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									Nintendo Wii Accessories You Ought to Have

Nintendo is one of the top innovators when it comes to accessories such
as controllers and its designs have become a much sought-after industry
standard. The Nintendo Wii by itself comes with some simple fun via is
Wii Sports game, but if you want to enjoy the experience to the fullest,
here are a few accessories you might want to pick up for yourself:

More controllers
Nintendo Wii comes complete with a two-in-one controller – that is, a
nunchuk and a Wiimote – but you might want more for two-player games like
boxing or tennis. The Wii can accommodate four controllers, but get an
extra nunchuk for $20 and another Wiimote for $40 to maximize your game.

GameCube memory cards
Why? If you're playing GameCube games on the Wii, you'll want to save
your efforts in case you need to take a break and you can't do that to
the Wii's built-in memory. You can only save to a GameCube memory card.
Older GameCube cards will do, but if you don't have one, be prepared to
shell out about $25.

GameCube controllers
Nintendo Wii has backward adaptability in that it can still accommodate
GameCube, although you'll need a GameCube controller to play the game to
satisfy your nostalgia. GC controller will cost about $25 or get a
wireless Nintendo WaveBird for a few dollars more, although your older GC
controllers will suffice.

SD Card
Time will come when you'll use up the Wii's 512MB, so give yourself more
space with a new SD card. Although you can buy one from Nintendo, any SD
card will do. A good one to get is a 1GB card for all the space you need
and that will set you back by about $25 to $30.

Get the rechargeable ones because the Wiimote is a regular power gobbler.
It uses two standard AAs which are included in the Wii package and with
the controller unit in case you're buying a separate one. You'll need
extra battery power for the nunchuk. You can save more if you buy
rechargeable NiMH ones and a charger.

Wii Points
Not exactly your hard accessory per se, but this is one of the draws of
the Wii's Virtual Console. The Wii Points are good to have if you plan
to buy Nintendo's classic games such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Donkey Kong
and Super Mario 64. The Wii Points function like real currency and has a
dollar exchange rate of 100 points to 1 US dollar. Buy the points via
Nintendo's prepaid cards or from its online store.

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