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									Case Study:
West Lothian Civic Centre                                                                            West Lothian Civic Centre

When West Lothian Civic Centre opened to the public on 23 July 2009, it marked the                   As the first project of
realisation of a long-term vision that will save taxpayers millions of pounds and bring about
                                                                                                     its type, from design in
significant improvements in the delivery of police, custodial and public sector services.
                                                                                                     2007 to delivery in 2009,
The £53 million complex is a purpose-built hub for all public service provision in and around        our requirements were
Livingston, Scotland, an area serving 170,000 people. Believed to be the biggest partnership
project of its type in the UK, the vision was founded on the premise that police, custodial
                                                                                                     continually reviewed to
and council services could be safely co-located within a single complex combining both high          maximise efficiencies
security with ease of access.
                                                                                                     and Reliance High-Tech
                                                                                                     continually impressed
Rising to the challenge, in 2007 Reliance           • Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service
                                                                                                     with the excellent project
High-Tech (RHT) won the bid to deliver a
complete, integrated electronic security and        • Scottish Children’s Reporter                   management and ability to
fire solution, the largest public sector security     Administration Service                         accommodate our evolving
solution of this size and scale delivered in
Scotland.                                           • Lothian and Borders Fire and                   needs, always finding
                                                      Rescue Service                                 pragmatic solutions without
Security challenge                                                                                   compromising standards.
While founded on strong principles,                 • West Lothian Community Health
bringing the West Lothian vision to life              and Care Partnership.
                                                                                                     John Keenan, Civic Centre
in practice demanded a holistic electronic
                                                                                                     Buildings Manager
security solution to support seven                  In response to the brief, RHT had to design
different civic services, including:                a highly robust security solution to meet the
                                                    diverse needs of these partners and their
• Divisional Police Headquarters                    1000 employees who would be working
  for Lothian & Borders Police                      together under one roof for the first time.
                                                    As well as accommodating the different
• Sheriff and Justice of the Peace                  working practices of multiple partners, the
  Courts complex                                    specification had to maximise both scalability
                                                    and the flexibility to enable multi-functional
• West Lothian Council Headquarters                 use of shared spaces.
Case Study:
West Lothian Civic Centre

Most importantly, employees and visitors          • Powerful ISM front end control system          As a first for Scotland, every cell within the
would need the freedom to move around                                                              custody suite is fitted with an integrated life
easily and safely in close proximity to           • 170 CCTV cameras to monitor all                signs monitoring system. By using sensors
secure areas designed for Court and Police          buildings, car parks and perimeters            within a dome on the cell ceiling to detect
custodies.                                                                                         movement, it provides a highly reliable and
                                                  • Remote access control for 240 doors,           stable alert capability, assuring staff that any
As with any project on this scale, RHT had          barriers and entry points                      changes in the physical health and wellbeing
to meet stringent cost, compliance and                                                             of a detainee can be detected immediately.
quality criteria. Furthermore, as the project     • Video intercom and intruder alarm system
progressed from appointment in 2007 to                                                             Response to changing requirements
delivery in 2009, the client requirements         • State-of-the-art 54-cell custody suite         From the time that RHT was appointed to
changed significantly so RHT had to                                                                delivery of the working system, the client
continually innovate and respond as the brief     • An integrated life signs monitoring            requirements changed significantly. For
evolved.                                            system in all cells                            instance, between the original specification
                                                                                                   agreed in November 2007 and a revision
Our solution                                      • Affray alarm and cell call system              agreed in August 2008, Reliance had to
Reliance delivered a large-scale                    in all cells                                   accommodate a diverse range of system
multidisciplinary security solution taking                                                         changes and deliver additional functionality
an end-to-end holistic approach from risk         • Fire alarm system with 1000 smoke              and capacity. These included:
assessment, design and installation to              alarms across the complex.
training and maintenance. A hybrid system                                                          • The original specification relied extensively
was specified with a mix of digital IP and        State-of-the-art custody                           on the use of wireless devices, but due to
analogue equipment to support the multi-          A major feature of the new solution is the         the prevalence of mobile blackspots, RHT
purpose nature of the Civic Centre.               54-cell custody suite. It is equipped with a       advised that a hardwired system would
                                                  comprehensive array of integrated electronic       deliver a more reliable performance so
The dedicated security network solution           systems to maximise the safety and welfare         the network specification was changed
combines high levels of flexibility, resilience   of detainees at all times while maximising         accordingly
and reliability with ease of operator use.        efficiencies; enabling the smooth operation of
The new security infrastructure makes it easy     all detention and investigative services; and    • To reduce the false alarm rate, RHT
for operators to control multiple integrated      ensuring compliance with the highest statutory     recommended the addition of a sequential
functions across the entire complex from a        standards.                                         alarm system, meaning that each alarm
single interface, including:                                                                         trigger would require second verification
                                                                                                                West Lothian Civic Centre

• The addition of the life signs monitoring      Results and benefits                              • It is expected that the modern custodial and
  system, which was not part of the original     An exceptional focus on customer care               secure facilities will be attractive to the High
  brief                                          throughout ensured delivery on time, on             Court who may wish to use the Civic
                                                 brief and on budget. With robust project            Centre as a High Court circuit venue
• Originally West Lothian agreed to 62           management systems, regular meetings
  access control points, which was reviewed      with department heads and excellent               • With the co-location of police and the
  to 240 by 2009.                                communications, RHT was able to meet                new Courts Service, it is estimated that the
                                                 West Lothian’s changing requirements while          equivalent time of 28 police officers will be
RHT took the lead on all aspects of the          keeping the project on target.                      saved as officers can remain on duty while
security solution from design to delivery                                                            waiting to be called for evidence in court
including:                                       • Following the West Lothian and Borders            cases in the same building
                                                   Police who were first to move in, the
• Extensive security risk management               complex was ready to welcome all                • Police holding cells in the Civic Centre will
  evaluation                                       additional services to the Civic Centre as        provide cost savings and increased
                                                   planned for Autumn 2009                           flexibility to deal with the high demands on
• Detailed design and technical specification                                                        both the police and the courts
  integrating best-in-class security systems     • The security solution will be a best-practice
  from leading vendors including Honeywell,        template for roll-out across Scotland           • The dual-purpose custody area will bring
  Panasonic and CoSatt                                                                               benefits in streamlining court processes and
                                                 • The solution cost £750,000 and should             safeguarding the journey from cell to court
• Project management to manage                     pay for itself within three years                 within the same building
  relationships with consortia partners,
  architects, building contractors and vendors   • Running the electronic access and security      • Significant improvements in delivering
                                                   systems, the entire complex can be                joined-up services in the issuing of
• Training, handover and support to enable         managed and safeguarded by a very                 warrants, police witness provision,
  on-site operators to get the best from the       small team                                        prosecutions and follow-up procedures
  new electronic security and access systems                                                         will also be made.

• All work was subject to rigorous service
  level agreements, KPIs and measurable
Case Study:
West Lothian Civic Centre

About Reliance High-Tech                        This centre offers huge
Reliance High-Tech applies advanced             potential for closer working
technologies to design and deliver fully
                                                between court staff and
integrated electronic security solutions.
It is part of Reliance Security Group, an       others in the justice system,
established market leader that employs          especially the police and
in excess of 12,000 people nationwide in
manned security, facilities management and      Procurator Fiscal, but
outsourced services.                            also with social work and
                                                education services. Better
With a growing share of the electronic
security solutions market, Reliance High-Tech   joint working across the
delivers award-winning security solutions       justice system will give a
for leading UK organisations including
the police, HM prisons, financial services,
                                                better service to the local
manufacturing and defence sectors.              community.

                                                Eleanor Emberson,
                                                Chief Executive,
                                                Scottish Court Service

                                                                                Reliance High-Tech
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                                                                                Chessington, Surrey, KT9 2NY
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