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Leads Generation                                  SERVICES
►   Highest Quality Leads in the Industry.
►   Multi-Layer Quality Control.
►   Competitive Pricing.
►   Volume Discounts.
►   Consistent High Leads Volume.
►   Largest Selection of Lead Types & Filters.
►   Sophisticated Technology.
►   Choice of Leads Delivery Methods.
►   Phone-Transfers of Interested Prospects           6400 Laurel Canyon Blvd, Suite 460
                                                          North Hollywood, CA 91606
                                                                                                 Expect the Highest
    Verified by Live Operators.                      Ph: 800.647.2164 • Fx: 800.647.2142       Quality Insurance Leads
►   24/7 Online Leads Management Interface.      Visit our website at www.insuranceleads.com   and High Closing Ratios
Choice of Lead                                                  Get Live Web                                                 Co-Branding &
Delivery Methods                                                Traffic                                                      Special Offers
                Email - Leads can be emailed in HTML or         Pay-Per-Click (PPC)                                          InsuranceLeads.com can create a client specific landing
                text to one or multiple email addresses.        A cost-effective method of                                   page with visual presentations and tutorial material to
                Different groups of leads can be emailed        driving qualified prospects                                  be used by agents and administrative personnel in your
                to separate addresses.                          to your website. As the data is provided by the prospects    company.
                                                                on our online forms, they are given the opportunity to
                Upload - We upload leads in XML format                                                                       Special offers include, but are not limited to, the
                                                                continue their shopping experience by selecting from a
                to databases, leads management systems                                                                       following:
                                                                group of agencies and carriers whose banners are featured
                or insurance rating software.                   on our site’s “Thank You” page. One out of two prospects,    1) Provide each enrolled agent with a complimentary
                                                                who are looking for instant quote, are clicking on the       follow-up system to help increase closing ratio.
                Direct Linking - We can link live online
                                                                banner/s, which leads them to your web based forms or
                prospects in real time to your web forms,
                                                                rating engine. This highly targeted live traffic comes at    2) Assign a designated account representative to each
                leads management system or insurance
                                                                much lower PPC (pay per click) costs than you would pay      enrolled agent to help set up and manage their online lead
                rating software.
                                                                on Google, Yahoo and other search engines.                   management system.
                Hot-Live Transfers - We dial prospects
                                                                                                                             3) Provide agents with a monthly statement summarizing
                who have filled out online quote requests,
                                                                                                                             by state, the number of leads sent to each agent, the cost
                verify interest and hot-transfer live to
                                                                                                                             per lead, and the total cost and number of leads.
                your phone.
                                                                                                                             Our SEO team is the best in the business. Our network of
                                                                                                                             sites hold top positions in Google’s organic search results on
Hot Transfer Leads                                                                                                           thousands of major keywords related to insurance quotes.
We are the only insurance leads vendor offering Hot
Transfers of Live Prospects in all areas of the insurance
industry, whose identity and interest in a quote and            Cost-Per-Action (CPA)
desire to speak with an insurance sales professional is         After our online forms are completed, prospects selecting
CONFIRMED by our LIVE OPERATOR.                                 your banner are seamlessly transferred to your site. Per
                                                                your request information provided by prospects on our
Our integrated phone system dials the leads we generate,        forms can be posted to corresponding fields on your forms
according to your pre-selected criteria. Once a connection      or quoting engine. You pay only when a quote form or an
is made our Live Call Center operator verifies the prospect’s   application process is completed on your end. This is also
identity, interest in the quote and desire to speak with        a cost effective alternative, because your CPA costs are
a sales professional. The prospect is then seamlessly           usually what you would pay for PPC on Google and other
transferred to a phone line designated by you.                  major search engines.