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									Tricks of the Trade: The Right Attitude in Facing Ethical Issues as a

Business leaders have the difficult task of balancing the performance of
their team and at the same time maintaining the ethical values that
exists in the workplace. But amidst the professional approach and good
management, facing ethical issues as a leader has its own ups and downs.

There is no specific principle or written book on how to face these
ethical challenges. Experienced business leaders have had their own share
of bad situations and consequences during the course of their career. But
years of facing many such issues have eventually made it easier for an
experienced leader to cope with the challenge.

Leaders facing ethical issues within their corporations can develop
specific guidelines to help them ease their dilemma. One is to define an
ethical standard that leaders and their people can adjust to and follow.
This standard should address the personal aspect of an individual and how
he/she can use this ethical standard to guide him/her.

Tapping on the “what’s in it for me” factor is one way to emphasize the
importance of an ethical standard. This will give people a sense of
importance and openness as they go about their jobs every day.

Another way to tap the interest of people is to approach each situation
with positive and objective perspectives. A leader should always take
note that moral values play important roles in the workplace and
shouldn't be compromised for the sake of addressing a dilemma.

Leaders can adjust and realign ethical issues especially if there are
concerns based on beliefs, religion and other personal aspects. What
needs to be addressed is how an anethical standard can withstand the
difference within the organization without leaving others in the dust.
The main goal is to benefit from the ethical standard without
compromising any minority.

There are other aspects that need the attention of a leader. How the
ethical standard will be executed will depend on how a leader looks at
every issue or dilemma. He/She should have a certain level of
consciousness and a positive attitude to be able to address the issue in
a humane and ethical manner.

Analyzing ethical issues in such a way that the majority will benefit
from it should be first priority. Leaders have the authority and the
capability to make or break his team, and it is appropriate to find the
right approach to get a win-win result in facing ethical issues as a

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