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Direct Marketing
U.S. advertising expenditures ($ millions)
         Types of Advertising
• Product advertising - message focuses on a
  specific product
• Institutional advertising - message focuses
  on activities, personality, or point of view of
  a company
  – advocacy advertising
  – public service advertisements (PSAs)
     Who Does Advertising?
• An advertising campaign is a coordinated,
  comprehensive plan that carries out
  promotion objectives and results in a series
  of advertisements placed in media over a
  period of time
• Agencies
  – limited-service
  – full-service
Alternative structures of advertising agencies used to
         carry out the advertising program
The Body of Campaign Creation

•   Account management (soul)
•   Creative services (heart)
•   Research and marketing services (brains)
•   Media planning (legs)
Developing the Campaign

Identify the Target Market

          Establish Objectives:
          Message and Budget

                  Design Ad Campaign

                             Pretest Campaign

                              Choose Media and Schedule
Who is the Target Market?

                   speak to the
                   target audience.
          Establish Objectives
• Message goals (adverbials)
• Budget
  –   Comparative parity
  –   % sales
  –   Objective-Task
  –   All you can afford
              Design the Ad
• Creative strategy is the process that turns a
  concept into an advertisement
• Creatives try to develop a “big idea”
• Creatives:
  – art directors
  – copywriters
  – photographers
        Advertising Appeals
• Reasons Why     •   Slice-of-Life
  (USP)           •   Lifestyle
• Comparative     •   Fear
  Advertising     •   Sex
• Demonstration   •   Humor
• Testimonial     •   Slogans and Jingles
            Name that Brand!
•   Double your pleasure, double your fun
•   Good to the last drop
•   My bologna has a first name….
•   I’d like to buy the world a _____
   Pretest What Will Be Said
• Copy testing measures ad effectiveness
  – Concept testing
  – Test commercials (with animatics or
  – Finished testing
Pretesting – Finished Testing
• Jury Tests

• Theater Tests

• Portfolio Tests
           Choose the Media
• Media planning is a problem-solving
  process for getting a message to a target
  audience in the most effective fashion
  – Where to say it
  – When to say it
• Pros                       • Cons
  – Creative and flexible      – Quickly forgotten
  – Prestigious                – Requires frequent
  – High impact messages         repetition
  – Network TV is cost         – Increasingly
    effective for reaching       fragmented audiences
    mass audience              – High costs on an
  – Cable TV is good for         absolute basis
    reaching targeted          – Shorter ads result in
    group                        increased clutter
• Pros                               • Cons
  –   Good for selective targeting     – Listeners may not pay full
  –   Heard out of home                  attention
  –   Relatively low cost              – Small audiences mean ads
  –   Can be modified quickly            must be repeated frequently
  –   Uses listener imagination        – Not appropriate for
                                         products requiring

• Pros                        • Cons
  – Wide exposure and           – Most don’t spend much
                                  time reading newspapers
    extensive market
    coverage                    – Low readership among
                                  teens and young adults
  – Flexible format permits
                                – Short life span
    use of color, different
    sizes and editions          – Very cluttered

  – Useful for comparison
  – Local retailers can tie
    in with national ads

• Pros                         • Cons
  – Narrowly targeted            – With exception of direct
                                   mail, the most expensive
    audiences by
    specialized magazines
                                 – Long deadlines
  – High credibility and
                                 – Must use several magazines
    interest level provide         to reach target
    good ad environment
  – Long life span and pass
    along rate
  – Excellent visual quality

• Pros                       • Cons
  – Very high reach            – Hard to communicate
                                 complex messages
  – Low cost
                               – Cannot demonstrate product
  – Good for supplementing
    other media
                               – Controversial and disliked
         Out-of-Home Media

Billboards provide reach and grab attention!
                Direct Response

• Pros                         • Cons
  – Ads can target extremely     – High cost per exposure
    narrow audiences             – Target lists must be
  – Messages can be timed          constantly updated
  – Easy to measure              – Ads lack credibility among
    effectiveness                  many consumers
          Innovative Media
• Place-based media - transmit messages in
  public places
• Guerilla marketing - use unconventional
  locations and intensive word-of-mouth
  campaigns to push products
           Internet Advertising
•   Banners              • Pop-up ads
•   Buttons              • Email
•   Sponsorships           – permission
•   Search engine and
                           – spamming
    directory listings
                         • Web site design
          Media Scheduling
• Specifies the exact media to use for the
  campaign, when and how often the message
  should appear
• Outlines the planner’s best estimate of
  which media and vehicles will be most
  effective in attaining campaign objectives
Factors Affecting Media Scheduling

• Target market profile
• People reached by different vehicles
• Advertising patterns of competitors
• Capability of medium to convey desired
• Compatibility of product with editorial
   Media Scheduling: How Often?

• Continuous - steady stream throughout year
• Pulsing - varies amount of advertising based
  on when product is in demand (e.g., suntan
• Flighting - advertising appears in short,
  intense bursts alternative with period of
  little to no activity
Media Schedule
       Evaluating Advertising
• Posttesting means conducting research on
  consumers’ responses to advertising
  messages they have seen or heard
  – unaided recall
  – aided recall
  – attitudinal measures
        Evaluating Advertising
• Post testing the advertising
  –   Aided Recall (Recognition-Readership)
  –   Unaided Recall
  –   Attitude Tests
  –   Inquiry Tests
  –   Sales Tests
• Making needed changes (feedback)
            Direct Marketing
• Any direct communication to a consumer or
  business recipient that is designed to
  generate a response in the form of an order,
  a request for further information, and/or a
  visit to a store or other place of business for
  purchase of a product
   Forms of Direct Marketing
• Mail order
  – Catalogs
  – Direct mail
• Telemarketing
• Multilevel sales
• Direct response television
  – Infomercials
  – Home shopping networks

• Promotional activities transmitted over
  mobile phones and other mobile devices
  such as personal digital assistants (PDAs)
  – Prevalent in Europe and Asia

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