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									Helping individuals and organisations develop

i n te r p e rson al sk il l s

leArning to leArn
Communication and time management skills
for new recruits

r a tion al e
As a new recruit, you share with your manager/supervisor the responsibility for your own progress. If you are
seeking to learn and develop in your role, this course will help you build the skills you need to do so.

wh a t y o u w ill ac h ie v e
Develop your listening and questioning skills to ensure you get clear instructions for doing your job.
•	 Learn	how	to	improve	your	time	management,	by:
   – planning and prioritising
   – organising your resources and your work-space
   – controlling interruptions
   – making yourself get on with the jobs you don’t like doing
   – cutting out timewasters.
•	 Find	out	how	to	learn	new	skills	and	knowledge	on	the	job,	by	doing,	listening	and	watching.
•	 Learn	how	to	take	and	use	feedback	–	positive	and	negative.
•	 Improve	your	willingness	to	learn	from	mistakes.
•	 See	the	value	of	persistence	and	positive	thinking,	even	when	you	fail.

p a r tic ipan t profil e
Recently-hired trainees will learn essential survival and development skills.

a p p r oa c h
Discussions, case studies and activities will enable participants to identify and develop appropriate skills and

1 DAY               MAX 12

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