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Enrichment Program for Science Talents Program Application Form


									                                                                   Official Use Only Ref. No.: _________
                      Enrichment Program for Science Talents
                                (                                        )
        Program Application Form(with Program Diagnostic Test Application)
       Education Development Program of HKUST (Website:

Please complete this Program Application Form in BLOCK letters and return it along with a Crossed
Cheque and the relevant documents to the address below on or before 31 March 2008 (Monday).
*Address: Education Development Program, Office of the Dean of Science, The Hong Kong University
of Science and Technology, Clear Water Bay, Kowloon

A.    DOCUMENTS REQUIRED (Please put a “ ” to indicate the submitted documents.)
     **Program Application Form                             TWO self-addressed stamped envelopes
     **Personality Test                                     *HK$150 Crossed Cheque for TWO Tests
     Copy of most recent School Academic Report             *HK$100 Crossed Cheque for ONE Test
    **School Recommendation Form / Copies of SAT, World Class Arena Test or others (if any)
*Crossed Cheque payable to “The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology”. Please write your
name and contact number at the back of the cheque. Each cheque can only be used for ONE student.
**Please download from EDP Website:

B.   TEST OF APPLICATION (Please put a “ ” in the test(s) that you would like to apply.)
  *Bank Name                                                               *Cheque No. (First 6 digits)

      Mathematics Diagnostic Test                        Science Diagnostic Test
      Do not apply for the Tests (*Please submit supporting documents.)

Surname           Given Name                                    Name in Chinese                Gender

HKID Card No.             Date of Birth (dd-mm-yyyy)                                Residential Tel. No.

Mobile Phone No.          Email Address (Please provide an active email address) Fax No.

Correspondence Address

Name of School in English

Name of School in Chinese                                                          Level of Study

Surname                     Given Name                                     Name in Chinese

Relationship                      Contact No.            Email Address

I declare that the information provided is true and correct. My Parent/Guardian and I have read and
understood the Rules and Regulations set out by the Education Development Program, and hereby signing
to indicate my unreserved agreement with all its contents.
                                                           Applicant’s Signature: ___________________
Date: __________________                 Applicant’s Parent/Guardian Endorsement: ___________________
E.    RULES AND REGULATIONS (*Please keep this part for your own reference.)

1.     Please make sure that all application forms have been duly completed and all necessary documents
       have been enclosed for application. Incomplete application forms will not be processed. Late
       applicants will not be considered.
       考獲 不將者 請申期逾 。請 申關有 理辦不 將組本則 否, 件文須 必有所 交提及格 表名 報妥填 已保確 應人請申


2.     Personal data provided are used by the Education Development Program (EDP) only for enrolment
       purposes, student administration and promotion of EDP future programs. All submitted documents will
       not be returned.
       交遞 已有所 。用之動 活來 未組本 傳宣及 宜事關有 務事 生學和 名報理 處作用只 組本 ,料資 的供提 所人請申

       。回 退獲不 均件文之

3.     Please do not pay by post-dated cheques, postal orders or cash. Only crossed cheques or cashier
       orders are accepted.
       。費學 交繳金 現或票匯 政郵 丶票期 用使勿 請,票本 行銀 或票支 線劃受 接只組本

4.     Admissions to the Diagnostic Tests are normally on first-come-first-served basis. Students will be
       notified in writing before the test date. Please contact EDP if you have not received any notification
       one week before the commencement of the test.          All cheques submitted will be processed once
       applications are accepted. All test fees paid are non-transferable and non-refundable.
       星一 前考開 於若倘。 知通 面書到 收前考 開於將生 考。 生考錄 取式方 」得先到 先「 以皆般 一估評 力能理數

       費試 考之交 繳已有所 。理 處後納 接被請 申於將用 費試 考之交 遞已有 所。絡聯 組本 與請者 知通到 收未仍期

       。還退 或讓轉 可不均用

5.     EDP reserves the right to make any alterations to the course as deemed necessary. EDP also
       reserves the right to cancel a test due to insufficient enrollment or other unforeseen circumstances, in
       which case test fees will be refunded.
       ,下 況情殊 特在或足 不數 人名報 試考若 。點地及 間時 、期日 、容內 試考改更 時要 需有在 ,利權 留保組本

       。費試 考數全還 退並 ,試考 該消取 權有組本

6.     The University and the staff will not assume any responsibility whatsoever for accidents, losses,
       injuries, medical or any other expenses incurred as a result of attendance at, or participation in, any of
       the Diagnostic Tests, and neither the students nor their parents/guardians will make any claims in this
       他其 或病疾 、傷受、 失損 、外意 之致引 所試考項 各與 參或席 出因生 考責負不 概員 職組本 及學大 技科港香

       。 討追 何任出 作件事 對不概人 護監 或長家 其及生 考。出支

* Should discrepancies exist between the English and Chinese versions, the English version shall be used.
     。 準為 文英以 ,異差 有文原文 英與 如本譯 文中知 須人請申

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