CURRICULUM VITAE


                                   Name       Radoman Niko
                                 Address      Bratstva i jedinstva 59, 81000 Podgorica
                              Telephone       +38167541-295

                              Nationality     Montenegrin

                            Date of birth     August 14, 1982

                 WORK EXPERIENCE
• Dates (from – to)                           2001-2004,
       • Name and address of employer         Private manangment domain, Agency”Personality” ;
             • Type of business or sector     Cosmetic, hair-dressing and make-up service, modeling
            • Occupation or position held
     • Main activities and responsibilities   Cosmetic, hair-dressing and make-up service, modeling

                       • Dates (from – to)    2004-2005
       • Name and address of employer         Agency for ecological an technological research -
                                              Government of Montenegro

             • Type of business or sector     Administrative and technical assistance service
            • Occupation or position held     Administrative and technical assistant
     • Main activities and responsibilities

                       • Dates (from – to)    2005 - currently
       • Name and address of employer         Private management domain
             • Type of business or sector     Passangers transport service
            • Occupation or position held     Driver
     • Main activities and responsibilities


                      • Dates (from – to)     From 2006
    • Name and type of organization           University of Montenegro, Electrotechnic Faculty,
    providing education and training
                                              Computer Science
    • Principal subjects/occupational
                        skills covered
           • Title of qualification awarded
          • Level in national classification     Intermediate Level of English language
                           (if appropriate)

                     PERSONAL SKILLS
                    AND COMPETENCES
Acquired in the course of life and career but
          not necessarily covered by formal
                  certificates and diplomas.

                        MOTHER TONGUE            Montenegrin

                      OTHER LANGUAGES

                           • Reading skills      English
                             • Writing skills    English
                              • Verbal skills    English

                           SOCIAL SKILLS         Very open, friendly, father of two children.
                    AND COMPETENCES
     Living and working with other people, in
      multicultural environments, in positions
      where communication is important and
 situations where teamwork is essential (for
            example culture and sports), etc.

                    AND COMPETENCES              I am self-confident, responsible, well organized, conscious,creative and
 Coordination and administration of people,      perform well working individually and in a team
 projects and budgets; at work, in voluntary
work (for example culture and sports) and at
                                 home, etc.
                     TECHNICAL SKILLS          Microsoft Operating Systems (Windows 98/NT/2000/XP),
                   AND COMPETENCES             Microsoft Office (Word, Excell, Access, Power Point)
With computers, specific kinds of equipment,   Computer Assembling and repairing
                             machinery, etc.
                                               Network Cabling, Setup and Administration

                   DRIVING LICENCE(S)          All categories

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