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									Get to Know the Nintendo Wii Console

Now that it's here, you're probably wondering what you'll get from the
Nintendo Wii console. You probably know by now that it's a better
physical version of its predecessors, but if you really want to know what
good bits are under the hood, here's a sneak peek:

The hardware
The hardware is housed in a unit that's considerably smaller than that of
the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. The specs are 44mm wide, 215.4mm deep
and 157mm tall. The Wii weighs less than 3 lbs, making it the
supermodel-light of the three. For storage, it's easy to stack right
next to your TV, speaker or component system, since the console itself
can be stored either vertically or horizontally.

The CPU is a PowerPc-based processor with a 90 SOI CMOS processor at
729MHz. The main memory is at 88MB with 24MB of internal 1T-SRAM and a
64MB external GDDR3 SDRAM.

The front-loading optical media drive accommodates both the 12cm Nintendo
Wii discs and the 8cm GameCube discs. In terms of looks, it is also
available in a variety of colors, including red, lime green, silver,
white and black.

The Wiimote
Part of the buzz about the Nintendo Wii console is the game controller
that comes with it. The Wiimote, as it is called, is a motion-sensitive
device that uses infrared detection and a series of accelerometers that
helps it calculate its position in a three-dimensional space. This means
that with a flick of the user's wrist, the Wiimote can be manipulated to
swing the racket or throw a right hook precisely as the user performs.
Physical gesture equals virtual gaming.

Nintendo Wii's console can also accommodate up to four Wii remote
controllers, connected through Bluetooth, with an additional port for one
more GameCube controller. One of these controllers is the nunchuk, so
named because of its uncanny resemblance to the martial arts tool.

The Wii doesn’t have the surround sound feature of its competitors, but
the built-in speaker will do the job nicely.

Nintendo Wii is unlike its predecessors in that it is capable of web-
surfing as well as photo-viewing. Wii's web browser is Opera and photos
may be viewed using the SD memory card. The SD card is also used to save
game data and Virtual Console games.

Nintendo Wii has 30 available titles, with 15 made available during its
launch. Third party titles include Madden NFL 07, Red Steel, Splinter
Cell: Double Agent, Far Cry: Vengeance, Call of Duty 3 and Need for
Speed: Carbon. Nintendo Wii also allows backward-adaptability for
GameCube games and peripherals, so your older games will still get
considerable play.

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