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       dba LEADS

                   Robin Bohbot, President
                Our Mission
   LEADS was established as a direct result of
    the need for a professional inside sales
   We increase our clients’ sales revenue by
    improving their pipeline of opportunities to
    acquire new customers.
   We reduce overhead costs while increasing
   We become our client’s inside sales team,
    which allows them to focus on their core
            Why Outsource
   Outside salespeople are allowed to
    do what they do best – use their
    knowledge, presentation, negotiating
    and closing skills to close deals.
    When cold calling, lead generation
    and appointment setting is
    outsourced, outside salespeople are
    able to close more sales and increase
    the revenue of the company.
                 The Facts
   “Between 1993 and 1997, fast-growth
    companies increased their use of
    outsourcing sales professionals by 18%;
    these same companies experienced a
    combined revenue growth of 738%.”
    (Coopers & Lybrand)

   A 2001 study of 23,341 businesses by
    Cahners revealed that only 18% of any
    given sales person’s time was spent on
    prospecting for new clients.
        Our Areas of Expertise
   Sales lead generation and qualification
   Cold calling
   Appointment setting
   Customer relationship management
   Market research
   Qualifying requests for information
   Outbound telemarketing
   Lead generation services
   Telemarketing sales
   Presentation/Script Development
            How We Do Business
   We work closely with our clients to provide a highly individualized,
    niche program custom tailored to their market.

   We identify the target results of each campaign.

   We develop the database by identifying the ideal customer profile
    to target in terms of size (number of employees or annual sales),
    vertical markets and industries, as well as the geographical area
    (zip codes, cities, counties, or states).

   We develop the presentation based on the product/service
    benefits, specific offerings, values, etc.

   We identify common objections and effective responses.

   Each client is unique and our services are tailored to your needs –
    we work with you to determine how best to meet those
    needs. Most importantly, our service is exclusive. We do not
    represent competing products or services.
          The LEADS Difference
              What makes our firm unique?
   We are an inside sales service and not a
    telemarketing company. Telemarketing is a very
    effective tool in certain industries – typically used in
    business to consumer sales. Telemarketers generally
    use a script that is designed to elicit only a small
    range of responses.
   Inside sales is a more sophisticated tool specializing in
    business to business sales. We deliver your product
    and service offerings, as well as the value they
    present, to potential customers. We integrate into
    your existing sales model and offer a seamless
    presentation that is viewed by your prospects as a
    fundamental part of your sales team. We create
    interest and demand for your product and service by
    engaging prospects in conversation – collecting
    pertinent information, discovering “pains”, evaluating
    their needs, and explaining the features and benefits
    that differentiate you from the competition.
        How We Represent You
   The prospect we are calling on your behalf views
    us as an inside salesperson working from your
    office – it is a seamless and transparent
    presentation. We identify ourselves as “This is
    Mary with ____ (your company name)”. When a
    prospect returns our call, the number they are
    calling in on identifies that call as your company
    – so we can answer that call accordingly.

   We take your reputation seriously. We
    understand that each call we make reflects your
    business. Each call is viewed as an opportunity to
    build a lasting relationship that will result in
    increased business for your company.
                         Our Staff
   LEADS does not hire telemarketers, we hire inside salespeople
    – individuals with the skills and qualities that enable them to
    engage prospects in conversation, navigate through
    gatekeepers and achieve success.

   LEADS training program is on an individual basis – we retain
    our inside salespeople and have virtually no turnover.

   LEADS also provides on-going training – with staff meetings
    every Monday morning. At this time, we discuss techniques
    to deal with common objections, success stories, etc. It is
    only through on-going training and constant feedback that
    each inside salesperson continues to grow and further hone
    their skills
           Process of Engagement
   Client retains our services
   Proposal Development Questionnaire
   LEADS researches the company – utilizing the website as well as any
    information provided by the client
   We schedule a “Discovery Phase” in which we go through a specific
    agenda we have developed and has proven successful (broad topics
    include – statement of work, expectations, communication, reporting,
    challenges and objections, differentiating factors, parameters of the
    project and timeline).
   Database is provided by client or developed by LEADS (we do not charge
    an additional fee for database development). If database is developed by
    LEADS, the parameters of that database are determined by the client. If
    the database is supplied by the client, it must be in an excel format.
   Presentation (script) is developed and sent to client for final approval.
   Project is launched
   The typical timeframe, from start to finish, ranges from two to six weeks,
    depending on the complexity of the project.
    Proposal Development Questionnaire
   Purpose of project
     •   Launching new business unit or product (market research/product introduction)
     •   Grow sales pipeline (lead generation/qualification)
     •   Enhance efforts of outside sales representative (appointment setting)

   Approach to implementing a telesales project
     •   Ready to begin full scale operation
     •   Test the concept by starting with a controlled pilot phase
     •   Start with controlled pilot phase – goal to scale up the operation as quickly as possible
     •   Utilize the telesales operation for one business unit with no intention of expansion
     •   Short-term project for a specific campaign or period of time

   The target market
     •   Geographic Area
     •   Size Company (employees/revenue)
     •   Vertical Industries

   Target contact(s) within the target market
     •   Managers & Directors
     •   Executives (VPs & Department Heads)
     •   Senior Executives (SVPs, EVPs & Presidents)
     •   CXOs (CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CIOs)
     •   Other: ______________________________

   Specific measurements of success
     •   Number of meetings with qualified contacts
     •   Number of qualified opportunities in the pipeline
     •   Number of closed opportunities
     •   Closed business in terms of dollar value

   Number of sales representatives that will participate in the telesales operation

   Client’s Level of Involvement as it relates to the management, measurement, and/or
    participation with the telesales operation
               Opportunity to
             Benchmark Results
   Benchmark the success of the project

   Specific metrics will need to be
    benchmarked prior to the telesales
    operation kicking off
    • Current number of meetings with qualified
    • Current number of qualified opportunities in
      the pipeline (per sales rep, territory, company)
    • Current pace for number of closed
      opportunities (for example, 3 opportunities
      close per month on average)
                  The Discovery Phase
   Expectations:
     • Statement of Work – lead generation, lead qualification, appointment setting, etc
     • Executive Expectations - short-term, mid-term, long-term

   Communication:
     • Frequency and methods of interaction – how information is conveyed
     • Reporting – type of information required, if any
     • E-mail / Calendar set-up – access to server or internal back office support

   Challenges and Objections
     • Any challenges in the industry today that would be beneficial for us to know
     • Typical objections from prospects / successful turnarounds

   Differentiating Factors
     • Who is the competition?
     • What is your 30 second “elevator pitch”?
     • How do you differentiate your company in the marketplace?

   Parameters of Project
     • Database Development – target prospect, territory, size company
     • DNC list
     • Qualification Process – qualifying questions

   Timeline of Events
     • Next steps – develop talking points, review of talking points, projected start date
          Database Development

   Two Options:

    • Client can supply the database

    • LEADS will develop the database
         Database will be developed based on clients’
    Development of Presentation
   LEADS does not use scripts – we use
    talking points.

   The presentation is developed based on
    information gathered during the Discovery

   Client reviews and approves presentation
    prior to beginning the project.
             Key to Success
   The key to success is communication.

   Communication requires the investment of
    time, effort & energy.

   It is an investment that both LEADS and
    the client makes.

   We become your inside salesperson and count on
    regular feedback from you.

   Feedback is critical to the success of any project.

   Continuous feedback results in increased
    opportunities and a higher ratio of “home runs”.

   Feedback is an investment of time and energy that
    yields a high return.
   Our goal is to establish a long term
    relationship with our clients.

   Every company is diverse but all
    have a common need – to reach a
    well-defined audience and generate

   Our business is increasing your
   "LEADS is a great way to augment your sales force...and if you don‟t have one, you‟ll think you do."
    Ed Kohorst, CEO   USE, Inc.

   "We have used other appointment setting companies and had less than favorable results. We hired LEADS
    about 9 months ago as our inside sales team for setting appointments and have not looked back. We can
    count on LEADS to set quality appointments that meet our requirements and allow our sales force to focus
    on doing what they do best - selling. We get excellent opportunity detail and call reporting and we have
    been able to easily justify the expense due to our increase in sales. Keep up the great work!"
    Robert Hayes, President   BrokerTel, Inc.

   "We‟ve been with LEADS since September 2004 and my only regret is I did not do it sooner. Robin and her
    staff have simply turned around my business and more than that the response from my clients has been
    equally pleasing. I have been complimented on my „inside salesperson‟s‟ professionalism and their
    approach in setting up appointments for my business. I have recommended them to several people I know
    who in turn have contracted their services. Keep up the good work."
    Mark Lazarow, President    Advanced Time Clocks

   "We find Leads to be very consistent in the quality of appointments made for our organization."
    Dan Prescott, President Prescott Benefits

   “When we first engaged LEADS they took the time to understand our business and, as a result, we
    consistently are amazed at how qualified the appointments are that they book for us. The cost of their
    services has been paid for many times over with sales we have closed through them. They are a critical
    component of our sales and marketing efforts and we plan to continue using them for years to come.”
    Scott Ryan, President Architel Managed Services

   “DFW Movers has found that the sales lead information provided by LEADS is very accurate. Customers
    are waiting for us to call to set an appointment to service their needs. Keep up the good work!”
    Neal Ingle, President DFW Movers & Erectors, Inc

   “Our organization provides claim investigative services for hospital Credit & Collection departments. Over
    the years, we found it extremely difficult to not only reach the decision maker, but nearly impossible to
    get in front of him or her. LEADS not only helped us to find the decision maker, but was extremely
    successful in setting appointments which enabled us to present our services to the right person. What our
    former Marketing Representative was unable to do, LEADS accomplished in half the time, and at one-third
    the expense. LEADS has the know-how and tenacity to do what we could not do on our own.”
    Thomas P. McGurn, President Legal Financial Recovery Services, Inc
           Thank you

We look forward to working with you

      Robin Bohbot, President

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