Trust or Company Service Providers (TCSPs) individual company by dfhercbml


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									                                      NB If you are in any doubt about your
 I’m an individual acting as a      answers please refer to MLR 9 Registration
company secretary do I need             Notice Section 6 for more detailed
          to register?                           explanations.

                                                     You do not need
Are you a company secretary for   Yes                to register.
the company that employs you?

          No                                           Do you act as a nominee
                                                         company secretary to a
                                                      firm, or company secretary
                                                           to a firm carrying out
    Are you supervised by a
                                                           business in high risk
  designated professional body
                                    No                   jurisdictions or sectors?
     such as the Institute of
     Chartered Accountants
      England and Wales?

               Yes                  No

                                                                 Is the firm:
                                                       o   supervised under the MLRs
                                                       o   a public authority or
            You do not need to                         o   acting on behalf of a public
                 register.          Yes                    authority where the only
                                                           customers are also public

       You need to register.


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