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    1     Agricultural research and its clientele: Report on the ICRA experimental course 1981,
          August 1981

    2     The identification of agricultural research priorities. With particular reference to rainfed rice in
          Capiz Settlement, Panay Island, The Philippines, August 1981

    3*    Agricultural research and development relating to the KABSAKA Project, Iloilo Province,
          Panay Island, The Philippines, September 1982

    4     The farming system in the Uplands of the South of Antique Province, Panay Island,
          The Philippines, September 1982

    5*    Farming systems in Miag-ao, Iloilo, The Philippines, September 1982

    6*    The farming system in the Serer Area of Senegal, September 1982

    7*    Le système de production en Pays Serer au Sénégal, Septembre 1982 (French version Bulletin 6)

    8     The farming system in Makueni Location, Machakos, Kenya, September 1982

    9*    Agricultural research and farming practice in the third world: The role of ICRA,
          A.H. Bunting, 1983

          Agricultural development and research priorities for a semi-arid area of Machakos District,
    10    Kenya, December 1983

*   Out of print
    11     Farming systems in the Kalounayes Region in the Lower Casamance, Senegal, December 1983

    12*    Les systèmes de la production agricole dans la région des Kalounayes en Basse Casamance au
           Sénégal, Décembre 1983 (French version Bulletin 11)

    13     Farming systems in the Maoit River Catchment Areas, Antique, The Philippines, December 1983

    14     Development of stabilized rainfed farming systems in the Intermediate Zone of Moneragala
           District, Sri Lanka, December 1983

    15     The farming system in Tharaka: Strategies for subsistence in a marginal area of Kenya,
           December 1984

    16*    Farming systems in the Hilly Areas of Barili, Cebu, The Philippines, December 1984

    17     Farming system in the H3 Old Settlement Area of the Mahaweli Development Project, Sri Lanka,
           December 1984

    18     Smallholder farming systems in the South East Mulanje Area of Mulanje Rural Development
           Project, Malawi, December 1985

    19     A farming system study in the lowland wet zone of Sri Lanka, Agalawatta Division, Kalutara
           District, December 1985

    20     Farming systems within the ejidal structure: two case studies in the Tecomán Region, Mexico,
           December 1985

           Sistemas de producción agrícola en la estructura ejidal: dos casos estudiados en Tecomán,
           México, Diciembre de 1985 (Avances de Investigación No. 7; Spanish version Bulletin 20)

    21*    Orchard and food crops in an integrated development of farming systems in Guimaras,
           The Philippines, December 1985

    22*    The farming system in the coffee area, Kyeni South Location, Embu District, Kenya,
           February 1986

    23     Farming systems research as an analytical framework and a tool for training, H. Mettrick and
           M. Wessel, February 1986

    24     A study of the smallholder farming system in West Mulanje, Malawi, October 1987

    25     Maize/livestock farming system in the North of Comala Municipality, Colima, Mexico,
           March 1988

           El sistema maíz/ganado en el norte del municipio de Comala, Colima, México, 1991 (Avances de
           Investigación No. 12; Spanish version Bulletin 25)

*    Out of print

26    Farming Systems of the Colima Plains, Colima, Mexico, March 1988

      Sistemas de producción del Valle de Colima, Colima, México, 1989 (Avances de Investigación
      No. 10; Spanish version Bulletin 26)

27*   Farming system dynamics and risk in a low potential area: Chivi South, Masvingo Province,
      Zimbabwe, May 1988

28    Analysis of the cassava based farming system of the Nkhata Bay Lowlands, Malawi, June 1988

      Development of wetlands in Sierra Leone: Farmers' rationality opposed to Government policy,
      Ilse Dries, 1989

30    Expérience d'un diagnostic de systèmes de production en équipe pluridisciplinaire: vers la
      proposition d'une méthode composite insistant sur la diversité, Bernard Rey, 1991


   1     Sistema agrícola basado en el café y el platano en Tlapacoyan, Veracruz, México, Julio 1989

   2     Household reproduction and community requirements: Analysis of the farming system of South
         Chirumanzu in Central Zimbabwe, July 1989

   3     The vicious circle of hunger and indebtedness: Analysis of the farming system of South-East
         Bombali District, Sierra Leone, July 1989

   4     Paysans des plateaux du Togo: Entre le café et le vivrier. Analyse du système de production
         agricole du territoire d'Elavanyo, Plateau de Dayes, Togo, Juillet 1989

   5     An analysis of the farming system in the Tarime Highlands, Tanzania: Implications for research
         and development, June 1990

   6     Opportunities for diversification in a rainfed drought-prone rice-based farming system:
         Donchedi District, Suphan Buri Province, Thailand, June 1990

   7*    Population, farming systems and food security: Agricultural research and development priorities
         for maintaining food security of the rural population on de degraded "Terres de Barre", Togo,
         June 1990

   8*    Dynamics of the farming system in a migrant labour economy: Masvingo South Communal Area,
         Zimbabwe, June 1990

   9     Agricultural research and extension: linkages with small-scale farmers. A case study in
         Kumba Corridor Agro-ecological Zone, South West Province, Cameroon, December 1990

  10     Intensification and differentiation in agricultural and live-stock production. Usagara Division,
         Tanzania, December 1990

 11*     Constraints and opportunities for diversification in a rice-based farming system.Amphur Bang Ra
         Kam, Changwat Phitsanulok, North Region, Thailand, December 1990

  12     Farming systems and production strategies. Agou Area, Togo, December 1990

  13     Reconciling agricultural production and sustainability in the uplands of Central Java. A study of
         the farming systems of two villages in Semarang District, Central Java, Indonesia, December

  14     Analysis of the coffee based farming system in the Matengo Highlands, Mbinga District,
         Tanzania, December 1991

  15     Food security, livestock and sustainability of agricultural systems in Sukumaland, Tanzania,
         December 1991

* Out of print


 1    Analyse du système de production agricole du territoire d'Elavanyo, Plateau de Dayes, Togo,
      Juin 1988 (French version Working Document no. 2)

 2*   An analysis of the farming system in Elavanyo Territory, Plateau de Dayes, Togo, June 1988

 3    Household reproduction and community requirements: Analysis of the agroecosystem of South
      Chirumanzu Communal Area, Midlands Province, Zimbabwe, June 1988

 4    A study of farming systems in the South-East of Bombali District Sierra Leone, June 1988

 5    Coffee based farming system of Tlapacoyan, Veracruz, Mexico, July 1988

 6    An analysis of the farming system in the Tarime Highlands, Tanzania: Implications for research
      and development, June 1989

 7    Opportunities for diversification in a rainfed drought prone rice based farming system:
      Donchedi District, Suphan Buri Province, Thailand, June 1989

 8    Population, food security and farming systems: Agricultural research and development priorities
      for maintaining food security of the rural population on de degraded "Terres de Barre", Togo,
      June 1989

 9    Changing farming systems in a migrant labour economy: Masvingo South Communal Area,
      Masvingo Province, Zimbabwe, June 1989

10*   Agricultural research and extension: a contribution to understanding of the linkages with small-
      scale farmers. A case study in Kumba Corridor Agro-ecological Zone, South West Province,
      Cameroon, July 1990

 11   An analysis of agricultural and livestock production systems in Usagara Division, Tanzania,
      July 1990

 12   Constraints to and opportunities for agricultural diversification of a rice-based farming system in
      the Lower-Northern Region of Thailand. Phitsanulok Province, Bang Ra Kam District, July 1990

 13   Contribution à l'étude des stratégies de production dans le système agricole de la zone d'Agou,
      Togo, Juillet 1990

 14   Productivity and sustainability of the farming systems in two upland villages of Central Java,
      Salitaga, Indonesia, July 1991

 15   Analysis of the coffee based farming system in the Matengo Highlands, Mbinga District,
      Tanzania, July 1991

 16   An analysis of agricultural and livestock production systems in Misungwi Division, Lake Zone,
      Tanzania, July 1991

 17   Problématique de changement des systèmes d'exploitation agricole traditionnels dans la zone
      couverte par la SRD Buragane, Makamba, Burundi, Octobre 1991

 18   Baisse de fertilité et crise cotonnière au Nord-Cameroun. Etude de cas des villages de Djalingo et
de Mayo Dadi, Département de la Bénoué, Cameroun, Octobre 1991

  19    Organisations villageoises et stratégies de production agricole dans quatre villages de la région
        des Savanes au Togo, Dapaong, Togo, Octobre 1991

  20    Analysis of the farming system in the Hadejia Jama'are floodplain, Northern Nigeria, July 1992

         Coming down the mountain: A study of agriculture on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro,
  21     Tanzania, July 1992

  22    Analysis of constraints and potential for rural diversification in rainfed rice-based farming sys-
        tems, Nakhon Sawan Province, Thailand, July 1992

 23*    An analysis of rice-based farming systems in Valderrama, Antique, The Philippines, July 1992

         Performances des systèmes de production villageois et pressions sur la forêt classée de
  24     Dinderesso, Burkina Faso, Octobre 1992

  25    Etude de la zone encadrée par le CVHA II: Problématique du système de vulgarisation et de
        l'appui à la commercialisation, Burundi, Octobre 1992

  26    Etude du dynamisme de l'agriculture peri-urbaine de Dolisie, République du Congo, Octobre

  27    Farmers in industry: An analysis of the agricultural systems in Eastern Wu'an, China. July 1993

         Coping with uncertainty: Challenges for agricultural development in the Guinea Savanna Zone of
  28     the Upper West Region, Ghana, July 1993

  29    Constraints and development potentials of Yogyakarta critical uplands, Indonesia, July 1993

  30     In search of water: A study of farming systems in the lowlands of Arumeru District, Tanzania,
         July 1993

  31    Contribution au diagnostic des systèmes de production agricole de la Province de Muyinga,
        Burundi, Décembre 1993

  32    La production vivrière et la dynamique commerciale dans le Département du NTEM, Nord
        Gabon, Décembre 1993

  33    Diversité des stratégies paysannes dans la zone de Koba, Guinée, Décembre 1993

  34    Vegetable boom and the question of sustainability in Raoyang County, North China, July 1994

        Perceptions of agriculture, a study of two villages in Suhum district, eastern region of Ghana,
        July 1994

  36     Improvement of agricultural systems in dry lands of Indonesia, the case of Sumba, Indonesia,
         July 1994

  37     A dynamic farming system, the case of Kyela district, Tanzania, July 1994

38    Diagnostic du système de production agro-pastoral de deux villages, Katchari et Yakouta, Région
      de Dori, Burkina Faso, Septembre 1994

39    Interaction entre les mouvements migratoires et les systèmes agraires dans la plaine des Timbi,
      cas du district de Tossokere, Fouta Djalon, Guinée, Septembre 1994

40    Etude de la dynamique d'évolution des exploitations agricoles dans la zone d'intervention de
      l'office du Niger, Mali, Septembre 1994

41    Valorisation et gestion des eaux d'épandage de l'Oued El Fekka à Sidi Bouzid, Tunisie,
      Septembre 1994

42    Family farms under threat: The sustainability of peach production systems in South Brazil,
      July 1995

 43   Farmer differentiation and participation in agricultural development planning in Longhui
      Watershed, Jiangxi, China, July 1995

44*   Development oriented study of Upland farmers in Desa Cijambe, West Java, Indonesia, July

45    Towards revitalising livestock industry in Mukono District, Uganda, July 1995

46    Stratégies paysannes et libéralisation du secteur agricole. Le cas de Zabré, Burkina Faso,
      Septembre 1995

47    Gestion de l'espace rural et sédentarisation de l'agriculture autour de la forêt classée de Ziama et
      ses enclaves, Guinée Forestière, République de Guinée, Septembre 1995

48    Diagnostic rural du Cercle de Kayes, Mali, Septembre 1995

49    Typologie des élevages ovins en bour intermédiaire Atlantique du Maroc: fonctionnement actuel
      et perspectives. Résultats d'un diagnostic rapide, Septembre 1995

50    Les systèmes d'élevage et l'exploitation des parcours collectifs en zones arides: cas d'El-Ouara de
      Tataouine, (Sud-Est Tunisien), 1995

51    Ways out of crisis: Options for family farm milk producers in Southern Brazil, June 1996

52    Supporting agricultural innovation in two districts of Western Hararghe: The role of research,
      extension and farmers, July 1996

53    Production and marketing of yams in the forest/savanna transition zone of Ghana, July 1996

54*   Akamba in the hills: A participatory study of farmer constraints, opportunities and research needs
      in the hilly masses of Eastern Kenya, July 1996

55    Agriculture itinérante et enjeux fonciers dans la Province de l’Estuaire, Gabon, Septembre 1996

      Les paysans et la riziculture de plaine dans le Bassin de la Fié: Cas du District de Loïla,
56    Haute Guinée, Septembre 1996

57    Introduction du coton dans le Cercle de Kita, Mali: Dynamique et perspectives, Septembre 1996

      Etude de l'état actuel des terres de parcours dans le Maroc Occidental Central: Cas des communes
      rurales de Ouled Fares El Halla (El Borouj) et Ouled Fennane (Oued Zem), Septembre 1996

59    Building a bridge to São José do Norte: Diagnosis for research needs of family farms. Brazil,
      July 1997

60    Strengthening farmer participatory research and development in Jijiga Zone: The case of
      moisture stres reduction in the plains and soil fertility management in the hills. Ethiopia, July

61    Coping with low and erratic rainfall in the Eastern Zone of Tigray: Proposals for participatory
      research and development with farmers. Ethiopia, 1997

62    Evaluating the possibilities of improving net livestock productivity in Lare Location, Njoro
      Division, Kenya: Matching existing technologies with farmers’ strategies, July 1997

63    Production problems of oilseed growers in Punjab: An assessment of development and research
      needs for small and medium farmers. Pakistan, July 1997

64    L'agriculture péri-urbaine à Siem Reap (Cambodge): Contraintes et perspectives de
      développement, Septembre 1997
65    Impact des activités des points d'étude système (PES) de l'IDESSA dans le Centre-Ouest de la
      Côte d'Ivoire, Septembre 1997

66    Quelle recherche pour le développement des zones de montagne au Maroc? Cas de trois
      communes rurales du Moyen-Atlas, Septembre 1997

67*   L'aménagement des périmètres publics irrigués en zones arides. Les atouts et les limites: Le cas
      de Bir Amir (Tataouine). Tunisie, Septembre 1997

68    A participatory systems analysis of the termite situation in West Wollega, Ethiopia, July 1998

69    Towards sustainable livestock management: Constraints and opportunities for conversion from
      free range grazing to managed feeding in Bundelkhand, India, July 1998

70    Participatory approach to soil mapping and management: A case study of Kasikeu Sub-Location
      of Makueni District in the lowlands of semi-arid eastern Kenya, July 1998

71    Farm typology: Targeting development and research for smallholder dairy systems of the Lake
      Crescent Region of Uganda, July 1998

      Filières légumières et carnées à Pointe Noire, Congo, Septembre 1998

      Quelle recherche pour le développement des zones marginales de la région sud-ouest de
73    Madagascar? Cas du Plateau de Vineta, Septembre 1998

74    Recherche agronomique pour le développement des systèmes de production en montagne. Etude
      d'appui au développement rural de la Province d'Ifrane, Maroc, Septembre 1998

75    Analyse du système d'encadrement agricole des oasis de Gabès, Tunisie, Septembre 1998

      Livelihood and drought coping strategies of farm households in the Central Rift Valley, Ethiopia:
76    Challenges for agricultural research, July 1999

77    Towards sustainable agricultural development. Research & development options for improved
      integration of crop-livestock-fishery systems in irrigated and rainfed agricultural areas of the
      Upper East Region of Ghana, July 1999

78    Enhancing natural resource management capacity of local communities through indicators and
      enabling technologies. Analysis of three micro-watersheds in Bellary District, India,
      July 1999

79    Towards a better integration of livestock and crops in the Teso farming system, Uganda,
      July 1999

80    Etudes des systèmes de production agricole du district de Pacuí, etat de l'Amapá , Brésil,
      Septembre 1999

81    Impact des variétés améliorées de riz dans la région de Tsiroanomandidy, moyen-ouest de
      Madagascar, Septembre 1999

82    L'Olivier et les systèmes de production des zones de montagne. Cas de la région de Taounate,
      Maroc, Septembre 1999

83    Options d'intensificaton durable des cultures vivrières au sud du Togo, Septembre 1999

84    Natural resources under threat. An Analysis of the Farming Systems of Gimbo Woreda,
      Kafa-Sheka Zone, Ethiopia, July 2000

85*   Towards sustainable agricultural development. Research & development options for improved
      integrated water management for agriculture of the Upper East Region of Ghana, July 2000

86    Sustainable farming practices. Towards reducing the expansion of the Forest Savanna Transition
      Zone of the Sekyere-West and Ejura-Sekyedumase districts of the Ashanti Region of Ghana,
      July 2000

87    Farmer's visions on future farming systems: Strategies for livestock and forage development in
      the Eastern Plateau Region, India, July 2000

88    Durabilité du système de transformation semi-industrielle du manioc dans le district de Pacuí,
      Etat de l'Amapá, Brésil, Septembre 2000

89    Contraintes et opportunités de l'agriculture péri-urbaine de Phnom Penh - Cambodge. Cas de la
      Province de Kandal (District de Saang), Septembre 2000

      L'agriculture dans le périmètre irrigué du Tadla-Maroc. Quelles perspectives de développement?,
      Septembre 2000

91    Intensification durable de l'agriculture urbaine et périurbaine à Lomé - Togo. Cas du
      maraîchage, Septembre 2000

92    The shift to cereal monocropping, a threat or a blessing? Towards sustainable agricultural
      production in the Highlands of Southeast Oromia, Ethiopia - September 2001

 93    Towards sustainable small-scale farming - research and development options for enhanced
       integration of cattle in lowland irrigated rice systems in Lombok Island, Indonesia - September

       Towards sustainable communal land use systems - current constraints and research and
       development opportunities for sustainable livestock production systems for the resource poor in
       Ganyese And Kudumane Districts in the North West Province of South Africa - September 2001

 95    Rural livelihoods and land degradation in Herschel district, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa
       - options for sustainable land management - September 2001

  96   Importance, contraintes et voies de développement des élevages urbains et périurbains dans la
       Région Sud du Bénin - Septembre 2001

 97    Conditions de dynamisation de l'agriculture du Front Pionnier Nord de Brazzaville au Congo, -
       Septembre 2001

  98   Les systèmes de productions dans le Haut Bassin du Mandrare: quelles priorités pour le
       développement? Cas des communes de Tsivory, Maromby et Ebelo, Madagascar -
       Septembre 2001

 99    Périmètre irrigué du Gharb au Maroc: quelles actions de recherche et de développement pour
       l'amélioration raisonnée du niveau d'intensification? - Septembre 2001

100*   "Food insecurity in a bread basket". Food security among household in the different agro-
       ecological zones in Arsi Negele Woreda, Ethiopia - July 2002

 101   Opportunities for crop diversification and better crop-livestock integration in the Highlands of
       Arsi, Ethiopia - July 2002

 102   Indigenous leafy vegetables in the Uper East Region of Ghana. Opportunities and constraints for
       conservation and commercialisation - July 2002

 103   Towards sustainable land and water use management. Constraints and opportunities for research
       and development in the farming systems of Mankwe and Madikwe Districts, North West
       Province, South Africa - July 2002

 104   Quelle recherche forestière pour la région centrale du Bénin? - Août 2002

 105   Analyse des systèmes de production oasiens et des stratégies des agriculteurs dans la province
       d'Errachidia au Maroc - Août 2002

 106   Analyse des stratégies d'intensification de l'agriculture à partir des champs de case dans la Région
       des Savanes, Togo - Août 2002

       Sauvegarder la diversité génétique du palmier dattier à l'oasis de Dégache (Tunisie). Problèmes et
       perspectives - Août 2002

 108   Combining mechanisation with conservation agriculture in the transitional zone of Brong Ahafo
       region of Ghana – July 2003
 109   The challenge of biomass production: Analysis of Chinnahagari and Upparahalla watersheds,
       Bellary District, India – July 2003

 110   Towards a competitive Jeruk production. Enhancing production and institutional factors for
       quality Jeruk production in the North Sumatra highlands, Indonesia – July 2003

       To be or not to be: Cropping in the Ditsobotla and Mafikeng Districts. Causes of decreasing crop
111*   production in Mafikeng and Ditsobotla: New development strategies to improve attractiveness
       of dry land crop production in the Central Region of North West Province in
       South Africa – July 2003

 112   Diffusion des stratégies de gestion intégrée de la fertilité des sols dans le Zoundwéogo,
       Burkina Faso - Août 2003

 113   Systèmes de production oasiens et sylvo-pastoraux: interactions,
       complémentarités et développement durable. Cas du bassin de Ghéris, Maroc - Août 2003

 114   Reconvertir le système d'irrigation: un pari difficile du périmètre irrigué du Tadla,
       Maroc - Août 2003

 115   Valorisation de savoirs et savoir-faire: Perspectives d’implication des acteurs, dont la femme,
       dans la conservation in-situ de la biodiversité du palmier dattier dans les oasis du Djérid,
       Tunisie - Août 2003

 116   Cooperating to reconstruct rurality. A study of institutional support needs for agricultural
       livelihoods in Sisian and Goris regions of Syunik marz, Armenia – July 2004

 117   Assessment of constraints and opportunities for small and medium scale processing of cassava
       in the Ashanti and Brong Ahafo Regions of Ghana – July 2004

 118   Goat production and livelihood systems in Sekhukhune District of the Limpopo Province,
       South Africa. Opportunities for commercialising goats and their by-products – July 2004

 119   Diffusion des innovations en matière de conservation des sols à travers l'apprentissage par l'action
       dans le sud de la Province de Sayaboury, RDP Laos – Juillet 2004

 120   Concilier exploitation des ressources naturelles et protection de la forêt. Cas du Corridor
       Forestier de Fianarantsoa, Madagascar – Juillet 2004

 121   Agrobiodiversité et durabilité des systèmes de production oasiens dans la palmeraie d’Aoufouss
       Maroc – Juillet 2004

 122   Les systèmes de production de la pomme de terre au Rwanda. Propositions d'actions de recherche
       et de développement dans les Provinces de Ruhengeri et Gisenyi, Rwanda – Juillet 2004

 123   Micro-credit as an instrument to promote indigenous food resources in Ghana. The case of
       Abomosu snail farmers in the Eastern Region, Ghana – June 2005

124*   Can we get them there? A case of commercializing arable farming at Rust de Winter farms of
       Limpopo Province, South Africa. Opportunities for commercial agricultural production for Rust
       de Winter farms, in recognition of limited irrigation water, South Africa – June 2005

125   Kabale apples: boom or burst ? A study to develop strategies to exploit market opportunities
      for apple farmers in Kabale, Uganda – June 2005

      Quel rôle pour les fermes-pilotes dans la préservation des ressources génétiques en Algérie ?
      Algérie - Juin 2005

      Quelle stratégie de recherche-développement pour l'élevage caprin dans la Province de
      Chefchaouen - Maroc – Juin 2005

128   Water for the thirsty – A case study of Katulani location water situation, Kitui District, Kenya –
      study 2006, June 2007

129   Livelihoods in the rural areas of Blouberg municipality (Gemarke&Early Dawn Villages)
      Limpopo Province, South Africa – September 2006

130   Analyse diagnostique et prospective de la filière riz dans la vallée de lÓuémé – Benin 2007

131   Contribution à la amélioration de la compétitivité de la filière maïs dans le cercle de Koutiala –
      Mali, 2007

132   Towards finding options for sustainable natural resource management in the Sterkspruit area,
      Eastern Cape province, South Africa – Does LandCare lead to changes in perceptions on
      land degradation? – October 2007

133   Can it be achieved? Partnering towards improving livelihoods in Ganspan Settlement,
      Northern Cape Province, South Africa – June 2008

134   Appui au développement d’un Pôle d’Entreprises Agricoles autour de la chaîne de valeur
      sésame dans la Province de la Sissili, Burkina Faso – 2008

135   Appui au développement de la chaîne de valeur du pois sucré ã Farakala, Sikasso, Mali –

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