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Deadline for entries:
5pm Friday 4th September 2009
  DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES Friday 4th September 2009
Enter at:
                    These awards are an excellent opportunity
                    to recognise and acknowledge success
                    in our industry. Winning is a great way to
                    demonstrate expertise and excellence to
           clients, both existing and potential, and can be a
           real moral boost for staff.
           Nicky Unsworth, MD of BJL and
           Chairman of The Marketing Industry Network

Contact us
For more information on categories and how to enter
please contact Kimberley Baran on 0141 559 6078 or

If you would like to sponsor the MIN Awards 2009
please contact Lynn Lester on 0141 559 6074 or

For more general information on the Marketing
Industry Network please contact Danielle Gordon
on 0141 559 6066 or email danielle.gordon@

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Organised by:
The MIN awards aims to identify the BEST media,
marketing and communication agencies and teams
across the whole of the UK.

We invite you to enter a short report to be in the
running to win one of these coveted accolades. This is
your chance to demonstrate what you can do and get
the recognition you deserve.

The Marketing Industry Network                       Who can Enter?
The Marketing Industry Network was created to help   Entries are open to all digital agencies, creative
you grow your business and develop your career. We   agencies, media owners, PR companies, events
create connections through different mediums: live   companies, DM agencies, Media Sales Teams,
events, a mentors programme, downloadable white      Market Research firms (please see categories for a
papers and reports donated from our members and a    full list of eligible companies) throughout the whole of
Who’s Who.                                           the UK including Scotland, England, Northern Ireland
                                                     and Wales.
Join the MIN today and enter the awards for free
•	 MIN	Members	can	enter	as	many	categories	as	      Why Enter?
    they feel appropriate for no charge              •	 Connect	with	peers	and	clients	through	the	
•	 Become	a	member	for	as	little	as	£150	per	           Marketing Industry Network and its resources
    year and enter as many categories as you like    •	 Demonstrate	your	talent	and	skills	to	your	
    for free                                            company, clients and peers
•	 Non-members	can	also	enter.	                      •	 Stand	out	from	the	competitors	as	an	award	
	   Each	entry	charged	at	£70                           winning company
                                                     •	 Gain	fantastic	PR	opportunities
* A membership form is included as part of this      •	 Boost	morale	throughout	your	company	and	
booklet or find out more about joining here:            reward your hardworking individuals and teams            •	 Reassure	clients	that	you	are	the	best	company	
                                                        for the job.

Deadline for entries:
5pm Friday 4th September 2009

Enter at:
               The MIN Awards creates a fantastic
               opportunity for all agencies to showcase
               the best of their creative and strategic
               work whatever their size, age or discipline.
       A fabulous chance to motivate and attract staff,
       increase client loyalty and generate future business
       opportunities… whilst pissing off your competitors.
       Carl	Hopkins,	MD	of	Kloog,	Mentor	and	
       Judge for the Marketing Industry Network

How to Enter                                          Judges
1. Visit      The 2009 judging panel will include a number of
2. Browse the categories to decide which ones suit    respected MIN mentors and industry professionals,
you best                                              which so far include:
3. Register as a new user of the Marketing Industry   •	 Brian	Child,	ex	CEO	of	
Network Awards 2009                                      McCann Erickson Manchester
4. Follow the on screen instructions to upload your   •	 Ray	Hanks,	ex	Head	of	Creative	at	NWDA
entries and make your payment if necessary            •	 Peter	Croome,	ex	MD	of	Rapier
                                                      •	 Tony	Harding,	MD	of	Momentumspk
* Remember you can enter for free if you are a        •	 Martin	Anderson,	ex	MD	of	BDH
MIN member. A membership form is included at          •	 Carl	Hopkins,	ex	MD	of	JDA
the end of this booklet or you can join online at     •	 Gordon	Brown,	MD	of	Circuit	Break
                                                      Awards Ceremony
                                                      The results will be announced at a gala award
                                                      ceremony in Manchester in November 2009.

                                                      This event will serve as a Grand Finale for the Awards
                                                      season, the ultimate review of which businesses
                                                      stand head and shoulders above their competitors.
01 Chairman’s Award                               18 Newspaper of the Year
   Entries are automatically entered into this    19 Broadcaster of the Year
   category. Chosen by the Chairman as his
   personal favourite and announced at the           Radio and Television
   MIN Awards ceremony.                           20 Outdoor Company or Team of the Year
02 Advertising Agency or Team of the Year         21 Events Company or Team of the Year
03 Design Consultancy or Team of the Year         22 Media Agency or Team of the Year
04 Digital Agency or Team of the Year             23 Production Company or Team of the Year
05 Integrated Agency or Team of the Year          24 New Start of the Year
06 DM/Sales Promotion Agency or Team of              Any sector applicable. Company started
   the Year                                          between Summer 2007 and Summer 2009

07 B2B Agency or Team of the Year
08 Public Relations Consultancy or Team           REGIONAL AWARDS
   of the Year                                    25 Scottish Company or Team of the Year
09 Market Research Company or Team                26 North East Company or Team of the Year
   of the Year
                                                  27 Yorkshire Company or Team of the Year
10 Media Sales Team of the Year: Newspaper
                                                  28 North West Company or Team of the Year
11 Media Sales Team of the Year: Magazine
                                                  29 Midlands Company or Team of the Year
12 Media Sales Team of the Year: Outdoor
                                                  30 South West Company or Team of the Year
13 Media Sales Team of the Year: Television
                                                  31 London Company or Team of the Year
14 Media Sales Team of the Year: Radio
                                                  32 South East Company or Team of the Year
15 Media Sales Team of the Year: Digital
                                                  33 Welsh Company or Team of the Year
16 Media Sales Team of the Year: Cross Platform
                                                  34 Northern Irish Company or Team of the Year
17 Marketing Agency or Team of the Year

Deadline for entries:
5pm Friday 4th September 2009
Enter at:
                  Through entering the awards agencies
                  not only raise their profile and reputation
                  but can, more importantly, communicate
                  and demonstrate the full impact that their
           work has had for their clients.
           Gordon Brown, MD of Circuit Break and Mentor and
           Judge for the Marketing Industry Network

Writing your report                                           General Rules
It aims to be as simple and as easy to enter as               1. All submissions must be made online at
possible. To enter you have to write a 1000 word        
report detailing your businesses successes.                   2. Work entered into more than one category must
The judges will be looking for examples of:                       be treated as a completely separate entry.
•	 Innovative	thinking                                        3. Multiple entries can be made.
•	 Excellent	service                                          4. All entries must be supplied and conform to
•	 Strong	results	(wherever	possible	backed	up	                   category rules/submission formats. Entries must
   with financial evidence)                                       be received by no later than 5pm Friday 4th
The report should include information about the strategies        September 2009. Please note that we cannot
your team has employed, difficulties and solutions you            guarantee that entries received after this deadline
have faced/ overcome and any significant changes your             will be considered.
business has undergone over the past 18 months.               5. Entries are open to MIN members and all other
The report should not solely be about a particular piece of       UK based organisations.
client work or one campaign.                                  6.	 The	judges	reserve	the	right	to	re-allocate	entries	
                                                                  that in their view are entered in an incorrect
Your entry should:                                                category.
•	 Contain	no	more	than	1000	words                            7. The organisers reserve the right to publish/exhibit
•	 Be	split	into	the	following	sections:                          screen grabs and/or submitted reports in relation
   > Executive Summary – (200 words)                              to the awards.
   The purpose of the executive summary is to                 8. The organisers reserve the right to verify content
   ensure the judges go on and read your full report              of submissions.
   > Challenges you faced – (300 words)                       9. The judges’ decision is final.
   > What you did – (300 words)                               10. All entries submitted must be legal. Any entries
   > What you achieved – (200 words)                              containing offensive material will be disqualified.
•	 Contain financial evidence to support results;
   papers with this information will be favoured by the       Report Tips
   jury where appropriate                                     When writing your report don’t assume the judges know
•	 Have up to three images saved to a high                    your company and what you do. Give clear concise
   resolution (300dpi) as JPEG or PDF                         statements in the report.
•	 Include client testimonials if applicable
Enter the Marketing Industry Network Awards for free!
And save at least £338 per year.
Marketing Industry Network members can take part in
the Awards free of charge, so…

       Yes, I would like to join the Marketing Industry Network for only £150
       Benefits include:
	      •	 The	chance	to	enter	the	Marketing	Industry	Network	Awards	free	of	charge	(saving	of	at	least	£70)
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	      	 (Saving	of	at	LEAST	£25	a	report)
	      •		 The	opportunity	to	upload	your	details	on	to	the	Marketing	Industry	Network	Who’s	Who	(Saving	of	at	least	£35)
	      •		 Discounts	off	regular	events	(Saving	of	at	least	£20	per	meeting)
	      •		 Other	savings	in	addition	to	the	£338	detailed	above!	

Your Details:                                                                 Payment:
                                                                                	 I	enclose	a	cheque	for	£150
                                                                                  made payable to Carnyx Group Ltd
Position:                                                                     OR
                                                                                  Please debit my    Mastercard  Visa           Switch
                                                                              	   for	£150
                                                                              Card No.:

                                                                              Expiry Date:           Issue No. (Switch only):
                                                                              Security No.:
                                                                              Name of Cardholder:

Fax this form back to 0141 559 6050 or return by post to Danielle Gordon,
Marketing Industry Network, Mercat Building, 4th Floor, 26 Gallowgate, Glasgow, G1 5AB

The Marketing Industry Network also has corporate and elite membership packages.
Please contact Emma Stewart at or call 0141 559 6069 for more details.

1.	On	signature	this	booking	form	constitutes	a	binding	agreement.
2. Cheque & Credit Card payments: Full payment must follow a signed booking
form within 5 working days of receipt of the booking form.
* Membership will commence from the date that payment is received.
* Membership will run from the commencement date for one full year.

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