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					 Kuehne + Nagel Contract Logistics – North America
 Making logistics your competitive advantage

                                                      Our Mission:
           Kuehne + Nagel’s                           Act as an extension of your business. Unlike some third-
            North American                            party logistics providers' off-the-shelf approaches, Kuehne +
           Logistics Network                          Nagel believes efficient, responsive logistics must be
                                                      custom-created to meet your specific business

                                                      Kuehne + Nagel, one of world’s leading logistics
                                                      companies, focuses on specialized service areas to provide
                                                      clients with the right people and infrastructure to handle
                                                      virtually any aspect of their logistics operations:

                                                         •   Supply Logistics. Provides supply-side solutions
                                                             and value-added services for the high-tech industry.
                                                             Our services reduce inventory and associated
                                                             fulfillment costs.

                                                         •   Warehousing Solutions. Network of 40 dedicated
                                                             and shared (multi-client) distribution centers is the
                                                             broadest in North America. Our warehouse systems
                                                             and processes ensure the highest level of
                                                             operational efficiency.

Kuehne + Nagel manages 11 million square feet of         •   Transportation Management. Non-asset-based
warehouse space in 40 shared & dedicated facilities          approach to transportation. This objective approach
across the United States, Canada & Mexico.                   allows us to optimize your distribution, choosing
                                                             carriers that maximize service and drive value for
      Primary industries served:
                                                         •   Critical Service Logistics. After-sale support for a
       ♦    Automotive
       ♦    Healthcare / Pharmaceutical
                                                             number of leading high-tech customers. We have
       ♦    High-Tech / Electronics                          played a key role in the development of Sun
       ♦    Retail & Consumer Products                       Microsystems Logistics Virtual Network, which
       ♦    Industrial / Chemical                            integrates a customer contact center, remote
                                                             stocking locations and information systems to link
                                                             supply chain partners.

                                                      Our customer-centric solutions build on our proven
                                                      warehouse management capabilities. The result: a
                                                      seamless single-source solution for all your logistics needs.
           Kuehne + Nagel
           Contract Logistics – US
           22 Spencer Street                          It's why some of the world's largest and most respected
           Naugatuck CT 06770                         healthcare, technology and retail companies – including
           888-246-8726                               Nortel Networks, Sun Microsystems, Hoffman-LaRoche,
           logistics@kuehne-nagel.com                 Allergan and Wal-Mart – use Kuehne + Nagel solutions
                                                      to gain a competitive advantage.

                                                                                                      February 2004

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