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					      Tel No           Address               Post Code        Parish/Community    Agree/object      Area

               1pco, North Cheriton,
0196333382     Templecombe, Somerset BA8 0AE             North Cheriton CP       Object          East
               1pco, Church St, Babcary,
01458223414    Somerton                  TA11 7DT        Babcary CP              Agree           East

               1pco, Castle St, Keinton
01458223420    Mandeville, Somerton       TA11 6DX       Keinton Mandeville CP   Object          East
               Pco, Cucklington,
01747840255    Wincanton                  BA9 9PU        Cucklington CP          Agree           East
               1pco, O/s Shell Cottage,
               Shepton Montague,
01749813370    Wincanton                  BA9 8JW        Shepton Montague CP     Object          East

               1pco, Centre Of Village,
01749813376    Pitcombe, Bruton           BA10 0PE       Pitcombe CP             Object          East
01935840311    1pco, Podimore, Yeovil     BA22 8JE       Yeovilton CP            Object          East
               1pco, The Mead,
01935840351    Ilchester, Yeovil          BA22 8NZ       Ilchester CP            Agree           East
               1pco, Yeovilton, Yeovil,
01935840366    Somerset                   BA22 8EX       Yeovilton CP            Agree           East
01935840510    1pco, Limington, Yeovil    BA22 8EQ       Limington CP            Object          East
               1pco, Main St, Mudford,
01935850311    Yeovil                     BA21 5TE       Mudford CP              Object          East
               1pco, High St, Queen
01935850428    Camel, Yeovil              BA22 7NG       Queen Camel CP          Agree           East

               1pco, Fair View, Rimpton,
01935850490    Yeovil, Somerset           BA22 8AF       Rimpton CP              Object          East
               1pco, Sutton Montis,
01963220204    Yeovil                     BA22 7HF       South Cadbury CP        Agree           East
               1pco, Corton Denham,
01963220394    Sherborne                  DT9 4LW        Corton Denham CP        Object          East
               1pco, Lovington, Castle
01963240211    Cary, Somerset             BA7 7PR        Lovington CP            Agree           East
               1pco, North Barrow,
01963240295    Yeovil                     BA22 7LZ       North Barrow CP         Agree           East
               1pco, High St, Milborne
01963250281    Port, Sherborne            DT9 5AG        Milborne Port CP        Object          East
               1pco, Ancastle Ave, Castle
01963350490    Cary                       BA7 7JE        Ansford CP              Object          East
               1pco, Horsington,
01963370234    Templecombe                BA8 0EF        Horsington CP1          Object          East

               1pco, South Cheriton,
01963370274    Templecombe, Somerset BA8 0BB             Horsington CP1          Object          East
               1pco, Yarlington,
01963440236    Wincanton, Somerset   BA9 8DG             Yarlington CP           Object          East
               1pco, Woolston, North
01963440349    Cadbury, Yeovil       BA22 7BL            North Cadbury CP        Agree           East
01963440369    1pco, Blackford, Yeovil    BA22 7EE       Compton Pauncefoot CP   Object          East
               1pco, Galhampton Rd,
01963440396    Galhampton, Yeovil         BA22 7AA       North Cadbury CP        Object          East
               1pco, Compton
               Pauncefoot, Compton
01963440410    Pauncefoot, Yeovil         BA22 7EN       Compton Pauncefoot CP   Agree           East
               1pco, Ilton, Ilminster,
0146052298     Somerset                   TA19 9EN       Ilton CP                Object          North
               1pco, Stocklinch,
0146052815     Ilminster, Somerset        TA19 9JH       Stocklinch CP           Agree           North
01458241311    1pco, Knole, Langport      TA10 9HY       Long Sutton CP2         Object          North
01458250269    1pco, Aller, Langport      TA10 0RA       Aller CP                Object          North
               1pco, Low Ham,
01458250346    Langport, Somerset         TA10 9DS       High Ham CP             Object          North
              1pco, The Avenue,
01458250382   Langport                     TA10 9SA   Huish Episcopi CP          Object   North
              1pco, Silver St,
01458250749   Muchelney, Langport          TA10 0DN   Muchelney CP               Agree    North
              1pco, East St, Drayton,
01458251525   Langport                     TA10 0LA   Drayton CP4                Object   North
              1pco, Pound Pool,
01458272437   Somerton                     TA11 6LZ   Somerton CP2               Object   North
              1pco, Higher Street, Curry
01823480311   Mallet, Taunton              TA3 6SY    Curry Mallet CP            Agree    North
              1pco, Beercrocombe,
01823480322   Taunton, Somerset            TA3 6AQ    Beercrocombe CP            Agree    North
01935822290   1pco, Milton, Martock        TA12 6AL   Ash CP2                    Agree    North
              1pco, Main St, Ash,
01935822390   Martock                      TA12 6NS   Ash CP2                    Object   North
              1pco, Church St,
              Kingsbury Episcopi,
01935822590   Martock                      TA12 6AU   Kingsbury Episcopi CP      Agree    North

01935823299   1pco, The Green, Martock     TA12 6NE   Martock CP                 Object   North
              1pco, Yeovil Marsh,
01935475063   Yeovil, Somerset             BA21 3QA   Yeovil without CP          Agree    South
              1pco, Combe St Lane,
01935475705   Yeovil                       BA21 3PB   Yeovil without CP          Object   South
              1pco, Lakefields, West
01935862211   Coker, Yeovil                BA22 9BT   West Coker CP              Object   South
              1pco, Hardington Moor,
01935862381   Yeovil, Somerset             BA22 9NL   Hardington Mandeville CP   Object   South
              1pco, Hardington
              Mandeville, Yeovil,
01935862536   Somerset                     BA22 9PQ   Hardington Mandeville CP   Object   South
              1pco, East Coker, Yeovil,
01935862590   Somerset                     BA22 9HS   East Coker CP              Agree    South
              1pco, Lower Odcombe,
01935862618   Lower Odcombe, Yeovil        BA22 8TX   Odcombe CP                 Agree    South

              1pco, Higher Odcombe,
01935862684   Yeovil, Somerset             BA22 8UL   Odcombe CP                 Agree    South
              1pco, East Close, West
01935862799   Coker, Yeovil                BA22 9BQ   West Coker CP              Object   South
              1pco, Closworth, Yeovil,
01935872311   Somerset                     BA22 9RW   Closworth CP               Object   South
              1pco, Donyatt Hill,
0146052190    Ilminster                    TA19 0RZ   Donyatt CP                 Object   West

              1pco, Dowlish Wake,
0146052198    Dowlish Wake, Ilminster      TA19 0NZ   Dowlish Wake CP            Object   West
              1pco, Whitelackington,
0146052468    Ilminster                    TA19 9EF   Whitelackington CP         Object   West
              1pco, Forton, Chard,
0146062233    Somerset                     TA20 2LZ   Tatworth and Forton CP     Object   West

0146063007    1pco, Chaffcombe, Chard      TA20 4BE   Chaffcombe CP              Object   West
              1pco, Hewish, Crewkerne,
0146072644    Somerset                     TA18 8QX   West Crewkerne CP          Agree    West
              1pco, Church Lane,
              Haselbury Plucknett,
0146072761    Crewkerne                    TA18 7RE   Haselbury Plucknett CP     Object   West
              1pco, Wayford,
0146072812    Crewkerne                    TA18 8QG   Wayford CP                 Object   West
              1pco, Tatworth, Chard,
01460220327   Somerset                     TA20 2PB   Tatworth and Forton CP     Object   West

              1pco, Littlehill, Buckland
01460234220   St Mary, Chard               TA20 3SS   Buckland St. Mary CP       Object   West
01823480412   1pco, Ashill, Ilminster      TA19 9NE   Ashill CP1                 Object   West
              1pco, Fordhay, East
01935862490   Chinnock, Yeovil      BA22 9EE   East Chinnock CP   Agree   West
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