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									                  DIRECT MARKETING PROJECT PROPOSAL

Direct marketing is a key element of a successful marketing plan. At present
within Sport Hampshire & IOW direct marketing does take place but it does so in
an uncoordinated and ad hoc manner. Members of the core key have their own
email lists for sport specific events, which they utilise to encourage additional
participation and some Local Authority partners already have a direct marketing
campaign in place.

This project stems from a number of elements:

   1. To date over 3,000 individuals have taken part in the Return to Sport
      project. All have provided contact information and the majority have
      stated that they would be interested to hear more from Sport Hampshire &
      IOW in the future. That said, this opportunity has not been fully utilised
      and no overall correspondence from Sport Hampshire & IOW has been
      sent out.
   2. There is an identified need expressed from partners and more specifically
      the advisory board that the profile of Sport Hampshire & IOW needs to be
      heightened. A direct marketing campaign would provide a low cost but
      potentially highly effective way to do this.
   3. Whilst in turns of sports development, partnership joint up working is
      exceptionally good; the joint up working in turns of marketing and
      communication could be improved. There is an identified need for a more
      effective communication network throughout Sport Hampshire & IOW. A
      central point to source information i.e. events, activities and good practice
      from partners and then communicate appropriately has been suggested.
      The set up of Sport and Physical Activity Alliances could be the ideal
      network to facilitate this.

The direct marketing project would be facilitated to achieve the following

   1. To make the most of opportunities to communicate with individuals who
      have used our service. All end users to be invited to join a Sport
      Hampshire & IOW mailing (email) list.
   2. To adopt a coordinated approach to all direct marketing activities ensuring
      common on-brand messages are communicated.
   3. To link in with partners (specifically SPAAs) for the provision of events,
      activities, good practice and initiatives that will form the content of
      communications in addition to Core Team content.
   4. To heighten the profile of Sport Hampshire & IOW throughout the county.
   5. To encourage members of the public to join our mailing list and receive
      monthly updates from us and other bespoke communications if

The list below outlines how the direct marketing project could work at Sport
Hampshire & IOW:

Quarterly process
   1. SPAA Communication Rep collates a list of activities, events, initiatives and
      good practice that has taken place within the SPAA from all members.

   2. Information is sent electronically to AC on an agreed template.

To be launched in January 2008
   3. AC   to add/forward on content for inclusion in:
      -    SH&IOW monthly e-newsletter (external)
      -    Monthly update (internal)
      -    Sports Talk
      - (news and events sections)
      -    Leisure publications
      -    Media

Technical requirements: an overview
Suggested provider is ‘Email Vision’ – effective and economical solution (currently
used by R&H Marketing). This would cost £1,500 for a licence for an unlimited
duration and an additional £7 per 1,000 emails generated (operates on a credits

A full briefing note is required but as an overview the system would need to:

       -   Inputting/editing data: should be enabled via an online interface with
           password access including bulk uploads.
       -   Customers should be able to add and/or update their own details
       -   Email software interface – the database needs to interface with/contain
           email software to enable campaign lists of database members to be
           generated and sent emails that are created within the system. A
           monitoring facility providing information such as click through statistics
           and open rates is also required.
       -   Reporting and extract building – a query building package is required
           to ensure that extracts can be filtered by any combinations of database
       -   Any public interfaces should conform to best practice accessibility
       -   Database fields: the current database fields we would like are: ID
           number, Forename; Surname; Address 1, 2, 3; Postcode; Phone
           Number; Mobile Number; email address; source of record; initial date
           of record; their interests (at 2 or 3 levels including general level of
           interest e.g. participation and also specific areas(s) of interest e.g.
           badminton); last contact date; last updated; accepted method(s) of
           contact (e.g. post, email); free text notes (not a queryable field).
           Additional fields tbc.

Project Plan – activities
Partner consultation and engagement (to source content)
       - Present plan and rationale to Test Valley SPAA and discuss member
          ideas regarding the process, benefits and requirements.
       - Present and discuss with other SPAAs
       - Put together a template for partners to use to provide information
       - Source information from partners

The database package (to enable direct marketing)
      - Put together database requirements document and source a package
      - Develop SH&IOW main design template and versions with LA logos
      - Consider fields that would be needed
      - Provide training for use of the database
      - (Clean data – every couple of years)

Promotion (to generate mailing list)

To be launched in January 2008
       -   Promote mailing list and encourage uptake of joiners
       -   Send out email to RTS participants ‘ you recently took part in a course,
           would you like to hear more from us? Join our mailing list – opt in.

Monitoring and evaluation
Statistics will provide details on open and click through rates, along with the
number of additional recipients. This will be monitored to assess success against
any promotional activity and to analysis distribution and appropriateness of
content over time.

There are 3 key elements to this project:

   1. Consulting with partners to ensure buy in for content provision
   2. The development of a suitable database with email generation facilities
   3. The promotion of the mailing list to generate recipients

It is anticipated that the project would take between 2-4 months to complete
dependent on partner buy in to the process.

To be launched in January 2008

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