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									                                                Gazebo Gazette
                                    Employees of Lubbock County
                                                              JULY 2008
                    CORRESPONDENTS                                                       Leadership Forum
  Sharon Arthur   Mary Barrington Melanie Hall Greg George             Congratulations to the 14 Leadership Forum graduates,
 Josh Reno Gloria Rodriguez Brian Stevenson Jessica Vargas
                                                                       who were awarded completion plaques and praise by
    Welcome the new hires for the period 4/19/08 thru 5/16/08:         Commissioners’ Court on 6/9/08. See photo: LF6/09/08.
Norma Casias (CDA); Tammy Clark (District Clerk); Jack Clark, Jr.                          HIGH NOON CONCERTS
(JJC); Clayton Darby (Jail); Pamela Gage (District Clerk); Ashley
                                                                       Come sit outside and enjoy the wonderful music on the
Gonzales (DRC); Brianna Herrera (Maintenance); Roger Hilburn
(LSO); Maria Huichapa (Maintenance); Randy Kimbrell (Road              Courthouse lawn at noon every Wednesday from June -
Maintenance); Bryan Kitchens (LSO); Richard McPeak (Jail);             August. The July schedule is listed below:
Timothy Rice (Road Maintenance); Domingo Rubio (Road                   7/2    Roan Inish
Maintenance); Tom Shippey (CSCD); Debra Smith (CSCD); Joshua
                                                                       7/9    West Winds Brass Band
Smith (CSCD); Billy Speigel (CRTC); Rodney Teaff (Maintenance);
David Tillack (Maintenance) and Homer VanHoose (Maintenance).          7/16   Brazos Stone
                                                                       7/23 Cary Banks
                 CONGRATULATIONS TO:
Kayla Hale, the granddaughter of Rick & Mary Barrington                7/30 Jeff Conner
(LSO-Warrant Division), for graduating with honors and being                                 Texas Lions Camp
Valedictorian from Spur High School. Kayla will be attending           The Texas Lions Camp is a summer camp dedicated to serving
West Texas A&M in Canyon majoring in Agriculture Business              children from the State of Texas with physical disabilities and
and Economics.                                                         Type 1 and 2 diabetes. All children attend camp at no cost.
                                                                       For more information call Lion Helen Sampson 797-7652 or 763-
Priscella Quintero (Collections) who was voted “Collector of           4789. You may also visit: www.lionscamp.com.
the Year” at the Governmental Collectors Association of Texas
conference held in Austin. Priscella is the Lead Collector for                       INSURANCE CLAIM S COSTS
County Courts 1 and 2 and has done an amazing job! She was                                       April                       M ay
recognized at Commissioners’ Court on June 9 . See photo:              Health                  $317,410                    $306,542
Priscella Quintero.                                                    Dental                  $ 30,949                    $ 18,142
Marinda Stryker (CCL#3) for being the first to guess correctly         Prescription Drugs      $ 78,001                    $ 95,387
on our June “Guess Who?? Contest”. The answer was Denise                                     JULY CHECKLIST
Wilson, who is a Deputy County Clerk for the County Clerk’s
                                                                       Sum m er m edication trap: Ask your doctor whether any of your
Office. Thanks to all that participated.
                                                                       drugs increase sun sensitivity. Limit sun exposure if any of your
Jessica Vargas (LSO) on the birth of her new daughter, Hailee          medications has this effect.
Carson, who was born on May 28, 2008.                                  Don’t get dehydrated: Drink before you’re thirsty–water and
Efrain & Adriana Lopez (HR) on the birth of their new son,             sports drinks, in particular. Children, older adults and people
Christian Caleb, who was born on June 5, 2008. Sebastian is            with diabetes are especially susceptible to dehydration.
the proud big brother.                                                 Alcohol increases dehydration risk, so avoid it when you’re in
Kymberly & Josh Reno (CDA) on the birth of their new                   the sun.
daughter, Joleigh, who was born on June 20, 2008.                      Better bug protection: Avoid brightly colored clothing,
                                                                       aftershave lotion, cologne, perfume, hair spray and scented
                  OUR CONDOLENCES TO:                                  soap. Don’t use products that contain both sunscreen and
JeanAnne Stratton (Justice of the Peace #4) on the death of            insect repellent. Sunscreen must be reqpplied every two
her father, R. O. W ebb, who passed away on June 23, 2008.             hours–but repellent lasts for six hours or more.
                         Character Counts!                             Airline bum ping self-defense: Avoid being bumped from
The Character Counts! schedule is listed below. If you are             overbooked flights by checking in on-line within 24 hours of
interested in attending please contact Gloria Rodriguez at 775-1090    flight time.      Silver lining: Com pensation for bumped
or grodriguez@co.lubbock.tx.us                                         passengers has been doubled-up to $800, depending on the
         July 9           Trustworthiness       9:00-10:00am           ticket price and the length of the delay.
         August 13        Respect               2:00-3:00pm            Ha p p ie r   a irp o rtin g :  Fin d   out    about     airport
         September 10 Responsibility            9:00-10:00am           amenities–massages, nail salons, children’s play areas, game
         October 8        Fairness              2:00-3:00pm            rooms, chapels, etc.–before you go so that you are better
         November 12      Caring                9:00-10:00am           prepared for a long delay.            Airport lookup: www.aci-
         December 10 Citizenship                2:00-3:00pm            na.org/index/airportsyou_list.
                                   Our mission is to serve Lubbock County by providing
                                       public service with integrity, compassion and
Jobline: (806)775-1692                professionalism through innovative leadership.                         www.co.lubbock.tx.us

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