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									Real Darts for Computer Geeks

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Calculate darts scores, judge players and keep track of games with an
automatic judge. Store games and throws for years and maintain hi-score
tables with Darts CLUB. Darts CLUB takes away the hassle and leaves you
all the fun!

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Are you computer geek? Tired of playing games on the screen? Play real
darts but still use the hi-tech software to rule the game!

Stop sitting in front of the computer and get a real physical challenge
with the game of darts. Train your eye and exercise marksmanship in the
real world, compete with real people and track your progress with a
powerful gadget. Darts CLUB software keeps track
of your performance and the performance of other players when playing
real darts. Every game and every throw are accounted for. Who's the best
player out of your company? Who's the best overall? Who's progress is
faster, and what is your best throw? Darts CLUB provides honest answers
to these and many more questions that serious darts players are asking
all the time.

Darts CLUB keeps an eye on the players and their throws. Applauding the
good throws and calmly ignoring the unlucky ones, Darts CLUB calculates
the average darts score for every player.

Are you close to finish? Darts CLUB will recommend the next throw for the
most effective going-out! The difficult part of the game of darts is the
finish. You must zero your points before your opponent does it, but you
can't go below zero and you must hit a double with the last throw.
Complicated enough for a human being, but not to a computer empowered
with a smart program! Darts CLUB is a darts scorer that will give you
darts tips on exactly what targets to hit and in what order to win the
game with the remaining points. If you miss a throw, it'll recalculate
your strategy and still give you chances.

Do you and your friends have to be computer geeks to use the darts scorer
during the contests? Darts CLUB interface is so simple while the results
are so powerful that even non-geeks can use the program with great
success! The darts software draws a darts target that looks exactly like
the original. All you need to do is telling the players' names and
clicking the spot hit with a real dart on a real target, and Darts CLUB
will do the rest.
Darts CLUB can be easily used in popular clubs thanks to unlimited size
of the player database. It'll still keep the statistics, show the best
players and the best throws, and keep track of the progress for every
player. Full avatar support allows assigning a picture to each player for
making perfectly looking champion charts.

Convinced already or want a real proof? Get a copy of Darts CLUB at and get real with the game of darts!

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