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    A news update for the staff of The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust

    Issue 245                    Week commencing Monday 22nd January 2007

I t is perhaps unsurprising
  that all of the ideas
for change that were                                              I met
pursued by Sir Gerry during
the filming of the BBC
                                                              some amazing
programme came from staff                                       people at
– we know that those at
the front-line are often best
placed to see the problems                                     people who
because they experience
them on a daily basis.                                          wanted to
     However, what is also                                     make things
clear is that staff do not
feel empowered to do                                             happen
much about it, and as Chief                                         Gerry
Executive it is my view that
this must change. But
this can only happen if
clinicians, managers and all                               you, our staff, about your
other staff agree that this                                ideas for improvement, and
is in the best interest of the                             we are establishing new
Hospital, its patients and                                 arrangements to enable
staff, and therefore feel                                  that to happen in a way
committed to doing things                                  that will ensure staff are
differently.                                               given credit for their ideas,
     The BBC programme has                                 receive feedback on their
got many people talking                                    ideas, and for those ideas
and thinking about how                                     we agree to implement,
we can improve the ways                                    that they are fully involved
we work together and I am                                  in implementing their ideas.
keen that we do not lose                                       Whatever idea you have
the momentum for change                                    for enhancing the services
that the programme has                                     at the hospital, increasing
created.                                                   quality, improving efficiency
     I am particularly keen at                             or reducing waste, we want
this time that we listen to                                to hear from you, and
Can you fix the NHS?
until the new arrangements                          Country.
are in place, we are                                   Over
establishing a variety of                           the coming
ways in which you can do                            weeks your
this:                                               Director
                                                    or Chief
• A new page has
                                                    should be
  been set-up on the
  Trust intranet, http://
                                                    with as

                                                                   Contact us
                                  of you as possible to get
                                  your opinions on what we

• Use the cut out portion         should change and what             s something happening
  at the end of this              we can do to make the              that you or your
  newsletter                      service we provide even          department would like to
• Send an email to kim.           better for patients. Watch       share with the rest of the           out for more information         Trust?
                                  about how and when you              To get your news
• Write a short letter            can contribute and details       in newsweek, contact
  outlining your idea to          of how you can find out          Ian Coward,
  Kim Ashall, General             what changes have been           Communications & PR
  Management Corridor,            proposed, and when               Manager, at Wensley
  Level D.                        implemented, how they            Court – ext. 7286, fax
                                  have improved what we do         4303, email ian.coward@
    I will be asking all senior
staff across the organisation
                                  and the services we offer •  •
to ensure that they invest
time in talking and listening
to staff, and in identifying
and helping staff to
                                    register your idea now
articulate their ideas.
    On the 30th January the
Trust will be launching its         Name:
RISE Programme (Rapidly
Improving Services for              Department:
Everyone), which will
provide training and support        Contact number:
for staff in developing
and taking forward your
ideas. This is not just a
                                    My idea for improving our service is:
one off request for ideas,          a
we want this to be a
permanent change in the             a
way we engage staff in
improving services; for our         aa
drive for improvement to
be a permanent feature              a
of the way we all work.
My aspiration is that
in introducing a new                a
philosophy of openness
and support for staff on
the front-line in leading
                                        Please return this slip to Kim Ashall, Director of
change, we will maintain
                                        Services Improvement, General Management, Level D.
Rotherham’s position as one
of the best Hospitals in the

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