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									Getting Re-Focused
Find Yourself to be Yourself
Personal Visioning Session Helps Participants Take A New Path

In December I was madly searching for work. In my panic, I was
questioning many things about my life. What type of work should I do?
Should I stay in Ottawa or move? Without any method to my madness
these ideas floated through my head but I dismissed them because I
was intent to focus on my job search. “I must have a job”. The
problem with this approach was that I was considering almost every
job available between Ottawa and Timbuktu. One day I would tell my
friends about my great new plan that was a perfect job or project for
me. The next day, I would do the exact same thing with a totally
different idea. I wasn’t focused. Why was this? I hadn’t taking the time
to consider what I really wanted.

One day while telling a friend about one of my great new ideas, I
realized I need to take sometime to consider my next step, to take a
deep breath, to think about where I want to go with my life. My friend
was thinking the same thing and she suggested that I participate in a
one-day personal visioning session.

On February 11th, along with a group of seven strangers, I went to
Rendezvous Rupert for a Visioning workshop. With the assistance of a
professional coach we went through a series of self-exploration
exercises that are designed to will help us to achieve a more fulfilling
life. Why would you need to participate in a personal visioning session?
You may not need to. However, for many people it is just the right
thing. It can help answer questions like what is missing in my life? Or
now that one part of my life is finished, what do I do next? For me I
was searching for some focus and ideally a way to enjoy life more

We were a mixed group of individuals, single, married, employed,
unemployed, students, retirees, young and old. I was the only male in
the group. Linda Vanderlee, our coach told me afterwards that it is
typical to have more women in the group sessions. She has several
male clients but they tend to be more interested in the individual
private coaching.

Everyone came with their own particular needs. What we shared was a
common objective to explore. Linda describes the visioning process as
a way to “help you uncover what is truly important to you and
encourage the choices that allow you to live aligned with who you are”.
I would describe the process as a way to learn about yourself, so you
can be yourself.

The cozy barn in the picturesque setting of rural Rupert certainly helps
set the right mood for this process of self-exploration. Linda is a very
relaxed person and she has followed her own advice. She is skilled at
visioning and has experience working with individuals in this context
and also working with organizations to build strategic plans.

There are two major phases of the visioning process. First, tapping
into your inner thoughts and finding what are the “truly important”
things you are after. The second phase helps you to recognize the
barriers. What is stopping you from attaining the “truly important”
elements in your life?

Personally, I had a good idea of what was important to me. The first
part of the visioning session helped remind me of this. Thinking about
this and articulating the thoughts out loud gave me a feeling of
validation and made the goals more tangible. What I found most
interesting was the discussion around barriers. The barriers can be
almost anything and each of us will have our own unique set. Typically
the barriers are a mix of internal and external factors that may be
imagined or real or based on a particular perception. One of my
barriers included a concern about financial security, this seemed to be
a common theme, and external expectations. Both of these are mainly
an issue of perception.

Once the barriers are identified you can start to take action. You can
address the real barriers and start to consciously change your
perception. Some of the changes may be to surround yourself with
supporters who are positive to your new ideas. You may need to
change your perception to seeing the glass as being half full, rather
than half empty.

Linda uses the metaphor of “turning the soil and planting seeds”. New
ideas have a receptive place to take hold and an opportunity to be
cultivated. Since our visioning session we have been staying in touch
by E-mail and meeting periodically to provide encouragement. I am
now able to see my situation as a glass being half full. I am still
looking for work but I have started to look in different fields and
geographic locations, this has lead to several interviews. I am less
concerned with finding a career and plotting out the rest of my life and
I am now focusing on the present. All this gives me a sense of freedom
and flexibility that I did not have before the visioning session.

I want to get the most from life and enjoy it. Spending some time to
reconnect with myself to ensure that the path I am on will take me to
my goals is time well spent. The journey of a thousand miles starts
with one step. I am at the beginning of a journey, heading to a place I
want to be.

If you are curious to know more about Rendezvous Rupert and their
services you can visit their web site www.rendezvousrupert.org or call
them at (819) 459-3580. Their next visioning workshop is scheduled
for May 6th.


If you require any additional information please contact me or
Rendezvous Rupert directly.

Author: David E. Elliott

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