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How to Succeed as a Chief Marketing Officer in 2008-2009: 80
Minute ReedLogic Video Seminar Led by Leading CMOs on the Most
up to Date Strategies, Milestones and Benchmarks for Success

Description:    The goal of this ReedLogic video seminar is to provide executives with new trends and strategies
                for improving their success as a marketing executive and leader, as well as using their role to make
                a quantifiable impact on the overall success of the company. The DVD is viewable on any computer
                or mobile media player (such as an iPod) and features 80 minutes of live video with Stephen
                Freitas, Chief Marketing Officer of Outdoor Advertising Association of America, Laurie Coots, Chief
                Marketing Officer of TBWA/Worldwide, and Elizabeth Halaki, head of marketing for Oce Business
                Services Inc.. The video seminar provides information about the biggest challenges that CMOs face,
                the seven key areas that CMOs are judged on by the management team, and specific steps for
                success and how, as a CMO, you can make a direct financial impact on the bottom line of your

                Topics covered in the ReedLogic video include:
                - The seven key areas CMOs are judged on and how you can succeed in each area
                - Rules for success when working with other members of management such as the CEO, CFO, CTO
                and head of HR
                - The 6 steps for succeeding as a CMO
                - How to measure your success as a CMO
                - Case studies of specific situations and what you can learn from them

                Samples of the types of questions answered in the video seminar include:
                - What are the biggest challenges for today’s CMO? How can the CMO retain focus in a dynamic
                business environment?
                - In what way are CMOs impacting the overall success of today’s companies? What are the trends?
                - What leadership skills does the CMO use to succeed? How does the company benefit?
                - What method can the CMO use to identify corporate objectives that his/her activities will impact?
                - What technique is used to establish short-term and long-range goals? How are these objectives
                integrated with overall corporate goals?
                - What are the characteristics of today’s highly successful CMO versus in prior periods?
                - Which incentives are used to align CMO performance with overall corporate success?
                - How would you put into words your strategy for succeeding in the role of chief marketing officer?
                - What has made you successful as a chief marketing officer?
                - What strategies or methodologies have you developed or use on a regular basis that make you a
                successful CMO?
                - How is your approach to the position different than other chief marketing officers?
                - How is the performance of a chief marketing officer evaluated?
                - Can you walk me through how you work with each of the following executives? What do you need
                to understand about that person’s position? How can they work with you to ensure total
                cooperation and success? CEO, CFO, CTO, HR VP
                - If you had to put into words the 5 main goals a chief marketing officer should have, what would
                they be?
                - How do you set goals for your team? Do you have a “checks and balances” system to ensure that
                those goals are being met?
                - Can you explain to me the make-up of your marketing team? How many professionals do you
                have and what are the main responsibilities of each of the groups that make it up?
                - How would you explain your management strategy for your marketing team - how do you get the
                most out of their talents?
                - How do you evaluate the financial success of your marketing strategies on behalf of the company?
                - How is your group evaluated on a financial basis?
                - What financial goals have you set for your team, in terms of the impact you want to have on
                behalf of the company?
                - What are the three biggest challenges for chief marketing officers (such as allocating budgets,
                deciding on advertising expenditures, working with partners, etc.)?
            - What would be your five minute conclusion if explaining to a new colleague “everything they
            needed to know” about succeeding in the role of a chief marketing officer?

            About Stephen Freitas:
            Since 1999, Stephen Freitas has been the Chief Marketing Officer for the Outdoor Advertising
            Association of America, the leading trade association representing the outdoor medium. In his role,
            Mr. Freitas is an industry spokesman who advances the business of outdoor advertising with
            education and advocacy throughout corporate America. He joined OAAA after spending 10 years
            developing high profile marketing programs for Clear Channel Communications and Eller Media
            Company. As senior vice-president of marketing, Mr. Freitas was responsible for global branding,
            advertising, research, public relations and corporate communications, in addition to being heavily
            involved with business development initiatives. Prior to joining the outdoor advertising industry,
            Mr. Freitas worked as a media planner at two San Francisco agencies. Before that, he worked at
            Chevron, USA for eight years. Mr. Freitas holds an M.B.A. in marketing and advertising. He
            graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with two Bachelor of Arts degrees.

            About Laurie Coots
            Today, as Chief Marketing Officer of TBWA/Worldwide, Laurie’s time and attention are devoted to
            marketing the agency brand as well as operating as the network’s designated change agent. She
            advises the agency and clients on long-lead strategic issues and consumer trends, especially in the
            area of convergence, communications, technologies, health and wellness, and personal and
            organizational change. TBWA\Worldwide (, part of Omnicom Group Inc, is one of
            the top ten US based agency networks. TBWA has over 258 offices in 72 countries, and 9,700
            employees worldwide. Major global clients include Mars, Absolut, adidas, Apple, Beiersdorf, Infiniti,
            Nissan and Sony PlayStation.

            About Elizabeth Halaki:
            Mrs. Halaki has played a pivotal role in repositioning the marketing profile of Oce Business Services
            Inc. to emphasize leadership in document process management. She leads its strategic marketing
            and communications functions. She has a bachelors degree from Cornell University and an MBA in
            finance from University of Phoenix.

            About ReedLogic Videos - Get Executive Smart on Any Topic in Under an Hour
            ReedLogic videos enable busy professionals to get executive smart on any business topic in under
            an hour. Watching a video will enable you to speak intelligently with anyone on the topic,
            guaranteed. ReedLogics videos have featured hundreds of leading executives and lawyers from the
            worlds top companies and firms, sharing their best practices and thought leadership in ReedLogics
            proprietary video process. ReedLogic videos provide professionals of all levels with proven business
            intelligence, direct and unfiltered insight in a format that is more engaging and time-efficient than a
            book or other traditional printed media.

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