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									                    Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana
                        Department of Information Technology

            DATE SHEET (1st Sessional Test) Session Jan. - May, 2010

        Ref. No. _______________                                          Date____________

        4th Semester (IT)

Sr.   Date of Exam     Subject Code                               Syllabus
No.    and Time        with Subject
1.     18/02/2010          Data     Introduction:-Uses of Computer Networks, Network Hardware,
       (Thursday)     Communication Network Software, seven-layer OSI architecture of ISO, concepts
        (11:00 –         (CS-206)   of layer protocols and layer interfaces,TCP/IP reference model,
       12:30 pm)                    comparison      of     OSI    &      TCP/IP     reference   models
                                    Physical Layer: Transmission media , telephone system (structure,
                                    trunks , multiplexing and switching), wireless transmission
2.     19/02/2010         MALP      1.Microprocessor Architecture
        (Friday)         (CS-208)   Basic Computer Architecture using 8085 MP I/O, Memory &
        (11:00 –                    System buses ,Instruction execution sequence & Data Flow,
       12:30 pm)                    Instruction cycle Concept of address Bus, Data Bus Data & Control
                                    Bus Synchronous & Asynchronous buses.
                                    2. I/O memory interface
                                    Programmable, interrupted initiated, DMA transfer serial & Parallel
                                    interface, Detail study of 8251 I/O Processor.
3.     20/02/2010        Operating  Introduction to Operating system, computer system structure ,
       (Saturday)         System    operating system structure, process management
         (11:00 –        (CS-202)
       12:30 pm)
4.     22/02/2010     Mathematics-III   1. Laplace Transform
        (Monday)        (CS-204)        2. Fourier Series
         (11:00 –                       3. Fourier Transforms and Integrals
       12:30 pm)                        4. Multiple Integrals
                                        5. Numerical Solutions of ordinary differential equations.
5.     23/02/2010         System        Compilers: Introduction to various translators, Various phases of
        (Tuesday)      Programming      compiler, Introduction to Grammars and finite automata,
         (11:00 –        (CS-210)       Bootstrapping for compilers, Lexical Analysis and syntax analysis,
       12:30 pm)                        Intermediate Code Generation, Code optimization techniques, Code
                                        generation, Case study: LEXX and YACC.
                                        Debuggers: Introduction to various debugging techniques, Case
                                        study: Debugging in Turbo C++ IDE.

        Venue: Room No.: LH-2, LH-3, LH-4, LH-7, LH-8, NR-15

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                                                                                    HOD (IT)
                        Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana
                            Department of Information Technology

               DATE SHEET (1st Sessional Test) Session Jan. - May, 2010

         6th Semester (IT)
 Sr.   Date of Exam       Subject Code with                                     Syllabus
 No.      and Time          Subject Name
1.       18/02/2010             NOS           Introduction: The GNU- Linux Connection, The Heritage of Linux, UNIX,
         (Thursday)           (IT-308)        What is so good about Linux? Overview of Linux, Additional Features of Linux.
       (11:00 – 12:30                         The Linux Operating System : getting started , Logging in, working with the
            pm)                               shell, Curbing Your Power, Superuser Access, Getting the Facts: Where to find
2.       19/02/2010             AIT           1. Introduction
          (Friday)            (IT-302)        Layering, TCP/IP Layering, Internet Addresses, The Domain Name System,
       (11:00 – 12:30                         Client-Server Model, Port Numbers, Implementations and Application,
            pm)                               Programming interfaces.
                                              2. The Link Layer Ethernet and IEEE 802 Encapsulation Trailer
                                              SLIP: Serial Line IP, Compressed SLIP, PPP: Point-to-Point Protocol.
                                              3. IP : The Internet Protocol
                                              IP Header, IP Routing, Subnet Addressing, Subnet Mask, Special Case IP
3.       20/02/2010             WA            HTML: Basic Terminology related to HTML, Head Elements tags, Style sheet,
         (Saturday)           (IT-306)        Formatting tags, Image types, Image mapping, Forms, Tables, Meta, BGSOUND
       (11:00 – 12:30
4.       22/02/2010             HRM           HRM- Definitions, Functions, Relations with other Managerial functions, Scope,
          (Monday)            (IT-312)        Importance, Role and Position of Personnel function in the organization. Human
       (11:00 – 12:30                         Resource Planning.
             pm)                              Job Analysis and Job Design
5.       22/02/2010             MIS           Introduction: Definition and significance, Evolution, MIS Support for
          (Monday)            (IT-304)        programmed and non programmed decision making Model of decision making.
       (03:00 – 04:30                         Structure of MIS : Based on management activity and organizational function,
             pm)                              Conceptual and physical structure of MIS
6.       23/02/2010         Expert System     Expert systems, Definition types, Components, expert system development
          (Tuesday)           (IT-312)        process
       (11:00 – 12:30                         Domain Exploration-Knowledge elicitation, Conceptualization, methods of
             pm)                              Knowledge Acquisition

          1.    Dean (Academics.)
          2.    Notice Board (Main)
          3.    Office Copy (for Circulation)
          4.    Department Notice Board

         Venue: Room No.: LH-2, LH-3, LH-4, LH-7, LH-8, NR-15

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                                                                                                  HOD (IT)

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