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									Things to remember when recycling

Rinse all food cans. The cans are stored in the open and it could be several weeks
before they are sent to the reprocessors.
Any food particles would attract vermin and the cans become very smelly, particularly
during warmer weather and then very unpleasant for the sorters!

This does not apply to drinks cans. There is no need to remove the labels.

PLASTIC BOTTLES (no tubs or yogurt pots or ice cream containers )

Rinse plastic bottles that have contained chemicals, i.e. bleach, washing up liquid etc and
bottles that have contained food i.e. milk, tomato sauce, mayonnaise etc for the same
reasons as above. We can take some plastic food jars i.e. shwartz herbs.

Crush plastic bottles. This will make more room in your bins.
Remove bottle caps/tops, (if possible) as these cannot be recycled by us.
The plastic used to make the tops is generally a different type of plastic.

GLASS (only bottles and jars)

Glass must be separated into clear, brown and blue/green for collection

Do not deliberately break glass bottles. The bins are not designed to lift the weight of
crushed glass.

MIXED PAPER - Newspapers, brochures, magazines etc, paper must not be
contaminated with food – no serviettes, fish & chip paper etc

 Brochures, magazines etc must be less than three months old as after this time it is too
difficult to remove the print. This paper is made into newsprint.

White Office Paper- Only white office paper

Cardboard must be clean and flat packed.

Thank you for recycling with us.

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