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					                                              Gazebo Gazette
                                  Employees of Lubbock County
                                                          APRIL 2009
                   CORRESPONDENTS                                                          Jobs, Jobs, Jobs
            Greg George Sharon Gossett Melanie Hall
              Mande Reeves   Gloria Rodriguez
                                                                    Several years ago employers became concerned with the
                                                                    impending “Baby Boomer” retirement epidemic that was on the
     Welcome the new hires for the period 2/7 thru 3/6:             horizon. That concern is now a reality even in the current
Roger Andrews (LCME); Hector Arroyos (Jail); Adam Avalos            economic downturn.
(Jail); Robert Byers (LCME); Eloisa Castillo (Jail); Mary
                                                                    The hottest sector in the United States for jobs is the Federal
Castillo (Jail); Anthony DeLeon (Jail); Quetha Derryberry           Government. “In 2010, almost 60% of all federal government
(LCME); Greg Evans (Jail); Julia Flores (Jail); Dana Gailan         supervisors and nearly half of all nonsupervisory works will be
(District Courts); Linda Gonzales (Tax Office);Julie Harbin         eligible to retire.” This massive number is the Boomers and
(District Courts); Dale Hernandez (Maintenance); Rebecca            guess what they are in pension plans not 401k’s so their
Holley (LCME); Keith Hudgens (Jail); Robert Kimbrough               retirement amount is guaranteed for life just like yours. “The
(CDA); James Luster (CDA); Albert Miraval, III (WTPD);              federal government is expected to hire 193,000 new employees
Sridhar Natarajan (LCME); Ronald O’Neal (Jail); Leroy               in the next two years.” Besides filling the retiree vacant
Rivera Jr., (Jail); Rodolfo Rodriguez (Maintenance); Abdul          positions the federal government has 83,000 new jobs in
Samad (LCME); Daniel Steen (Jail) and Jessica Young
                                                                    defense and homeland security and the Transportation Security
                                                                    Administration needs another 22,000 airport screeners.
(District Clerk).
              CONGRATULATIONS TO:                                   The healthcare industry offers the best job security after the
The following employees who retired in the month of                 federal government and it is followed closely by education.
March. We wish them all well in their new adventures!
                                                                    Schools will need 2,800,000 new teachers in the next eight
                                                                    years according to the National Center for Education Statistics.
       Jerry Gray (Jail)   Freddie Pierce (Jail)                    Other growth professions are Security and Law Enforcement.
               Paul Scarborough (LSO)                               The future will bring more jobs regarding “infrastructure”
                                                                    projects and going green will create new industries around the
Sharon Gossett and her staff would like to thank the                country. Check out
Lubbock County Inform ation Services and KiCorp for all
their hard w ork on the program updates.                            Source: bottomline personal, Volume 30 number 7, April 1, 2009

                      Character Counts!                                           April Is Stress Awareness Month
The Character Counts! schedule is listed below. If you are
interested in attending please contact Adriana Lopez at 775-        For the 17th consecutive year, April 2009 has been designated
1930 or so that we can make sure we
                                                                    Stress Awareness Month. During this thirty day period, health
have enough space for everyone.
        April 15        Fairness               2:00pm               care professionals and health promotion experts across the
        May 13          Caring                 9:00am               country will join forces to increase public awareness about both
        June 17         Citizenship            2:00pm               the causes and cures for our modern stress epidemic.
                         TAX HELP
This is just a reminder. If you haven’t done your taxes yet,        Sponsored by The Health Resource Network (HRN), a non-profit
AARP is assisting people with FREE tax services at the              health education organization, Stress Awareness Month is a
Senior Center on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9:00am               national, cooperative effort to inform people about the dangers
to 3:00pm during tax season. You do not need to be a                of stress, successful coping strategies, and harmful
senior citizen to use this service. Service is first come, first    misconceptions about stress that are prevalent in our society.
serve, no appointments. You must bring all your W-2's,
social security card and all other documents needed. If you         The Health Resource Network is a non-profit health education
have questions, you can call (806)687-6327.                         organization established in 1982. It consists of health
              INSURANCE CLAIMS COSTS                                professionals, health promotion experts, and educators
                         January                 February           committed to developing more effective programs for
Health                  $370,584                 $343,420           improving health and preventing disease. In addition to
Dental                  $ 36,608                 $ 35,013           sponsoring Stress Awareness Month, the organization also
Prescription Drugs      $110,289                 $ 84,049           sponsors National Stress Awareness Day, held every April 16--or
                                                                    the day after income taxes are due!
                                 Our mission is to serve Lubbock County by providing
                                     public service with integrity, compassion and
Jobline: (806)775-1692              professionalism through innovative leadership.