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									              WOODBRIDGE TOWN COUNCIL

Mrs C B Walker DMS IPSM                                           Shire Hall
Town Clerk                                                        Market Hill
Tel: 01394 383599                                                 IP12 4LP
Fax: 01394 384251
Email Chris@woodbridge-suffolk.gov.uk                             18 September 2009

Dear Councillor

A MEETING of the TOWN COUNCIL will be held in the Council Chamber, Shire Hall,
Market Hill, Woodbridge on:

                  TUESDAY 15th SEPTEMBER 2009 at 7.00 p.m.

                                                             Yours faithfully,

                                                             Mrs C B Walker
                                                             Town Clerk


A member of the public wishing to speak should give notice to the Clerk at or before
the commencement of the meeting, and will be called at the appropriate stage.


1      Apologies for absence.

2      Confirmation of Minutes of the meeting held on 14th July 2009 (copy on
       webhop) and any matters arising.

3      Councillors to make Declarations of Interest (where necessary).

4      No notice of a Question or presentation of a Petition have been received from
       a member(s) of the public.

5      Town Mayor’s Report and Announcements (copy to be circulated at

6      Deputy Mayor’s Report and Announcement (copy to be circulated at
7    Reports of meetings of –

     a.   Special Town Council of 21st July 2009 (copy on webhop).

     b.   Special Finance & Staffing Committee of 27th July 2009 (copy on

     c.   Planning Committee of 28th July 2009 (copy on webhop).

     d.   Amenities Committee of 28th July 2009 (copy on webhop).

     e.   Planning Committee of 8th September 2009 (copy to be placed on

     f.   Verbal report from Chairman of Highways Committee re meeting with
          Suffolk County Council Officers.

8    Accounts for Payment List for September 2009 including HSBC.net list and
     corporate card report (copies on webhop).

9    Report from Suffolk County Council and Suffolk Coastal District Councillors on
     activities affecting their wards (to be placed on the webhop when received).

10   Further consideration and approval of Annual Report 2008-2009 (copy on

11   Consideration of Local History Recorders Letters from Woodbridge No. 22 –
     The Woolworths Building (copy on webhop).

12   Consideration of Suffolk Coastal District Council email re the Gambling Act
     2005 – Draft Licensing Statement of Principles (email on webhop &
     statement on Suffolk Coastal District Council website).

13   Consideration of Comments made on Liberal Democrat Focus on Woodbridge
     re Woodbridge Welcomes Careful Drivers signs & way forward (Newsletter on
     webhop and Town Mayor to report).

14   Consideration of essential works to Kingston Field public Toilet (Councillor
     Cocker to report and quotes on webhop).

15   Consideration of whether to enter Elmhurst Park in the 2010/2011 Green Flag
     Scheme (Councillor Cocker to report).

16   Consideration of report from Town Clerk re Quality Parish Scheme and
     suggested ways forward (copy on webhop).

17   Consideration of email from Mr Evans re purchase of the Headlease of the
     Granary (copy on webhop and Town Clerk to report).

18   Any other matters of report at the discretion of the Town Mayor.

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