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					                                                                                                  Local Green Party Campaigns
                               Visit our website
             for more information about all the campaigns
            in this leaflet. Recent press releases are in the
                ‘News’ section. Choose ‘Downloads’ and
          ‘Reports’ for the reports on the incinerator, council
                     investment in the arms trade,
                 climate change and on-street parking.

Local renewable energy
Janet Alty, longstanding Green Party activist, has been thinking
about renewable energy since first visiting the Centre for                                 This issue focuses on five of the Green Party
Alternative Technology in 1975. She is now working with Encraft.
co.uk and Action 21 to install a gable end wind turbine. This will                              campaigns in Warwick and Leamington
be fully monitored and provide much needed information about
whether micro wind is effective in an urban situation : we need                            • Ethical Investment: the Green Party is challenging the councils’
the facts to know if such installations really can contribute                                involvement in the arms trade
to local electricity generation.
                                                                                           • Local renewable energy: the Green Party is supporting the trial
                        Janet Alty and Ian Davison                                           to see if wind turbines on local houses is effective
                                                                                           • Reduce rubbish: find out how to reduce the amount of rubbish
                                                                                             rather than build a massive incinerator
                                                                                           • Climate change: the Green Party welcomes the council’s launch
                                                                                             of their climate change strategy and we are campaigning to turn
                                                                                             the rhetoric into effective action
                                                                                           • On-street car parking: the plans to     charge
                                                                                             for on-street parking could
                                                                                             increase congestion
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               Designed by Dave Steele and printed on recycled paper by                      – see inside for a
        Cadmanprint, Unit 7D Jenton Road, Sydenham Industrial Estate, CV31 1XS               Green alternative
Ethical Investment                                                                            On-street Parking Plans
Warwickshire Pension Fund had over £9 million invested in the                                 The council plans to charge for on-street parking in Leamington,
largest weapons companies. These weapons terrorise and kill                                   Warwick and Kenilworth town centres. They are also increasing the
people and make the world a more dangerous place. So part of your                             number of parking places, so this scheme will increase traffic flow
council tax finances the arms trade. Rob King is leading a campaign                           and congestion. This will be a disaster for Warwickshire residents
to change this.                                                                               and be bad in terms of climate change. As quoted in the Courier, Ian
                                                                                                                                        Davison suggests a greener alternative:
                                                                                                                                        “This is a golden opportunity to reduce
                                          See the questions we’ve raised with                                                           the number of on-street parking places
                                                Warwickshire councils
                                                                                               Visit our website to see the Green Party
                                                                                                                                        and create cycle routes into the centre
                                                                                                 press release and response to these of Leamington.”
                                           Contact Rob King to join our Ethical                                plans
                                         Investment campaign for a safer world

      Rob King

                                          Janet Alty and Ian Davison have given                                                        Reduce Rubbish
                                           several climate change talks to local
Climate change                           groups. Contact them if you would like
                                             a talk given to your local group.
                                                                                                                           The Warwickshire Waste Strategy was
Climate change threatens to make                                                                                           launched early 2006 amidst council
                                                                                 see back page See Ian Davison’s letter spelling out
                                                                               for website details reasons to abandon the councils’
Britain uninhabitable by the end of the  Read Ian Davison’s article on “Meeting                                            claims to be Green. Yet the strategy
                                                                                                       planned giant incinerator.
                                           the Challenge of Climate Change”.
century. The Green Party is delighted                                                                                      has no targets to reduce rubbish and
that Warwickshire County Council                                                                                           proposes a giant incinerator to burn up
is slowly beginning to accept the                                                                                          to 250,000 tonnes of rubbish per year.
seriousness of climate change and is committed to a 60% reduction                                                          The Green Party has been campaigning
in CO2 emissions by 2050.                                                                     hard for a more enlightened policy. Ian Davison says: “I wrote to over
                                                                                              100 councillors explaining why their incinerator plan was wrong. Of
Unfortunately, the council is still failing to make decisions that
                                                                                              the 23 who replied, only 4 said they supported the giant incinerator.
will cut CO2 emissions. For example, their plans to increase traffic
                                                                                              Under pressure from the Green Party and others, the council has
and build a giant incinerator will both lead to more emissions than
                                                                                              slightly improved their policy, but much more needs to be done to
Green Party alternatives.
                                                                                              reduce waste rather than burning more and more rubbish.

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