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					                                  NATCA Members Only
                                  Benefits and Services

Long Term              Extremely affordable group plan providing members with income protection. Unum is        866-309-0304
                       one of the largest providers of disability (income) protection in the world. Special rates
Disability Insurance
                       for NATCA members.
Life                   Learn about alternatives to FEGLI offerings to save money – “Return of Premiums”               800-467-8571
                       Discounted auto insurance program offers NATCA members’ additional                                 800-368-2734
GEICO Preferred
                       premium savings.                                                                                                          or 800-841-3000
Auto Discounts
Pet                    Head-to-tail accident & illness insurance at extremely affordable prices. Select from a     866-473-7387
Insurance              variety of plans.

Retirement/Benefit     Valuable information on retirement eligibility & federal benefits. Available to “bargaining   877-833-8561
Counseling             unit” members only.

Aeromedical            Virtual Flight Surgeons – provides free aeromedical advice and consultation to          866-AEROMED
Consultation           members only.

Legal Referral         No enrollment fees required. Free initial consultation, free simple document review,          888-993-8886
                       free follow-up call.                                                                          benefits/legal
Credit Counseling      Help in developing a plan of action beginning with a free credit counseling session,   877-833-1745
                       budget analysis and advice to get back on the road to financial recovery.                     counseling.cfm

NATCA Officers/Locals
NATCA Business         Order your NATCA business cards & stationary today – 100% union printer on-line order-         www.consolidatedpress.     n/a
Cards                  ing available.

NATCA Awards           Find that special award for a fellow member, activist or for that special NATCA occasion.      NATCA
                       100% American made.

Car Repair and         Download your free coupon today! 10% off all tires – 10% off all service,                     n/a
                       including sale prices.                                                                         Goodyear.cfm
Auto Rentals           Save up to 25% on Avis, Budget and Hertz Car Rentals depending on vehicle,                800-698-5685
                                                                                                                      efits/auto/discounts.cfm   or 800-455-2848
                       location and time of year.                                                                                                or 800-654-2200
Motor Club             24 hour emergency automotive roadside assistance. Administered                                866-437-9274
                       by Pinnacle Motor Club.

Auto Buying            No hassle, no haggle car buying service when buying a new or used car or                      866-437-2336
                       truck. Administered by Vehicle Advantage.                                                      service.cfm
NATCA Logo             Exclusive collection of clothing, glassware, watches and many more NATCA items avail-          800-266-0895
Merchandise            able on-line. Show your pride in your union membership!

NATCA/AFL-CIO          AFL-CIO and NATCA college scholarships for worthy students. Union Plus & NATCA            800-266-0895
                       scholarship programs.                                                                        efits/education/scholarships or 877-881-1022
Scholarships                                                                                                        or

College Planning       From career assessments to completing college admission forms, the Union Plus College          877-881-1022
                       Planner site can help.                                                                       benefits/education

Gift Certificate       Choose from a list of merchants and enjoy free shipping or up to 10% off on your pur-    800-565-3712
                       chase.                                                                                       tainment.cfm

Interline Cruise       Take advantage of significantly discounted cruise packages. Register by e-mail or call for   866-NATCA-01
Discounts              rates.

Vacation Tour          Take advantage of discounts on world-class travel opportunities through your             800-590-1104
                       membership.                                                                                  efits/travel/vacation.cfm
                       Purchase Power Pass provides you entry into the most exciting tours and attractions          800-565-3712
Las Vegas Power Pass                                                                                                entertainment.cfm
                       that Las Vegas has to offer, with a combined value of over $300 in admission fees and
Sight-Seeing Savings   Savings at theaters, Broadway shows, museums, aquariums, zoos and sporting events            800-565-3712
                       like Major League Baseball in selected cities - New York, Boston, Los Angeles,               entertainment.cfm
                       Minneapolis, New Jersey, Philadelphia and San Francisco.
Discount Ski           Ski lift ticket discounts for New England Ski resorts.                                       800-565-3712
Lift Tickets
                       Save money and enjoy the thrill and excitement at some of the best theme parks nation-          800-565-3712
Theme Park                                                                                                          theme-parks.cfm

Home Owners
Home Heating Oil       Save up to $200 annually. Available in RI, Boston, NY, NJ, CN, MD, Southern NH, PA           800-660-0691
                       and Northern VA only.                                                                        heating-oil.cfm

Moving Van             “Members Only” discount provided by union moving company. Available nationwide.              www.stevensworldwide.       800-955-5421
                       Call for your quote.                                                                         com/NATCA
Sell/Purchase          Real estate affinity program designed to provide members with high quality service &
Home Rebates           CASH REBATES.

Mortgage and           Makes refinancing and home-buying easier and more affordable. Administered               800-416-5786
Real Estate            by Chase Home Finance.
Consumer Discounts
Health Club           Discounts to over 1,500 health clubs nationwide including Bally’s, Gold’s & many other           800-294-1500
Discounts             fitness centers.                                                                          health-clubs.cfm

Flower Discount       20% discount per order, additional savings on-line, 100% guaranteed, a wide selection           888-667-7779
                      of arrangements.                                                                          benefits/gift
Movie Ticket          Save up to 40% on movie tickets nationwide.                                                800-565-3712
Dell Computer         Union members receive a 12% discount on selected laptops, computers and printers.       800-695-8133

AT&T Wireless         Members can receive a special 10% discount on service from AT&T Wireless, the only       n/a
                      wireless company that can, and does, proclaim that it is “Proud to be Union.              wireless.cfm

Internet Service      Unlimited e-mail storage, broadband phone, Union Plus portal page,                         n/a
                      internet connectivity…and more!
Broadband Phone       Save up to 85% on your phone bill! Great quality and features for union members only.     n/a
Service (VOIP)
Book Discounts        Powell’s Books, a union book store, offers online discounted prices in virtually every              800-291-9676
                      reading category.

Coffee Discount       Members receive 5% off purchases of coffee grown, marketed, distributed and sold by all     866-581-0667
                      union employees.
                      20% discount on the purchase of any item in more than 150 outlets and via purchase              n/a
Joseph A. Bank
                      through the internet. Member #94725.
Pet Savings           Not an insurance program. May be used in conjunction with traditional pet insurance to      888-789-PETS
                      save more money on all vet bills.                                                         pets.cfm   27% discount on - Consumer Reports’ online consumer                    n/a
Discount              information site.                                                                         consumer-reports-online.

Union-Made Clothing   5-10% discount on union-made clothing from three providers of union-made apparel.           n/a
Dental Discounts      Offered through CAREINGTON International, in most cases members will receive 30% off       877-570-4845
                      services.                                                                                 efits/health/savings.cfm

Discount Movie        Rentals at Blockbuster for just $3.40 per rental.                                          800-565-3712

FAA First Federal     Take advantage of great loan rates & 100% financing on new & used vehicles, RVs, boats,   800-421-7111
Credit Union          etc.

Credit Score Report   Special 15% union discount through myFICO including credit scores, credit reports,           n/a
                      ID fraud or identity theft protection and personalized score explanation.                 itscore.cfm

Online Tax Service    Online tax return preparation tool to prepare and file taxes for only $14.95 each
                      for a total cost of $29.90.

Union-Made Checks     With these union-made checks, members can show their union pride with every check       888-864-6625
                      they write.                                                                               efits/money/checks.cfm
National Air Traffic
Controller’s Association, AFL-CIO
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