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									Xbox Mechanics: Tips on How to Install a New Hard Drive

If you’re wondering why you’d wish to install a new hard drive in your
Xbox 360, here’s something to consider. Imagine increasing the normal 8
to 10GB hard disk drive of your Xbox 360 with something more substantial
like a 120GB hard disk drive, or one that would allow you to save
multiple games. That’s wonderful, isn’t it? And that’s what you’ll get
once you purchase and install a new hard drive in your Xbox 360.

Step One – Saving Files
Before installing a new hard drive to your Xbox 360, it’s important that
you save what needs saving first. Start with the critical settings of
your Xbox: this is what makes your unit operate normally. Use an
alternate dashboard like the EvolutionX to save your system’s setup.
Secondly, copy drives C and E to your desktop’s hard disk.

Step Two – Creating a New Boot CD
You will use your alternate dashboard in upgrading your Xbox 360 and in
order to install a new hard disk drive to your gaming unit. More detailed
information about this particular step can be found on the websites of
EvolutionX and other alternate dashboards for the Xbox 360. As long as
you follow instructions carefully and completely, you won’t encounter any
problem at all in this step. Make sure that you copy and burn the newly
created data on a CD format which your Xbox will be able to read.

Step Three – Replacing the Hard Disk Drive
Open your gaming unit and replace the hard disk drive with the one you’ve
purchased. Check first if your new disk drive is preset to “cable-
select”. Secondly, make sure that the necessary wires are connected
properly. Keep your old hard disk drive in a dry and secure place for
backup purposes.

Step Four – Installing the CD and File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
It’s time to install the CD that you’ve created in Step 2. If things
don’t pan out as they should, this may mean that you used an incompatible
CD format or the wrong data for rebooting. Go back to Step Two once more
and recheck everything.

Step Five – Transfer C and E
If Step 4 proceeds smoothly, just click the necessary button to let the
installation of the new drive to commence. Afterwards, re-upload drives
C: and E: which you saved previously on your desktop’s hard disk drive.

Lastly, make the necessary changes to allow your Xbox 360 to accept your
newly uploaded drive C: and if nothing goes wrong then you’ve succeeded
installing your new disk drive. Save away!

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