Hydrophilic (Rayner Centerflex) versus Hydrophobic (Acrysof SA30AL

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					Presented at the ASCRS Congress, San Francisco, USA, April, 2003.

Hydrophilic (Rayner Centerflex) versus Hydrophobic (Acrysof SA30AL)
Single-piece, Acrylic, Foldable IOLs: 1-Year Results
Claudette Abela-Formanek, Michael Amon, Gebtraub Schild, Jörg Schauersberger, Gustav Bartl,
Andreas Kruger

Vienna, Austria


To compare the clinical performance of 2 foldable, one-piece intraocular lenses IOLs made of hydrophilic or
hydrophobic acrylic material in terms of uveal and capsular biocompatibility.


60 eyes were prospectively selected to receive a hydrophilic Rayner Centerflex, or a hydrophobic acrylic Alcon
SA30 AL IOL. One year after cataract surgery 51 eyes were assessed by measuring flare using a laser flare-cell
meter KOWA FC 1000 and specular microscopy of the anterior IOL surface. Anterior and posterior capsule
opacification was assessed semi-quantitatively by means of biomicroscopy. Cataract surgery, postoperative
medication and follow-up were standardised.


There was no significant difference in the postoperative flare values at one year. The mild foreign-body reaction
giant cells and epithelioid cells on the AcySof IOL 19% was statistically significant when compared to the
Centerflex 0%. None of the IOLs showed lens epithelial cell outgrowth on the anterior IOL surface. Anterior
capsule opacification ACO was more intensive in the AcrySof group p=0.001. Posterior capsule opacification
PCO was mild in the Centerflex group as opposed to no PCO in the AcrySof group p=0.0001.


Both IOL types showed good clinical results one year after surgery. The Rayner Centerflex showed no cellular
reaction 1 year postoperatively as opposed to the increased giant cell counts on the hydrophobic acrylic lenses.
A more intensive ACO was accompanied by a better PCO result in the AcrySof group.

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Description: Hydrophilic (Rayner Centerflex) versus Hydrophobic (Acrysof SA30AL