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									                                                   Gazebo Gazette
                                      Employees of Lubbock County
                                                                 JUNE 2008
                                                                                            Fall Wellness Festival
   Sharon Arthur Diane Bustillos Everett Davis   Melanie Hall
                                                                           Mark your calendars for the County’s Fall Wellness
      Greg George     Kelly Pinion Gloria Rodriguez                        Festival on Friday, November 7 th from 10:00am to
                                                                           2:00pm at the Central Jury Pool. We will have lots of
    Welcome the new hires for the period 3/22/08 thru 4/18/08:             great freebies, prizes, free health screenings and some
Anthony Aguirre ( CSCD); Priscilla Arguelles (JJC); Robert Cowie           great fun. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!
(W TRPD); Anthony D’Amico (CRTC); Logan Daves (Jail); Gregory
George (Human Resources); Linda Gonzales (Tax); Aubrey Kieth                Did you know the County has the equivalent to a Short Term
(CSCD); Erin Lowe (TX Agri-Life Extension); Jenifer Mares (JJC);                Disability plan that costs you nothing out of pocket?
Elizabeth Mitchell (JJC); Mandy Myers (CSCD); Albert Oliver (Road          I am excited about the county policy that allows up to 300 hours of
Maintenance); Dennis Reeves (W TRPD); Paul Tarver                          excess personal leave to transfer into the Family Medical Leave
(Maintenance); Melanie Taylor (CSCD) & Larry W eaver (Parks#2).            (FMLA) bank. The policy is in the employee handbook section 7.00
                    CONGRATULATIONS TO:                                    H-2. This costs me nothing as an employee and will protect me
                                                                           when I need my paycheck the most.
John D avis, son of Everett Davis (IS), who com peted in
                                                                           Traditional disability plans:
Precision M achinery and won a gold m edal in the District
                                                                           • Costs you out of pocket premiums from every paycheck.
Com petition and also won a third place m edal and trophy
                                                                           • Typically benefits are 60 percent of your normal wage.
in the 2008 Texas State Conference for SkillsUSA. John is                  • Elimination periods from 1 to 30 days before benefits begin.
a Coronado High School Senior. His fam ily is really proud                 • Does not pay if you miss work to care for a spouse or child.
of him !                                                                   300 hours of FMLA banked personal leave:
                    OUR CONDOLENCES TO:                                    • No out of pocket expense to you.
Rae Morris (Tax Office) on the death of her mother, Virgie Jackson,        • Pays 100% of your wages until the banked amount is
who passed away on April 22, 2008.                                            exhausted.
                                                                           • Allows you to keep accumulated personal leave.
                           Character Counts!                               • Approved FMLA allows leave to care for a spouse or child with
Commissioners’ Court recognized the following group as Character              pay.
Counts! graduates on May 27, 2008. They were presented with                Facts about disability:
certificates and lapel pins. They were: Peter Brown, Amelia Castilleja,    • A 35 year old person has a 50% chance of being unable to work
David Loya, Amber Lovall, and Annette Vasquez. (See photo: CC!                for more than 3 months before the age of 65. S ource: S oc iety of
                                                                               A ctuaries, M oney M agazine
5/27/08) The next Character Counts! date is below. If you are
interested in attending please contact Gloria Rodriguez at 775-1090 or     •   53% - 79% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck.          S ource:
                                                                               C onsumer Federation.
grodriguez@co.lubbock.tx.us                                                •  In the last 20 years, deaths due to the “Big Three” (cancer, heart
          June 11            Citizenship          2:00-3:00pm                 attack, stroke) have gone down significantly. But disabilities
                              “GUESS WHO??”                                   due to those same three are up dramatically. Things that used
          Congratulations to Allyson Bazan (LSO) for being the first to       to kill now disable. S ource: N ational U nderwriters.
          guess correctly on our May “mystery person”. The answer          W e all insure our homes and automobiles so why not insure your
          was Ruby Deanda, who is the Administrative Assistant for the     income for 300 hours...
          Sheriff’s Department. We have selected a new person for                                   Texas Lions Camp
          June. The first County employee to submit the correct            The Texas Lions Camp is a summer camp dedicated to serving
answer on which County employee this describes will win a $25              children from the State of Texas with physical disabilities and
Wal*Mart giftcard! Send your guess to grodriguez@co.lubbock.tx.us.
                                                                           Type 1 and 2 diabetes. All children attend camp at no cost.
We will announce the winner in the next Gazette. The clues are:
# She has lived in Lubbock for about 9 years;                              For more information call Lion Helen Sampson 797-7652 or 763-
# she loves changing her hairdos and enjoys shopping;                      4789. You may also visit: www.lionscamp.com.
# her favorite food is Chinese; and                                                           HIGH NOON CONCERTS
# enjoys watching her daughters grow up before her eyes.
                                                                           It is summer time again, so you know what that means. Yes, the
                        ZACH’S CLUB                                        High Noon Concerts are back! Come sit outside and enjoy the
The Zach’s Club Fitness Facility will have a GRAND OPENING
                                                                           wonderful music on the Courthouse lawn at noon every Wednesday
soon! Lubbock County employees will be able to get a group
                                                                           from June - August. The June schedule is listed below:
discounted rate. Keep your eyes open because a flier will be
coming your way soon!                                                       6/4 Kenny Maines
                                                                           6/11 Clay Jacobs
                                                                           6/18 Susan Grisanti & P.J. Welch-Liggan
                                                                           6/25 Mike Pritchard & Hat Trick

                                     Our mission is to serve Lubbock County by providing
                                         public service with integrity, compassion and
Jobline: (806)775-1692                  professionalism through innovative leadership.                             www.co.lubbock.tx.us

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