
English foreign policy from before the 1st world war. Iraq is an artificial land made by
mapmakers in London pre (in planning) WW1, and now occupied by America.

In Ulster this is all very familiar, whether you are Protestant or Roman Catholic you can
see how the news (media) only rarely shows the truth, whilst the strings are pulled not for
the benefit of the inhabitants but for the few.

Scotland seeking independence is also fed up of imperialism running its lands, when it
could do far better itself.

Sinn Fein(s) vote to accept policing in Ulster, with the proviso that M15 will be not
involved in policing in Ulster.

Essentially the question in Ulster is will you accept Wolfe Tone or James Connolly (both
Protestants), which of course depends on which Class you perceive you are.

Yet policing or security can only come by realising the old adage “divide and conquer”.

Thank God Ulstermen do not live in a state drawn up by mapmakers in London, who
send in troops to protect the sides from each other !,(Palestine, Israel, Ulster,
Iraq etc etc )

Yet as analysis after analysis reveals, the only way imperialism (war, funding for war,
and continued economics of insanity) can maintain itself (abroad) is by making sure
peace never breaks out.

Once Upon a Time they lived side by side. This was a time before the invaders, and
before the protectors came in to protect and liberate and bring democracy, a perfect
solution whether you are Arabian or Jewish, if you actually have a say and more
importantly own you own resources.(Real independence)

Scotland, like Ireland is also crying out for real independence, not just geographically
running themselves from the capital, but free in every sense.


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