It is hoped this piece of art will be housed with the new Antonine by etssetcf


It is hoped this piece of art will be housed with the new Antonine

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									To: LOCAL AREA PARTNERSHIP NORTH                 Subject:CUMBERNAULD 50


Date: 13 October 2006     Ref: CM/MD

1.    Purpose of Report / Introduction

1.1   Following discussions with local elected members and the community it was decided to
      recognise 50 years of Cumbernauld New Town.

1.2   A sub-group was formed of the Local Area Team, chaired by the Local Regeneration
      Manager, with representatives from Community Services, Planning & Environment,
      Education, Cumbernauld Theatre, Cumbernauld Housing Partnership;

2.    0bjective

2.1   The broad objective of the Cumbernauld 50 programme was to ensure that all who lived and
      worked in the Cumbernauld locale were aware that Cumbernauld town was 50 years old.
      This modest objective required that a broad spectrum of events and activities covering all
      age groups be undertaken. It was also envisaged that some sort of lasting commemoration
      relating to Cumbernauld 50 would also be considered.

3.    Outline Programme

3.1   Attached in the appendix is the draft programme. This details a number of projects outlining
      the lead services and the linkages which will be developed to take forward each individual

3.2   The major projects which will take place, funding permitting, include:-

         A new piece of public art recognising 50 years of Cumbernauld.
         It is hoped this piece of art will be housed with the new Antonine Centre and will be a
         lasting monument to Cumbernauld 50. This will coincide with the official opening of the
         Mall, which it is hoped will be undertaken by a member of the Royal family

         A Cumbernauld walkway.
         Cumbernauld has many public pathways; this project will formalise the many paths into
         measured formal walking routes. Maps etc. will be produced offering interpretation into
         the routes and places of interest beyond.

         Cumbernauld 50 half marathon.
         This event would encourage the serious runner along with the fun-runner; teams may
         also enter allowing all that would like to take part the opportunity. The health aspect of
         this would also be considerable with health checks encouraged for all runners along with
         a health fare being staged on the day.

         Cumbernauld 50 within the School curriculum.
         Education Department in consultation with Community Services will undertake to
         produce a training pack encouraging activities with the school sector ensuring that all
         children will are aware of the 50 years of Cumbernauld.
               Photographic Exhibition
              The Council Archives at Lenziemill has many pictures and photographs charting the
              history of the own, it is proposed to hold an exhibition of these works for the first time in
              the town.

              Art Competition
              A competition will be staged inviting all interested to show how they view Cumbernauld
              50 years on. This may be in photographic form, painting or other form. It is hoped some
              of these works will be displayed.

              The Scottish Screen Touring Cinema.
              We envisage bringing the above to the Town for a period allowing access to the many
              movies which have been made in and around the Town.

3.3       In addition to the above other projects being considered include a Historical publication on
          the town as well as a local Battle of the Bands competition. St Maurice’s High School will
          also as part of the celebration host the Scottish Chess Championships.

4.        Funding

4.1       Arrangements for funding this programme are being considered through normal council
          channels and external funding and sponsorship. Approaches have already been received
          from the private sector and these will be investigated further in the coming weeks.

5.        Consultation

5.1       Many groups and individuals have already indicated their wish to take part in the
          programme. Some organisations have suggested organising complimentary events around
          our proposals. We shall now seek their thoughts on these proposals and how they wish to be
          further involved.

5.2       Further reports will be submitted to the Partnership as plans progress.

6.        Recommendations

6.1       The Local Area Partnership is asked to note the content of the report

                                   Regeneration & CRF\Local Regeneration ManagersWorth Area\Local Area Partnerships (LAPS)\9 Nov
2006\Cumbernauld 50 LAP Report.doc
                                     Cumbernauld 50 Draft Programme

                     Event                            Lead Service                          Linkaaes
     1. Royal Visit: Official                   Chief Executives                   London and Regional
        Opening Antonine Mall                                                      [Developer)

     2, North Lanarkshire                       Education                          Community Services
         School Concert.

     Music Showcase of secondary
     school talent

     3. Enterprise Project                      Education                          Local
                                                                                   BusinesseslCum bern
     School Enterprise project to                                                  auld Housing
     celebrate 50 years, this will                                                 Partnership
     include all education sectors.

     4. Public Art Piece within                 Community Services                 Chief
        New Mall.                                                                  Executive/London
                                                                                   and Regional
     Exact size and location to be
     determined possible.

     5. “Cumbernauld 50” within                 Community Services                 Education
        the School Curriculum

     “Local History Detective

     “When my Gran was a Girl”

     6. “Cumbernauld New                        Community Services                 Education
        Town” Historical

     7. Creation of a                           Chief                              Small Communities
        Cumbernauld 50                          ExecutiveslPlanning                Fund
        Walkway around                          and Environment
        Cum bernauld

     Production of illustrated leaflet
     detailing self-guided walks
     around Cumbernauld
     highlighting points of interest /

     8. Photographic Exhibition                 Community Services                 Education
                                                (Carol Haddow to
     Exhibition in Cumbernauld                  arranged)
     Town Hall. This will display all
     the archived photographic
     material of Cumbernauld.

     9. Festival of Sport Event                 Education                          Community Services

I:\, 3\ComPlanDOLocal Regeneration & CRF\Loca   :generation Managers\North Area’   :al Area Team\Cumbernauld 5O\CorrespondanceLAP
     10. Cumbernauld 50 Health                   NHS Lanarkshire                 SportlCommunity
         Fair                                                                    Services

     This event will run at various
     locations over the period, will
     have main focus in and around
     Cumbernauld half marathon.

     11.50+ Health Checks                        NHS Lanarkshire

     Priority here to undertake as
     many health checks as
     possible for the 45-65 age

     12. SO+Treasure Hunt                        NHS Lanarkshire

     13. Swimming Gala                           Community Services              Community Serviced

     14. Cumbernauld Battle of                   Community
         the Bands                               Serviced
                                                 C umbernauId
     An open access competition                  Theatre
     for young people aged 14-18.
     Entry to competition via
     submission of 3 track CD of
     original material (no cover
     versions allowed). Panel of
     judges including local
     professional musicians to
     decide finalists.

     15. Cumbernauld Half                        Community
         Marathon                                Services/LHB

     Event to be arranged through
     Community Services. Event
     will allow for both serious and
     fun runners

     16. Cumbernauld Art                         Cumbernauld                     Community Services
         Competition                             Theatre                         /Cum bernauId
                                                                                 Housing Partnership
     Visual arts competition
     celebrating the architecture of
     Cumbernauld: past present
     and future.
     Entries to be displayed in
     prominent sites across
     Cumbernauld including
     Cumbernauld Theatre,
     Shopping Centres and

     17. The Scottish Screen                     Cumbernauld
     Cumbernauld Theatre thev will
I:MCE\ComPlanDOLocal Regeneration & CRF\Local Regeneration Managers\North Area\Local Area Team\Cumbemauld 5O\CorrespondanceLAF’
     Films which have been made
     in and around Cumbernauld
     main focus. Envisage these
     being available to the schools
     during the day and being open
     to general public in the
     evening .

     18. Cumbernauld News Diary

     19. Scottish Chess                         National event to               Education and
         Championships                          take place in St                Community Services
                                                Maurices in
                                                conjunction with
                                                Scottish Chess

I:\ACE\ComPlan\20Local Regeneration & CRF\Local Regeneration ManagersWorth Area\Local Area Team\Cumbemauld SO\CorrespondanceLAP

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