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					         Around The Traps
SEPTEMBER 2008                                                                                     VOLUME 45

As another golfing year draws to a close I wish to thank everyone who has           Special points of
given so generously of their time this year.                                        interest:

The Pergola is almost completed which has given us a very attractive entrance       ♦ New website
to our great course. The rubberized surrounds adjacent to the 1st Tee have            Members will be able to view
given this area a distinct lift and the recently completed rejuvenation to the        the Club’s newly designed
verandah furniture has given this area new life with the warmer months                website from September which
approaching.                                                                          includes links to Golf Link as
                                                                                      well as Club news, events, photo
On the course the 7th green is taking shape and with the improved fairway             gallery and function details.
bunkers installed earlier in the year have made this hole more like it’s index of
2. We thank the suppliers of the free dirt that we recently received that has       ♦ 2008/09 season
enabled us to create more mounds and bunkering giving our tight layout                starts 1st October
some much needed hole definition.
                                                                                    ♦ Club Championship and B &
Congratulations to our all of our Pennant teams who although not having               C Grade Cups - 1st qualifying
the greatest year results wise gave their all for the Club and those who were         round Sat. 4th and Sun. 5th
out there braving the elements supporting them. The rise of many of our               October.
juniors and the encouraging number of junior members will ensure that we
have strength in the years ahead.

Our not so new Finance and Membership office, Taryn has settled in
exceptionally well and has added her own flair to the “back office”. Our latest
recruit Pam is learning all about golf in a hurray and has been talking about
Stableford scores and CCR’s with her husband (Grange member) over
Dinner! Please make them feel welcome as you pass by.

                                                                                    Inside this issue:

Rosemary Whetstone retired after nearly 30 years of diligent                        “Greenies report”             2
and caring service to Riverside Golf Club on Friday 18th July.
                                                                                    Chi Kung Group                2
Board members, Committee members, some Club volunteer
members and all Staff fare welled Rosie (fondly referred to as                      House & Social                2
the Club’s Matriarch by Sam) with a Cocktail Party and drinks in                    2008/09 Fees                  3
the Club Atrium and a surprise dinner at the Alberton Hotel.
                                                                                    Annual General                3
Life Member, Brian Anderson was asked to speak on behalf of all Club                Meeting.
members. Brian thanked Rosie, telling everyone present how Rosie has
always had time for each and every Member of the club and always helped in          Golf Results                  3
anyway that she could when asked. Brian also listed in a moving speech
reminding Rosie of previous past members (no longer with us) but who                Pro-shop News                 4
would have wanted to wish her well also - lots of tissues were needed that
afternoon.                                                                          September events              4
We are sure that Members will still see Rosie helping out in the Club office
from time to time .
Page 2                                                                         VOLUME 45

                                                                                                HOUSE & SOCIAL

With some good rainfall over the past few months, the level of salt in the soil profile has
reduced quite significantly which should allow us a good start to the summer growing               Schnitzel Night
season.                                                                                        1st Friday each month
The major course project for this year is the total redevelopment of the                        book at Club office
7th green area which has seen the green moved back some 8m and
slightly to the right with a new fairway bunker at the top of the rise.                             Bistro Night
The height of the rise has been lowered by approximately 1m and the
soil used for extensive mounding on the right of the new green. The
                                                                                              3rd Friday each months
redevelopment has blended very well into the surrounding site and the                             a-la-carte menu
green is expected to be back in play in early November if all goes to
                                                                                                book at Club office

We have also formed new mounds and bunkers on holes 12 and 14                                   Melbourne Cup Golf
and will be forming smaller ones on the right side of the 13th to prevent      7th Green          and Luncheon
balls rolling over to the adjacent fairway. This will also allow the        re-development

covering of tracks made by the heavy construction machinery. All of
                                                                            and New Mounds       Tues. November 4
                                                                            and Bunkers on
these works should be completed by the end of August and will be            Holes 12 and 14
brought back into play when they have reached an acceptable playing                               watch for notices
                                                                                                  Functions being
Apart from the major earthworks it is our own staff that have completed the projects and
they must be complimented on the high standard of their work.                                       considered
                                                                                                   Pancake King
These projects have improved the course and have made the affected holes more
challenging to play. Over the coming years we will continue to improve areas around the              Mouse Cup
course by forming mounds and bunkers in several areas (including those where tree roots
are a problem) and total redevelopment of a number of tee and green sites.
                                                                                               Winemaker & Cheese
Our aim is always to provide members with the best playing conditions and most                    maker Dinner
challenging round of golf we possibly can with the resources available to us.
                                                                                                Concert in the Park
Stuart Gillespie

                                                                                               If you have any suggestion
                                                                                              please contact a member of
For two years now, Thursday morning sees some 12 – 20 lady members doing Chi Kung in
                                                                                                 the House Committee
the Clubrooms. These sessions are under the tuition of Margo Canino,
who has a Chi Kung Community Leader certificate and has been
practicing Chi Kung and Tai Chi for more than 20 years. She continues
her own development through the Tai Chi and Chi Kung Institute.

For those who do not know, Chi Kung is an ancient Chinese art,
consisting of slow, gentle movements and controlled breathing. These
movements place no stress on joints, with those participating being
encouraged to work within their own capabilities.

Chi Kung is beneficial for all people, male and female and is
recommended by the Arthritis Foundation as a form of exercise. As a
group we don’t always execute the movements expertly, which is OK, Every Thursday
and we don’t know if the Chi Kung has improved our golf but it has morning in the
certainly improved our overall flexibility, balance and general wellbeing. atrium come
                                                                             and join us -
These sessions are usually followed by coffee and a chat.                    All welcome.
Page 3

                                                                                                                G OLF RESULTS

The current membership year ends on Tuesday 30th September, 2008                                              Junior Boys Championship
and the following policies are brought to members attention:                                                 2008 Winner - Scott Jacobsen
                                                                                                               Runner-up - Jake Stockley
•        Resignations and requests for changes in category must be made                                        Ladies Club Championship
         in writing to the office by Monday 15th September to allow requests to be                                Winner - L. Bennets
         processed prior to accounts being posted for 2008/09 fees.                                                B Grade - L. Mann
                                                                                                                 C Grade - M. Brigham
•        Under the Constitution, members who resign after 1st October are liable for a full                      D Grade - S. Battersby
         year subscription.                                                                                      Xmas in July Ambrose
                                                                                                                     Best Nett winners
•        Members who request changes in their Category after 1st October will be required                            Lamberto Group
         to pay pro-rata amounts in their former category.                                                          Best Gross winners
                                                                                                                 P. Brien, G. Whetstone,
•        Fees not paid by Friday 31st October will be subject to a 10% surcharge.                                 I. Smith & S. Morrison

•        Subscriptions may be paid by monthly Direct Debit from your bank account.                                      June Hocking - 8th
         Applications for payment by monthly Direct Debit can be made at the office.                                     Daniel Ridge - 8th
                                                                                                                        Rodney Rosen - 6th
                                                                                                                         Cyril Arnold - 8th
                                                                                                                         Barry Lewis - 3rd
                                                                                                                        Patrick Mentzel - 3rd
The AGM will be held on Friday 28th November and nominations will be called for the following               Club Foursomes Championships
positions: Information regarding the responsibilities of vacant positions and nomination forms are
                                                                                                                   A Grade Winners
available from the office                                                                                    Paul Holland & Mark Holland
Board positions                                  Sub committee positions                                              Runners up
                                                                                                            Gavin Huppatz & Ian Henderson
Vice President           2 year term             Finance Committee (2)        one 2 year term
                                                                                                                    B Grade Winners
                                                                              one 1 year term                Roy Daradan & Graham Bishop
                                                                                                                       Runners up
Director of Finance      2 year term             Match Committee (3)          two 2 year term                  Justin Ly & Jamie Rossetto
                                                                              One 1 year term                       C Grade Winners
                                                                                                               David Olson & Alan Fielder
Director of Grounds      1 year term             Grounds Committee (3) one 2 year term                                 Runners up
                                                                       two 1 year term                        Peter Jackman & Lindsay Reid

Our major social events which include Opening Day, Xmas in July and Melbourne Cup Day continue to be well attended by members.
The Ladies members in particular have been very supportive of these functions and the Social Committee is aiming to attract even more
members (especially the men) and to also introduce some new activities to our social calendar.

Several changes introduced by the Social Committee have been well received by our members: We have introduced double sided access
to the food servery for major event dinners to eliminate delays and long queues and developed a new meal ordering system for Schnitzel
Nights to reduce queues and maximize our social time at tables. Thanks to the catering staff for their assistance in implementing this new

The Holden Scramble was held in August with strong fields for both the Ladies and the Men. Many thanks to sponsors Smith Motor
Company and to Chris Holliday for a well organised event..

The Mixed Foursome Championship on Sunday August 31st has attracted about 50 entrants to date and is shaping up to be a success.
We are in the process of developing regular ‘Mixed Foursomes’ events through 2009 and we invite all members to join in this activity.
This will be a Sunday event and consequently regular Sunday playing members may be interested in joining the competition.

Our Melbourne Cup Day is always a success and this year will be bigger and better! We will be running a ‘Best Dressed’ and ‘Best Hat’
competition for both the ladies and the gentlemen. Dress up and make this a special day!

A new event, the ‘Degustation Dinner’ is planned for January 2009. This evening will include a 5 course dinner, wine and cheese tasting
and special comments from a guest winemaker.

Schnitzel nights continue to be a success and I thank all hosts, committees and Doug and Gordon (the Bingo Bros) for their continued

Please keep your eye on the ‘coming events posters’ at the club and the website for details of the social program.

Bruce Heaft
Social Committee Chairman
Winter has finally hit us with some wet weather recently. In stock now are waterproofs for only $99 a set
in both men’s and ladies. These sets are guaranteed waterproof and come with a 12 month warranty.
Also in stock are sporte leisure waterproofs with a 2 and 3 year waterproof warranty. These jackets and
trousers can be purchased separately.

We have had a few demo days of late with a full book for the Bridgestone/Precept ball fitting on
Wednesday July 16 and Odyssey putters on Saturday August 1st. The ball fitting is an interesting exercise
which incorporates camera and computer technology to photograph your ball at impact and measures
the spin rate and launch angle of the ball and club head speed. With this information Bridgestone can
recommend a ball for you to use and gave all players 3 free balls to try. The Odyssey demo day incorporated ‘Phil’s Drills’
which is basically a putting challenge over 10 holes that Phil Mickelson promotes. Members had the opportunity to demo the
Odyssey putters then were invited to try their luck on the putting challenge. Holing nine or ten putts won you a new putter
valued at $249 with four members successful, Angus Plunkett-Steve Cope-Pavel Vasek-Jay Gilbertson. What a fantastic effort
and congratulations to these winners.

Privilege card promotions for September bring this newsletter into the pro shop with your privilege card and receive a free
Ben Hogan golf ball. Also10% off any buggy and 20% off any bag in stock. Haven’t got a privilege card yet apply online at or application forms are in the pro shop. Your privilege card gives you a minimum 5% discount
on purchases and access to many special offers and discounts throughout the year.

Congratulations to our Lady Holden Scramble winners Leonie
Lindsay, Judy Uzzell and Raelene Cooper. The girls shot a 78 off      Mon. 1st     Trade Group - 8.00 shotgun start all
the stick nett 631/6 to win this event. They will now travel to
Sandhurst Golf Club in Victoria and play against the other qualify-
                                                                                   holes course closed till 12.30
ing teams in the Southern Division. The winner will proceed to the
National Final at Twin Waters Resort (Sunshine Coast Qld).            Tues. 2nd    Ladies Agnes Hynes Foursomes
                                                                                   Qualifying round B, C & D Grade
The field for the Men on Sunday 24th August saw 114 players
competing for the chance to play in the state final. With two
                                                                      Thurs. 4th   POPS vs Flagstaff Hill at RGC
teams qualifying the scoring was very close with the winning score                 1-12 tee shotgun start 1st Tee closed
of 59 5/6 from Shannon Seporavich, Justin Alexander and Keith                      till 8.45 and from 10.00 - 12.30
Murray and 60 2/6 from Mark Kinita, Adam Kinita and John
Ziernicki — good enough to send them to the final. Good luck and
lets hope you can win your way to Qld!                                Fri. 5th     Schnitzel Night - bookings at office
A big thanks to our sponsor Smith Motor Co.
                                                                      Thurs. 11th Ladies Agnes Hynes Foursomes
                                                                                  1st Tee closed 9.30 - 10.45
                                                                      Fri. 12      Ladies Agnes Hynes Foursomes
                                                                                   1st Tee closed 7.45 - 8.00
                                                                                   and 11.30 - 12.15
                                                                      Mon. 15th    Course maintenance - front 9 closed

                                                                      Thurs. 18th Course maintenance - back 9 closed

The Riverside Ladies 36 hole Vardon and Junior invitational 27
                                                                      Fri. 19th    Bistro Night - all welcome
hole events were held in bitterly cold weather including rain and                  please book at office
even hail on Sunday 10th August. Despite the adverse conditions
there were some brilliant results:                                    Sun. 21st    Sam Sperou Memorial Junior
Vardon Gross winner         Jovanna Bozanic - RAGC [145]                           18 hole event
Runner-up Gross             Cara Guest - KOOY [148]
Best Nett                   Jovanna Bozanic - [141]                   Sun. 28th    Veteran/Ex-Service Person Day
Junior invitational Gross Winner was tied by Jovanna Bozanic &                     shotgun start 8.00 a.m.
Cara Guest 109. Our own junior girl Caitlin Roberts was Runner-up
Best Nett [142] and Gross Runner-up [117].                            Tues. 30th   End membership year 2007/08

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