PS3 Convert HD MKV Files to HD MP4 Files (stereo only) by fdjerue7eeu


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									           PS3 Convert HD MKV Files to HD MP4 Files (stereo only)
This guide gives you the ability to play back HD content on PS3, please note if you want to keep
surround sound try using mkv2vob (using my menthod keeps files small enough for 1 single layer

Download and install avidemux, (

Open avidemux,

Click folder icon to open your mkv file,

Select your mkv file,
You will get a pop message, I select NO here,

Next choose yes to update the index,

It will start to rebuild the index,
Next the video window will open and we can change our settings,

Keep the video set to “copy”, change the audio to “aac (faac)”

Now click configure under the audio settings and change bit rate to 160
Now click on save in the toolbar and give your file a name (using os x you have to type the .mp4 as

Now just wait for the encode to complete and burn the new .mp4 file to a DVD

On my iMac 2.66GHz 4Gb ram it takes about 12-16 minutes to complete.

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