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            G-Post Training Course Objectives and Schedule

G-Post is a programmable configuration software product for configuring and
producing postprocessors that read CLfiles produced by CAM vendor products
supported by G-Post. Machine Control Data (MCD) is written to output files
formatted to ISO standard. Postprocessor output can be configured to suit
conversational controller languages such as Heidenhain or Anilam.
Course objectives
To provide skills in:
       •    Configuring postprocessors using the OPTfile generator (a graphical
            user interface configuration tool).
       •    Adding special postprocessor features using G-Post's macro
            programming language tool.
       •    Interpreting CLfiles.
       •    Designing postprocessors
       •    Writing functional specifications for postprocessors.
Given these skills, course attendees can return to their work place and design and
code postprocessors of medium complexity.
Pre-requisites for attending courses
       •    Knowledge and experience of a computer programming language such
            as Basic, Fortran, Visual Basic or ‘C’.
            G-Post's own bespoke macro language is taught but attendees without
            some prior knowledge of program structure might encounter difficulties.
       •    CNC programming.
            It is not necessary to be an expert but postprocessor writers must be
            able to communicate with, and understand the requirements of, CNC
       •    CAM vendor product. Ideal but not essential.
       •    MicroSoft WordPad or some other text editor.
Course facilities
On-site requirements:
       • Dedicated room.
       • White board.
       • Projector that can be coupled to a PC.
       • Ideal, one windows NT or 2000 workstation per attendee.
       • G-Post loaded on each work station.
CamSkill makes available:
     • Laptop computer for presentation purposes.
     • Marker pens and a white board and easel are available if required.

              T +44 (0)118 978 6596 F +44 (0)118 977 2696 M +44 (0)7799 646 054       1
            CamSkill Limited 16 Starmead Drive Wokingham Berkshire RG40 2HX UK
Course duration and class times
3 or 5-day courses are offered. All the G-Post theory is covered on the 3-day course
but design and functional specification writing are omitted.
It is strongly recommended that customers consider booking the 5-day course which
provides many additional tutorials on the problem-solving techniques specific to
creating postprocessors.
The five-day course can be split into a 3 day followed by a 2 day to suit customer's
scheduling requirements.
Class times can be arranged to suit customer's business hours.
       •    G-Post System Overview.
            § Introduction to OPTfile.
            § Introduction to FIL.
       •    OPTfile GUI Training Session.
       •    FIL Training Session.
            § Postprocessor commands.
            § CL record format.
            § FIL file syntax.
            § TEXT statements.
            § Conversion of text strings.
            § Character data statements.
            § FIL macro logic statements.
            § FIL repetitive programming macros.
            § CLfile commands used in FIL.
            § FIL statements.
            § FIL file I/O.
            § POSTF functions.
            § FIL common variables.
            § INTCOM; RELCOM; DBLCOM.
Course structure
Courses consist of lectures and tutorials. Lecture material is presented through
Power Point slides.
Tutorials are designed to enable attendees to progress from the basic to advanced
concepts of postprocessor design and writing.
Typically, tutorials present classes with joint exercises where the tutor uses the white
board to explain theory and develop solutions. As the class gains experience the
tutor's ‘hand hold' decreases.
On the five-day course more time is available for exercises and attendees are
offered the opportunity to solve problems that are specific to their machine tools.

             T +44 (0)118 978 6596 F +44 (0)118 977 2696 M +44 (0)7799 646 054         2
           CamSkill Limited 16 Starmead Drive Wokingham Berkshire RG40 2HX UK

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