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 ANNUAL REPORT 2008-2009

        Shire Hall, Market Hill,
               IP12 4LP

          Tel 01394 383599
          Fax 01394 384251

Hello and welcome to the Town Council’s 2008/09
Annual Report.

I have been privileged to serve the Town for a 2nd term
of office as Town Mayor, and what an eventful year it
has been.

The highlight of the year must be the safe return from
Afghanistan of the soldiers of the 23 Engineer (Air
Assault) Regiment under the command of Lt. Col. Dave
Wilson MBE. The Regiment had been involved in heavy
fighting and took part in the long haul through Taliban   The Mayor of Woodbridge

held territory to transport generators for a new power
station. Well done to all at the Regiment, WOODBRIDGE IS PROUD OF YOU.

With the generous support of my wife, Sylvia we held 4 coffee mornings at the
Shire Hall raising more than a £1000.

I also hosted a Quiz Night and a Golf Day proceeds of which raised £609 and were
given to SSAFA (Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen & Families Association).

During the year, my wife and I attended over 100 civic engagements, many in the
town and throughout Suffolk, and I was proud to represent Woodbridge at all of

I have also been privileged to work with some dedicated Councillors and I thank
them for their hard work, as without it we would achieve nothing.

We hope you well find this Annual Report useful and informative, any suggestions as
to how we can improve it for the future are welcome.

Councillor Les Binns
Woodbridge Town Council

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Heritage Buildings

The Town Council owns two of the most important heritage buildings in Woodbridge,
the Tide Mill and Shire Hall, which are major attractions to both Woodbridge
residents and visitors to the town.

                              The Tide Mill, one of the last remaining in the
                              country, is managed by a Board of Trustees and
                              received a grant of £5,000 from the Town Council in
                              2008-09. It was the subject of a substantial lottery
                              bid in 2008 to rectify major structural problems and
                              to greatly enhance the educational facilities within
                              the Mill. The bid was unsuccessful so the Council
                              provided a further £3,500 towards resolving the
                              immediate structural issues. If a planned further
                              lottery bid is not successful, the Council could be
                              faced with a very large bill to save the Mill.

The Shire Hall is the centrepiece
of the historic Market Hill and
houses both the Shire Horse
Museum and the Town Council
meeting chamber and offices.
The offices are open for public
enquiries from 9am to 2pm each
weekday and the council chamber
is available for hire for weddings
in a historic setting. The Shire
Hall benefited from a major
refurbishment in 2003. The loan
repayments for this cost the
Council £18,900 in 2008-09.

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Open Spaces

Woodbridge enjoys a number of parks and open spaces which are maintained by the
Town Council. The jewel in the crown is
Elmhurst Park which provides formal
gardens to serve as a backdrop to various
concerts and other free events on
summer weekends. The park won the
coveted Green Flag Award for the 8th
consecutive year in 2009. During the
year the magnificent copper beech in the
park was diagnosed as suffering from
stress and required protective measures
including support for some of its
branches. This cost over £2,000 (part
of the £57,000 spent on the park in

                                                   Kingston Field offers a large
                                                   unobstructed      area    for
                                                   outdoor activities and games
                                                   including a 5-a-side football
                                                   pitch, a basketball area,
                                                   tennis    courts,    and    a
                                                   children’s play area.      In
                                                   2008, a Petanque Piste was
                                                   added to the facilities and
                                                   the Town Council took over
                                                   the allotments by the railway
                                                   line with a view to managing
                                                   them for the benefit of
                                                   Woodbridge residents.

Other outdoor facilities maintained by the Town Council include the War Memorial
on Market Hill and the Quaker Burial Ground in Turn Lane.

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Current Issues

The Town Council presses the Woodbridge case on many issues where it has neither
the power nor the resources to act directly.

As the main shopping street in Woodbridge, The Thoroughfare is a matter of major
concern to the Town Council. The Council has been working closely with the police
and the District and County Councils to improve The Thoroughfare, to reduce the
parking problems, to restrict the hazard of “A-boards” on pavements and to
improve the air quality at the traffic lights. The Council has also been pressing for
a 20mph zone in central Woodbridge.

A planning application was lodged in 2008 by BT which wishes to develop the
Adastral Park site and the surrounding area, including building 2000 new homes.
Although the Town Council accepts the need for new development in the area it has
grave concerns about the impact of large numbers of new houses and businesses on
the already overloaded A12. The Council is trying to ensure that this impact is
taken account of in the planning process.

The Boundary Committee has put forward proposals for local government in Suffolk
that could have a major impact on Woodbridge. The Town Council has strongly
opposed the imposition of a unitary council for all or almost all of Suffolk which
would move the decision making hub well away from Woodbridge.          It has also
objected to the realignment of the boundary of Ipswich to include a part of the
built environment of Woodbridge.

Working with other bodies

Town councillors receive no salaries or allowances but they give their time in an
official capacity on many other local bodies including Woodbridge in Bloom, the
Town Centre Management Committee, the Safer Neighbourhood Team, the
Seckford Foundation, the Community Council, the Tide Mill Trust, the Woodbridge
Regatta Committee, the Woodbridge Museum Board of Trustees and many others.

In 2008-09 the Town Council awarded grants to 15 local bodies which work for the
benefit of the local community including Age Concern, the Deben Family Centre, the
Disability Advice Centre, Home Start, Just 42, Kyson Community Residents
Association, Maritime Woodbridge, The Rochford Trust and the Citizens Advice

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Attendance Records

The following is a summary of the attendances of Members at Meetings of the
Council and its Committees during the Council year 2008/2009:-

* Denotes members of the committee


No of Meetings       13            7                  9          5          18

Mrs D Ball           10            0                  9*         2         15*

L Binns              13            4*                 7*         4*        14*

N Barratt            12            0                  9*         0         10*

P Callaghan           9             1                 8*         1*        15*

C Cocker              7            2*                 3          1          0

R Davis              10            4*                 1          5*         0

R Geen               10            6*                 1          4          5

M Grimwood            7            3*                 1          1          3

S Hewitt              11           4*                 5*         5*         0

M Miles               11            1                 3          4*        15*

R N Montgomery        11           6*                 3          3          14

C Notcutt             6            4*                 5*         2          0

Mrs S Rea             7            0                  4*         0         7*

M Sylvester           7            0                  6*         3         12*

W J White            13            6*                 9*         3         16*

Mrs MJ Wormell        7            0                  0          0         12*

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Councils Finances

Set out below is a summary of the Council’s Income and Expenditure for the
financial year 2008-2009

INCOME                 £                   EXPENDITURE       £
Precept               191,626              Establishment     114,455
Loan & Capital Recp   6,201                Election Exps     755
Int & Invest Inc      7,778                S137 Grants       10,843
Leisure/Recreation    6,478                Capital Exp       4,794
Shire & Comm Halls    23,885               Loan Repayment    18,898
Establishment         2,326                Operational Exp   136,305
Mayors Charity        609

TOTAL                 238,903                                286,050

General Fund
Balance at 01 April 2008                                     32,151
Add: Total Income                                            238,903

Deduct: Total Expenditure                                    286,050

Transfer from Earmarked Reserves                             36,752

General Reserve Balance at 31 March 2009                     21,756


Members of the Public should contact the Shire Hall to view the Annual Return
for year ended 31st March 2009

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Council Representation

Seckford Ward
Mr N Barratt       3a Thoroughfare, Woodbridge       01394    nigelbarratt@btinternet.com
                   IP12 1AA                          382815
Mr C Cocker*       6 Lime Kiln Quay Road,            01394    Clifford.Cocker@suffolkcoastal.gov.uk
                   Woodbridge IP12 1BB               385895
Mr M Miles         7 Queens Head Lane,               01394    mac.miles@talktalk.net
                   Woodbridge IP12 4ND               386039
Mr R               108 Castle Street, Woodbridge     01394    neil.mont@tiscali.co.uk
N Montgomery       IP12 1HL                          387827

Farlingaye Ward
Mrs D Ball*        7 Moorfield Road, Woodbridge      01394    dianaball@onetel.com
                   IP12 4JN                          385284
Mr P F Callaghan 1 Beaconsfield Road, Woodbridge 01394        paul.callaghan@oocl.com
                 IP12 1EQ                        389052
Mr W J White       Carousel, Turnpike Lane, Melton, 01394
                   Woodbridge IP12 1NJ              385851
Mrs M J            20 St John's Hill, Woodbridge     01394
Wormell            IP12 1HS                          383500

Kyson Ward
Mr L Binns*        39 Portland Cresent, Woodbridge 01394      Edward.Binns@suffolkcoastal.gov.uk
(Mayor)            IP12 4DZ                        387372
Mr R V Davis       14 Catherine Road, Woodbridge     01394
                   IP12 4JP                          385133
Mr R W Geen        4 Russell Close, Woodbridge       01394    joyrus@tiscali.co.uk
                   IP12 4LE                          383696
Mrs S J Rea        39 Seckford Street,               01394    stella.rea@btinternet.com
                   WoodbridgeIP12 4LY                383749

Riverside Ward
Mr M Grimwood      24 Briarwood Road, Woodbridge     01394
                   IP12 4DG                          383387

Mr S C Hewitt      28 California, Woodbridge         01394    john@eversonboats.co.uk
                   IP12 4DE                          383121
Mr C Notcutt       Creek Farm, Sandy Lane,           01394
                   Woodbridge                        385470
                   IP12 4SB
Mr M T             Clock House, 42 Cumberland        01394
Sylvester          Street, Woodbridge IP12 4AD       380399
(Deputy Mayor)

* Denotes     Distict & Town Councillor

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