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									Miracle Of Shirdi Sai Baba

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Shirdi Sai Baba is known for his miracles ,many of his devotees are very
strong believer of sai baba.In this article u can find out the people
witnessing the real experience.

Miracles of Sai Baba, Shirdi Sai Baba Devotees, Sai Satcharitra

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Just read out the experiences of few of his devotees aka believer . A
kenyan lady puts her story this way , We have been strong believer of
baba since last three years. I am basically from Nairobi, Kenya. As the
matter of curiosity, me and my husband thought of applying for visas to
USA. In July one fine day we called up the embassy to fix and appointment
for interview, we got the appointment fixed on August 18, 2000. As 18 =
1+8 = 9 being a significant number I had confidence we will go thru it.

We had to prepare paper work for an interview, we were suppose to give
strong proof of our ties in Kenya, good finanacial background. Since me
and my husband were working, and had responsibilities of two girls , my
daughters, The savings were not that much to make them confident. But we
had strong background of place where we both were working. We prepared
the necessary paperwork, I started reading Sai Satcharitra the week
before so that I can finish and go for an interview. I finished reading
on Tuesday and Wednesday morning we had to go for an interview. We had
left everything on baba saying "YOU KNOW WHAT IS GOOD FOR US".

As we reached the embassy, there was a long queue.., and in that queue I
saw a person who seems to be of Arab origin, but the clothes he had put
on were white kurtan with white turban and had long white beard, when I
was chanting sai sai he just turned around and I could see baba in him.
As our number came …One of officer who was checking all the paperwork, as
per attached to the form, and there was one section mentioned …if
children are below certain age no photographs are required , so we didn’t
take any pictures of girls. She told us to go and get them done at he
near mall and be back before 10.00. As it was early morning 8.00 and the
malls open at 9.30 .

We had to go and wait till the mall opens we tried other places also they
were closed. After taking the pictures of girls we returned to embassy ,
just thinking why is this happening ? When we reached it was nearly 9.50
somewhere. And there were few ppl ahead of us in that line, for
interview. We were called . Me and my girls were chanting baba’s name,
having a baba’s key chain in my hand. As the officer was going thru
papers, he just asked what were we working as and spoke to girls nicely
and there he said go to other window pay your fees and get the passport
next day. SAI RAM was the words came out of me and my husbands mouth. and
i couldn’t believe it. The Officer didn’t even go thru the bank

We paid the fees and we were silent all the way to our home and went
straight to my mandir and bowed before him, and due to him we safely
reached USA without any trouble. Since then me and my family have become
more believer in Baba, he has been there when ever we called him. MAY SAI

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