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                Texas Rural Mediation Services
                (TRMS) was established to address
                state-wide disputes between
                consumers and various USDA
                agencies.  In 2000, Governor
                George Bush appointed, and in
                2004 Governor Perry reaffirmed,
                the Lubbock Dispute Resolution
System to Administer the Texas USDA Agriculture
Mediation Program .

Anyone can request mediation through the program,
regardless of the county in which they live. Texas
Rural Mediation Services is headquartered in Lubbock
County, and this office is the only provider of this
service in the State of Texas. Our mediators are
located all over the state and participant’s travel to a
mediation site is limited.

Topics specifically addressed in mediation between
consumers and the USDA include:
• Wetland Determinations
• Compliance with Farm Programs
                                                           For more information, to request any of our services, or to
• Agricultural Credit                                      be added to our mailing list, please contact us at:
• Rural Water Loan Programs
• Pesticides                                               Dispute Resolution, A Department of
• Grazing on National Forest Lands                         Lubbock County
• Other Issues the Secretary of the USDA Considers
    Appropriate                                            916 Main Street, Suite 702
                                                           P.O. Box 10536
TRMS also provides mediation services to producers         Lubbock, Texas 79408-3536
regardless of a connection to the USDA. Any of these       Phone: (806) 775-1720 or 1-866-329-3522
services listed in this brochure may be available for      Fax: (806) 775-1729
credit and non-credit issues in rural communities.
To request services through TRMS or for more               Web Site: and choose the Dispute
information about the program, please contact our          Resolution Department

     Dispute Resolution
  Services to the State of
                                                                                                                         D OMES
               W HO A RE W E ?                                              ADR S ERVICES
The Lubbock County Dispute Resolution (DR) System            Civil ADR
began in 1985 and currently boasts the most                                                                             As a statut
                                                             Courts such as the following automatically or
comprehensive programming of any ADR system in                                                                          following serv
                                                             selectively refer cases to ADR:
Texas.                                                                                                                  • Family/D
                                                              • Federal Courts          • County Courts at Law          • Parenting
                                                              • State Courts            • County Courts                 • Commun
We are the only DR System in the State of Texas that
                                                              • District Courts         • Justice of the Peace Courts   • Social Stu
provides both Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
and Domestic Relations Office (DRO) services. This           Criminal ADR
unique combination allows cases to flow more                 Courts and the District Attorney refer misdemeanors
efficiently through the various referring courts.            and felonies on a case by case basis.                                 O

Our successful track record and innovative programs          Intergovernmental
led to the organization’s designation as sole provider of    Through contracts and agreements with governmental     
the USDA Certified State Agricultural Mediation              agencies, various types of disputes are facilitated,          compet
Program for Texas. Additionally, these services are          mediated, arbitrated, or evaluated.
available to the 216 Texas counties not served by an                                                                      alternat
ADR System.                                                  Law Enforcement Officers                                        the re
                                                             Officers refer individuals by giving the disputants a               dis
Over time, Lubbock County’s use of ADR has grown             “ticket,” referring them directly to Dispute Resolution.
to the highest per capita in the state of Texas. We also
provide basic and advanced training for individuals
                                                             Educational Institutions
interested in becoming trained as ADR neutrals in the
                                                             Universities and various School Districts have created
State of Texas.
                                                             partnerships that enable student, personnel and/or
                                                             community matters to be mediated by neutral parties.
    R ESOLUTION (ADR)?                                       Healthcare Mediation Program
                                                             Patients, physicians, insurance companies, hospitals, or
ADR generally refers to the use of third parties to          other involved parties can request mediation when the      Dispute Res
facilitate, evaluate, or decide a dispute in a cost          dispute involves a healthcare issue or related services.   individuals i
effective manner. Different ADR procedures include                                                                      arbitrator or
mediation, mini-trials, moderated settlement                                                                            law. We spon
conferences, summary jury trials, and binding and non-
                                                             Participatory ADR                                          • Basic Me
                                                             Citizens can voluntarily request mediation for almost      • Family M
binding arbitration.
                                                             any type of dispute. The following are just a few
                                                                                                                        • Parenting
The most common type of ADR process is                                                                                  • Property
mediation. In mediation, people in dispute meet             • L a n d l o r d / • School           • Financial          • CPS Med
with a trained and neutral mediator who assists the             Tenant          • Infrastructure • Estate               • Continui
parties in reaching their own solution to a problem.        • Neighbor          • Consumer         • Business           • Continui
Goals are to create a viable, enduring agreement and        • Contractor • Community • Peer                                  Professio
to increase understanding of the issues.
 tatutorily-created DRO, we provide the
 g services:
 ily/Divorce Mediation
enting Coordinator Referrals
mmunity Supervision Program
 al Studies

   Our Mission Statement: provide a
mpetent, effective
rnate resource for
 e resolution of

          T RAINING
   Resolution conducts ADR training for
als interested in becoming a mediator,
 r or other ADR neutral as required by Texas
  sponsor a variety of workshops, including:
c Mediation (40 hours)
 ily Mediation (24 hours)
enting Coordinator (24 hours)
perty Tax Arbitration (30 hours)
  Mediation (6 hours)
 tinuing Legal Education (hours vary)
 tinuing Education Workshops for ADR
 essionals (4 hours)