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									                                 London Borough of Bromley
                                      PART 1 - PUBLIC
Report No.
                                                                               Item No.      5
                                                                            Decision Date:
Decision Maker:       Adult and Community PDS Committee                     09 Jan 2007

Decision Type:        Non-Urgent                 Non-Executive              Non-Key
                      Within policy and budget
Chief Officer:        Mark Bowen, Director of Legal and Democratic Services
Contact Officer:      Graham Walton, Scrutiny Coordinator
                      Tel: 020 8461 7743 E-mail:
Ward:                 N/A

 1.       SUMMARY

1.1 The NHS in South East London is currently engaged in a project examining how improved,
    affordable and sustainable health services can be delivered across the boroughs of Bromley,
    Bexley, Greenwich, Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark. The Chief Executive of Bromley PCT,
    Simon Robbins, will make a presentation to the Committee outlining the project.

1.2 As this project is likely to have a major impact on the delivery of health services across South
    East London it is likely that a joint health scrutiny committee will be established, and the
    Committee is asked to consider putting a recommendation forward to full Council that Bromley
    should participate in the joint committee.


2.1 The Committee is requested to comment on the presentation made by Simon Robbins, Chief
    Executive of Bromley PCT.

2.2 The Committee is requested to recommend to Council that Bromley participates in the proposed
    joint committee to scrutinise “A picture of health,” and delegates to the Director of Legal and
    Democratic Services, in consultation with the Chairman of this PDS Committee, responsibility
    for agreeing the details of Bromley’s representation on the joint committee.

 3.       COMMENTARY

3.1 NHS Trusts in South East London are working together to promote better health and address
    health inequalities. This project, entitled “A picture of health for South East London,” seeks to
    give more people access to services closer to home whilst ensuring that services remain
    sustainable in the face of increasing financial pressure. The project is being driven by Primary
    Care Trusts in each of the six South East London Boroughs and the London Strategic Health
    Authority. Simon Robbins, the recently appointed Chief Executive of Bromley PCT, will be
    attending the meeting with other senior colleagues to give a presentation on progress with the
    project so far.

3.2 The six PCTs are currently engaging with their local partners, such as local authorities and
    patients forums, and there will be extensive consultation with patients, the public and staff. It is
    likely that a period of formal consultation will begin around April 2007. Where a major
    development or substantial variation to health services is proposed the Health and Social Care
    Act 2001 requires that health scrutiny is exercised by a joint committee of all the interested
    health scrutiny committees. Health scrutiny committees in Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark
    have already decided to form a joint committee, while Bexley and Greenwich are expected to
    confirm their involvement soon. This Committee is asked to agree to Bromley’s involvement, for
    which authority will need to be sought from full Council. Arrangements are being made for an
    informal meeting of chairmen in January to discuss issues such as terms of reference for the
    joint committee, servicing arrangements and the numbers of representatives from each Council.

3.3 Should this Committee decide that it does not want to be involved in the joint committee it will
    lose its formal health scrutiny powers in relation to this consultation to request information, call
    witnesses and, should it have concerns that cannot be resolved with the NHS Trusts concerned,
    refer the matter to the Secretary of State for Health.


4.1 Any costs arising from a joint committee would be shared equally between the participating
    authorities and would have to be found from within existing budgets.


6.1 Section 7 of the Health and Social Care Act 2001 imposes a duty on health trusts to consult
    health overview and scrutiny committees affected by a substantial variation or development of
    services. The Act and the accompanying guidance (issued July 2003) do not provide any
    definition of what constitutes substantial variation or development, and it is therefore up to each
    committee to decide whether the proposals are of sufficient local impact to require scrutiny.
    Where the proposals affect more than one local authority any overview and scrutiny committees
    wishing to be consulted have to form a joint committee, and powers of scrutiny are only
    exercisable through the joint committee. Under the Local Government Act 1972, only full
    Council can authorise the establishment of a joint committee.

6.2 The duty to consult with overview and scrutiny committees is in addition to the general duty to
    consult and involve patients and the public imposed on health trusts under section 11 of the
    same Act.
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