Confessions_of_a_Home_Biz_Junkie by zhucezhao


									Confessions of a Home Biz Junkie

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Confessions from my experience and secrets I have learned being in the
home business industry for 9 years. My successes and failures and the 10
things you must do to insure your success in this arena.

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I have been involved in many mlm and direct sales companies over the span
of my 9 year career. It has given me vast insight into the industry.
Also, I have learned more about myself and the secret key ingredients to
success that so few people learn and even fewer apply.

My experiences have been my greatest teacher though all were preceded by
learning from someone already successful at what I currently wanted to
do. I hate the idea of "making my own mistakes" when I could just as
easily learn from someone else's. Even still, there have been many
spectacular failures along with the successes.

Sometimes you will be ready to receive success, other times you won't.
There may still be a lesson you must learn to be worthy of the success
you seek.

     The Laundry List of Companies in my past:
     -Equinox International (health supplies)
     -Amway (roped into a meeting at Denny's only)
     -Excel Communications (phone services)
     -Quest International (financial training)
     -EXE Series (internet marketing explained)
     -Networth USA (real estate training)
     -Direct Matches (business networking)

It may seem like I jump from company to company and in hindsight I did.
Also, my powers of perception were weak enough to make me susceptible to
some scams (12 daily pro being the most glaring). But I regret none of
it because you have to be open or nothing happens in your life.

So, over the 9 years of blood, sweat and tears what have I learned you
ask? Too many things to tell you in this short article but I will give
you the keys so you can avoid my mistakes.

1. Do some due diligence. Don't beat a dead horse so you never have to
make a decision. But search "company name scam" or "company name
reviews" in your favorite engine. If 1 or 2 bad things or even a few
hundred no big deal. If millions, watch out. Also, talk to others
already in the company to get there take.

Immediately read the policies and procedures of those companies you are
interested in. You want to see if there are any red flags (ongoing
recruiting, minimum 4 sales per month, etc.) that can allow the company
to steal the check you've built. Then make the best decision for you
based on the info you have.

Once you decide (quickly but not without relevant info) stand fast to it,
resolve never to quit, and GET INTO ACTION.

2. Find a mentor. Go as high up your upline as you need to in locating
someone who is achieving the success you desire. This has been my
largest realization though it seems obvious. Then make sure to follow
AND apply their advice.

3. Find a mastermind group. This can be as easy as getting on your
company or team's training calls. Every good company should provide
written, audio, and video training. Or find a couple of people above
your level of achievement to exchange ideas with. In person is best, but
teleconference will do. Put the ideas into action immediately.

4. Map out where you want to be in 6 months and 1 year from today. As
humans our brains are goal-seeking units. Give yourself a target to aim
for so you'll at least know you hit or missed and what to do from there.
Be specific with money goals, size of your team, number of leaders you
will develop, and skills you will learn.

5. Break down the global list into small, consistent action steps you
will take everyday. This will keep you focused (my past nemesis to
success) and allow you to know and see how you are going to accomplish
them. Huge goals are beyond our understanding and never get done. Many
small, simple steps added up allow us to reach those big goals.

6. Have a basic understanding of your compensation plan. You don't have
to know every detail but enough to know what pays you. Different comp
plans are better suited to different personality types. Type in "4
personality types" in your favorite search for more info on what you are
and the comp plan that best allows your success.

7. Now that you know what activities pay you, suck out those that don't
and spend a higher percentage of your time on those that do. Successful
people I have seen spend 80-90% of their WORKING time (play is also
important) on money retrieving activity.

8. Know that setbacks will come. The universe will send you tests and
challenges. Weather them, stay in the game and focused on your goals,
and ride them out.

9. Review and revise along the way. Go to the end of your goals and work
backward to figure out what must happen to achieve them. At the end of
each month look at what happened and adjust your actions if you are not
achieving your written goals.

10. Enjoy the journey and commit to learning along the way. That is what
being a leader is all about. Lead from the front and by example and have
fun while doing it. You will meet great people along the way so combine
high tech with high touch.

These are the main things experience has taught me. You must have some
kind of marketing system that generates leads for you. The big boys in
the industry use the internet so do what they do.

Remember, you are building your cash flow long-term so don't think it's a
sprint. Resolve to have a marathoner's spirit.

The greatest thing about home businesses is that you put out tremendous
effort today and the rewards come back to you over and over and over
again. There are some scams but the industry is strong and if you ever
want financial independence this is the cheapest, best, easiest way to do

Traditional businesses and franchises cost hundreds of thousands to
start. Most home businesses are less than $1000 to start.

So get up off your butt and start taking the action that will allow you
to achieve all the dreams you have for your life. Become your own
personal genie and grant yourself unlimited wishes.

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