Base Domain Level Validation

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        As webmasters and database administrators struggle to keep email address
        databases clean, web site form validation becomes key. At this point, the state
        of email address validation is poor. In order for web business to be as efficient
        as possible, it has now become necessary for a base competitive level of email
        validation technology. With the recent innovations and use of web site developer
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                                 The Email Address Validation Hierarchy

              Difficult due to
              server operating
              systems                         Validation
              -Security                      Address is fully
              considerations                   functional                            EmailScreen
                                     MX Domain Level Validation                       competitive
                                     Address’ domain must be able to                    level.
                                         receive Internet email.

Too General
                                     Base Domain Level Validation
                           Address’ domain must be an existing Internet domain

                                         Base Level Validation
                              Address must contain “@” and “.com, .net, .org”

                                               Easily Defeated

Notes on Levels of Validation

Base Level Validation - This is the type of email validation that most current web sites
use. This is extremely inadequate and needs to be upgraded. The reason that most sites
use this method is that it is easy to code.

Base Domain Level Validation – This email validation is a step up from Base Level
Validation, but still extremely inadequate. This level of validation only requires that the
domain name of the email address be a valid registered domain. Many domain names are
registered but cannot receive email. Additionally, the majority of registered domain
names are not currently active mail servers.

MX Domain Level Validation – This email validation is currently the highest feasible
level. It is not 100% foolproof, but is a marked improvement over any lower form of
validation. This level guarantees that the domain name of the email address is not only
registered, but also that it is a live Internet host that can actually receive email. This is
the base competitive level of email validation.

Absolute Validation – This is a theoretical level of email address validation. In this level,
email addresses could be validated with 100% accuracy. Currently, this is nearly
impossible to achieve. Internet servers run various operating systems which handle
email in various ways. Additionally, due to security considerations, many operating
systems are configured in such a way that specific email account validation is impossible.
Although this is theoretically the best, it is functionally impossible.