US ARMY RESERVE OFFICERS’
                    TRAINING CORPS (ROTC)
        What it’s all about? It is an Army Officer Education Program…
     (Two, Three, and Four Year Full-Tuition Scholarships Available at Many Schools
                            Throughout the State of Illinois)
WHY BECOME AN ARMY OFFICER?                              THINK YOU ARE READY?
   Officers are leaders in the US Army; a new           You must meet or exceed the following standards in
officer (Second Lieutenant (2LT)) serves as part of      order to be competitive for a scholarship and prior to
the top 15% of the Army leadership.                      contracting to pursue a commission. You can still
   2LTs are directly responsible for up to forty        enroll in ROTC even if you don’t meet all these
Soldiers and millions of dollars of equipment upon       requirements, and may be eligible for a scholarship
graduation; far outstripping most of their               later in your college career.
counterparts.                                               U.S citizen, 17 years of age or older
   Army leadership training and experience is              19 ACT/920 SAT with at least a 2.5 GPA.
highly sought after by corporate America                    Pass a Department of Defense medical
   Students who complete ROTC and receive a             examination
commission are eligible for                                 Pass the Army Physical Fitness Test; Men: 42
    o Guaranteed job placement (full or part time        push-ups, 53 sit-ups, 2-mile run in 15:54; Women: 19
    with the Active Army, IL National Guard or US        push-ups, 53 sit-ups, 2-mile run in 18:54
    Army Reserve)                                        SCHOLARSHIPS AND OTHER BENEFITS
    o Competitive salaries ($48K to start and
    over $75K after four years)                          The Army ROTC offers a variety of scholarship
    o Excellent healthcare for them and their            opportunities and other benefits. Each College or
    family                                               University may have additional incentives (i.e. partial
    o 30 days a year of paid vacation                    or complete housing costs paid / waived), but the
                                                         following benefits are available at any ROTC program:
WHO ARE WE LOOKING FOR?                                     2, 3, and 4-year scholarships that provide full
The process of Officer selection and training is both    tuition and fees (any academic major…your choice);
competitive, and challenging. We are looking for         special Nursing Scholarships set aside for Nursing
students who meet many of the following criteria         students
during their high school career.                            Once enrolled in the Advanced Course or
    Scholars (valedictorian/salutatorian, member        otherwise contracted, cadets earn a $300 - $500
of the National Honor Society, Honors or Advanced        monthly tax-free stipend and $1,200 a year for
Placement Program graduate, top 10% of class, better     books.
than a 3.0 GPA and 24 ACT)                                  Additional stipend available for study of
    Athletes (varsity letter from HS team, member       languages designated as ‘of strategic import’
of regional/city/competitive league, active              OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION
involvement in organized or individual athletic
competitions, etc.)                                          Students fulfill requirements to become an
    Leaders (elected member of student                  officer while attending college or university; ROTC
government, class or activity, captain of athletic or    fits into other academic coursework like an academic
academic team, served in position of responsibility in   minor (in some cases it may be an academic minor)
school/club/private organizations, Eagle Scout/Gold          Students who join ROTC are NOT required to
Star, etc.)                                              attend Basic Training; this is not enlisting in the
If you meet some but not all of the criteria above,      Army
Army ROTC may still be a good fit for you.                   Students will not receive the monetary and
                                                         other benefits outlined above until they are
                                                         committed to pursue a commission by contract.

Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) is a          While the ROTC program at each University or
college level course of leadership and adventure           College is unique. Some common elements you can
training that produces more than 70% of all Army           expect to experience during your time in ROTC will
officers in the active Army, Illinois Army National        be:
Guard, and US Army Reserve. Since our inception in            Lecture or hands on classroom Military Science
1916, we have commissioned more than a half million        instruction from one to three times a week depending
lieutenants. Our program transforms men and                on your school and academic year.
women from college students into Army officers.               Instruction by Army Officers and Non-
They emerge as extremely qualified professionals           Commissioned Officers who bring their experience
who serve as leaders of the most respected institution     and knowledge to the academic environment.
in America.                                                   Once a week (on average) Military Science
                                                           Leadership Lab with hands-on practical exercises;
ARMY ROTC = LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE                          application of military skills and leadership training;
                                                           may incorporate adventure training.
ROTC graduates have gone on to serve with                     Physical Training one to three times a week
distinction in the military, the business sector, and in   with fellow cadets
the government. Our curriculum is a combination of            One weekend of Field Training each semester
leadership theory, self development, and practical         where you put together everything you have learned
leadership application. Notable graduates include          and experience some unique Army experiences
Secretaries of State George C. Marshall and Colin             One paid four-week leadership evaluation camp
Powell; WALMART founder Sam Walton; US Supreme             during the summer; normally after your junior year
Court Justice Samuel Alito; actor James Earl Jones; as        Extracurricular opportunities designed to
well as college and professional coaching sensation        challenge and further develop you as a person and a
Lou Holtz and Lenny Wilkens.                               leader (each ROTC program will have these to varying
ARMY ROTC = SELF IMPROVEMENT                                    o Ranger Group or Ranger Challenge Team – a
                                                           group dedicated to further honing your military skills,
As part of Army ROTC, you are a vital member of our        physical capability, and leadership presence. These
team and the best leadership development program           groups will participate in a three day competition that
in the nation. You will gain the confidence, self-         serves as ROTC’s varsity sport.
discipline, and leadership skills to succeed in your            o Color Guard or Pershing Rifles – a group that
classes and beyond. You will be part of a people           conducts ceremonies and presents the national colors
oriented organization that will serve you during           at University and community events. They are often
college, prepare you for a lifetime of successes, and      the external face of ROTC at your school.
allow you to apply your abilities and talents to serve          o Officers’ Christian Fellowship – meets regularly
others and your country.                                   to worship, pray, and learn how to honor their faith in
                                                           the military (not at all institutions).
ARMY ROTC = SELFLESS SERVICE                                    o Rifle Team – practice and compete in small-
                                                           bore and air rifle competitions as available (not at all
You can try Army ROTC for up to two years with no          institutions)
obligation during our Basic Course. You will study
Leadership Development, Military Skills, and               SO HOW DO I ENROLL IN THE PROGRAM OR
participate in Adventure Training while you combine        COMPETE FOR A SCHOLARSHIP?
classroom time with hands-on experience – skills that
are sure to give you an edge over your peers when it          Go to www.armyrotc.com before December of
comes time to look for a job. If you qualify for and       your senior year (it is okay to start this the summer
decide to continue in the Advanced Course, you will        before your senior year) and complete the online
be agreeing to serve your country for a total of 8         scholarship application.
years after graduation as an Army officer, either full-       Contact the ROTC program you hope to enter
time on active duty or part-time while pursuing your       and they will make sure you sign up for the proper
civilian career – your choice.                             college courses once you are admitted to the College
                                                           or University of your choice.

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