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					A Short Course in:

July 25-27, 2005
Cleveland, Ohio                                                                                        CEU’s:2.4

                                                                                        - Free or Bench
            Objectives:                                 Each Day:                       - Mounting
                                                                                        - Operating
                                            8:00-12:00 Lecture and Discussion       ▪   Fit-Up Studies and Significance
To provide product engineers,
machine designers, and manufacturing        12:00 Noon Lunch
                                            1:00-4:30  Lecture and Discussion
                                                                                    Failure Modes Related to
engineers with better appreciation for
                                                                                    Bearing Life
the design, application, life, and use of
                                            Final adjournment on last day at        ▪   Subsurface – Origin Spalling
rolling element bearings.
                                            3:30pm.                                     - Inclusions and Carbides
                                                                                        - Subsurface Structural Changes
     Who Should Attend:                     Breaks will be conveniently scheduled       - Subcase Fatigue (Case
                                            at mid-morning and mid-afternoon.             Crushing)
                                                                                    ▪   Surface – Origin Spalling
This course is intended for engineers                                                   - Point Surface Origin
involved in product design, materials                    Outline:                       - Geometric Stress Concentration
selection, failure analysis, product                                                    - Microspalling
endurance testing, and process control.     Applications                            ▪   Transverse Cracking
                                            ▪   Ball Bearings                           (Cross-Section Fracture)
                                                - Angular Contact                   ▪   True and False Brinelling
      Program Schedule:                         - Deep Groove                       ▪   Misalignment
                                            ▪   Roller Bearing                      ▪   Excessive Thrust
                                                - Cylindrical                       ▪   Lubrication
             First Day:                         - Spherical                         ▪   Heat and Thermal Preload
                                                - Needle                            ▪   Roller Edge Stress
                                                - Tapered
8:00am Registration/Check-in                                                        Bearing Life and Reliability
    Bingham Bldg., Room 103                 Rolling Bearing Standards               ▪   Lundberg-Palngren Theory and
    Case Western Reserve University         ▪   ANSI/ABMA/ISO                           Application
    10900 Euclid Ave.                       ▪   ABEC                                ▪   Weibull Analysis
    Cleveland, OH 44106                     ▪   RBEC                                ▪   ANSI/ABMA Standards
                                            ▪   Metric v. Inch                      ▪   Life Factors
8:20am Welcome                                                                      ▪   Manufacturers’ Catalogue
    Robert L. Mullen                        Manufacturing Tolerances and                Methods
    Chairman                                Internal Clearances                     ▪   Remanufactured
    Dept. of Civil Engineering              ▪   Dimensions                              Bearings and Bearing Reuse
    Case Western Reserve University         ▪   Internal Radial (Diametrical)       ▪   Hybrid Bearings
                                                                                    ▪   Warranty Considerations
Bearing Loads and Stresses               ▪    Introduction to Computer Bearing             He is a Fellow of both ASME and
▪   Hertz Contact Stress                      Analysis (COBRA)                        the STLE. He has also held national
▪   Subsurface Stress and Critical       ▪    Single Bearing and Multi Bearing        and local offices in these technical
    Depth                                     Analysis                                societies. Under his chairmanship, the
▪   Line, Point and Elliptical Contact   ▪    Bearing Types                           Rolling-Elements Committee of the
▪   Heavy Load and Distortion                 - Iterative Nature                      ASME authored the first Life
▪   Misalignment                              - Sign Convention                       Adjustment Factors for Ball and
    - Ball Bearings                           - Example                               Roller Bearings – An Engineering
    - Roller Bearings                                                                 Design Guide. In 1992 the STLE first
▪   Residual and Hoop Stresses           Special Topics*                              published an authoritative bearing
▪   Axial Loads on Cylindrical Roller    ▪    Industrial Application                  text, STLE Life Factors for Rolling
    Bearings                             ▪    Aerospace Application                   Bearings of which he is the editor and
▪   Rotordynamic Loads                   ▪    Specialized Lubricant and               co-author. He is also the editor and
▪   Centrifugal Loads                         Lubrication Requirements                co-author of the comprehensive text,
▪   Static Capacity                      ▪    Application Problems and                Tribology for Aerospace Applications,
                                              Solutions                               published in 1997. His broad
Bearing Lubrication                      *Based upon attendees’ needs and interests   experience, talents, and contributions
▪   Type of Lubrication                                                               have provided him with a rare
▪   Lubricant Selection                          Course Materials:                    combination to put together a
    - Liquid                                                                          comprehensive course related to ball
    - Grease                             The STLE Text “Life Factors for              and roller bearings.
▪   Elastohydrodynamic (EHD)             Rolling Bearings” will be used as a
    Lubrication                          reference and is included in the price       Joseph V. Poplawski, P.E.
▪   Effect of Contaminants               of the seminar. An extensive set of                Mr. Poplawski, who is President
    - Wear Particles                     class notes are provided.                    of J. V. Poplawski and Associates has
    - Water                                                                           over40 years experience in mechanical
                                                                                      engineering. He specializes in
Materials and Processing                                Speakers:                     bearings and lubrication problems,
▪   Bearing Materials
                                         Erwin V. Zaretsky, P.E.                      finite element stress, thermal and
    - Through-Hardened Steels
                                                                                      dynamic analysis of mechanical
    - Corrosion-Resistant Steels              Mr. Zaretsky is a noted speaker,
                                                                                      equipment, and rotating machinery.
    - Nonferrous Materials               writer, and consultant to both
                                                                                      His clients are from the aerospace,
      - Ceramic Bearings                 government and industry. He is
                                                                                      steel, cement, mining, manufacturing,
      - Ceramic Hybrid Bearings          currently Chief Engineer for
                                                                                      utilities, and medical industries. He
▪   Material Processing                  Structures, NASA Glenn Research
                                                                                      also serves as an expert witness in
    - Melting Practice                   Center, Cleveland, Ohio and Adjunct
                                                                                      product liability litigation cases.
    - Metal Working                      Professor at Case. He was formerly
                                                                                            Mr. Poplawski has lectured and
    -Heat Treatment                      head of the NASA Bearing, Gearing
                                                                                      taught rolling bearing technology
    - Material Hardness                  and Transmission Section, responsible
                                                                                      throughout the U.S. and Canada. His
    - Carbide Effects                    for most of the NASA mechanical
                                                                                      early professional experience includes
    - Compressive Residual Stress        component research for air breathing
                                                                                      bearing analysis and design at United
▪   Coatings                             engines and helicopter transmissions.
                                                                                      Technologies Pratt & Whitney,
                                         He has over 45 years of experience in
                                                                                      AVCO-Lycoming, and Bethlehem
Bearings Kinematics                      Mechanical Engineering related to
▪   Low Speed v. High Speed                                                           Steel Corporation. He holds a BSME
                                         rotating machinery and tribology. He
▪   Skidding                                                                          from Penn State University and MS
                                         has performed pioneering research in
▪   Time Transient                                                                    degree in Applied Mechanics from
                                         rolling-element fatigue, lubrication
▪   Characteristic Frequencies                                                        RPI. Mr. Poplawski is a member of
                                         and probabilistic life prediction. His
▪   Speed Limitations                                                                 ASME, STLE, and AISE and has
                                         work resulted in the first successful 3
                                                                                      served as session chairman, technical
                                         million DN bearing and has received
Multi Bearing Systems                                                                 committee member, and on several
                                         four I-R 100 awards. He is also a
▪   Statically Indeterminate                                                          meeting planning committees. As a
                                         recipient of the NASA Medal for
▪   Fixed Bearings                                                                    member of the STLE Life Factors
                                         Exceptional Engineering Achievement
▪   Floating Bearings                                                                 Committee he co-authored STLE Life
                                         and the Astronaut Silver Snoopy
▪   Load Sharing                                                                      Factors for Rolling Bearings, a
                                         Award for contributions to the space
▪   Three Degrees of Freedom                                                          comprehensive bearing text first
                                         program. He has written over 180
▪   Five Degrees of Freedom                                                           published in 1992. He is the
                                         technical papers and books and has
                                                                                      developer of 3 widely used bearing
                                         lectured widely throughout North
                                                                                      codes for commercial, industrial and
Computer Aided Design of                 America, Europe, Asia and the Middle
                                                                                      aerospace applications.
Rolling Bearings                         East. He has taught machine design as        Case reserves the right to amend the program
▪   Typical Bearing Codes                a member of the adjunct faculty at           should circumstances warrant such action.
▪   Design Variables                     Cleveland State University and in            In the event of course cancellation, Case will
                                         2003 was Visiting Professor at Meiji         refund course fees.         Liability for course
                                                                                      cancellation is specifically limited to the amount
Computer Optimized Ball and              University, Japan.                           of pre-paid course fees and excludes any
Roller Bearing Applications                                                           incidental or consequential damages.
                                  General Information
Enrollment: Course enrollment is limited.                                Location: This program will be held at:
Please reserve your place now!                                               Case Western Reserve University
                                                                             Bingham Bldg., Room 103
Registration Deadline: July 11, 2005                                         10900 Euclid Ave.
                                                                             Cleveland, OH 44106
Fax enrollment form to:    (216) 368-5229 or
Mail enrollment form to address below.                                   Lodging: Please make your own lodging arrangements at
                                                                         the facility of your choice. Local hotel information can be
Fee Covers: Notebook, program materials, break                           found at . Please advise
refreshments and lunches. Lodging and other meals NOT                    us at the time of registration if you are physically challenged
included. A Certificate of Participation is presented to each            and require special accommodations. All requests will be kept
registrant. Proceedings are not published.                               confidential.

Refunds and Cancellations: There is a $50                                Suggested Attire: Casual business dress is appropriate.
administrative fee for any registration cancellations. To                Please be prepared for a moderate temperature variation in the
cancel, you must call our department at (216) 368-2952 seven             seminar room.
(7) working days prior to the program start date to obtain a
cancellation number. If you cancel less than seven working                                   Discount available
days prior or the above procedure is not followed, you will be
liable for the full fee. Enrollment substitutions may be made
                                                                                           if three or more enroll
at any time.                                                                                 from one company.

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July 25-27, 2005                                                                  Cleveland, OH 44106-7201
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