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									                                                   Gazebo Gazette
                                      Employees of Lubbock County
                                                                  MAY 2008
                      CORRESPONDENTS                                                  “There is no future in any job. The future lies
  Tom Albert Greg George    Melanie Hall Jackie Latham                              in the person who holds the job.” ~~Anonym ous
      Amanda Luera Gloria Rodriguez   Rick Sw artz, Jr.                        I have carried a written copy of this quote with m e for over 10
                                                                           years as a rem inder that we each hold our destiny in our own
   Welcome the new hires for the period 2/23/08 thru 3/21/08:
Linda Clark (County Clerk); Arnold Garcia (JJC); Gerene Gordon
                                                                               M y nam e is Greg George and I am your new Hum an
(Jail); Bobby Green (CRTC); Rachel Hutchings (JP # 1); Jenifer
                                                                           Resources Director. W hat does that m ean to you? It m eans
Mares (Maintenance); Jay McCorm ick (Jail); Am anda Perez
                                                                           that every County em ployee is m y internal custom er. It m eans
(County Clerk); Jonathan Riley (JJC); Dean Stanzione (District
                                                                           that I am here to serve you. The Hum an Resources (HR) office
Courts) and Dom inica Valdez (DRC).
                                                                           functions as your resource for all issues regarding your
                CONGRATULATIONS TO:                                        em ploym ent and I encourage you to call or stop by the HR office
Am anda Luera (JP #4) on the birth of her new daughter,                    anytim e.
Anicela Trejo, who was born on M arch 26, 2008.                                I grew up in Dim m itt, Texas and graduated from Texas Tech
                                                                           University a few years ago... For the past 12 years, I have
D avid Loya (M aintenance) for passing his Journey                         worked in HR in m any environm ents that have exposed m e to a
Electrician Exam and also being only steps away from                       variety of job types, including m anagem ent, sales, accounting,
being licensed with the State of Texas. Good job!                          inform ation technology, procurem ent, custom er service,
                    OUR CONDOLENCES TO:                                    m aintenance, m anufacturing, warehouse, transportation and
The fam ily and friends of Constable Larry Johnson (Pct. #2) who           even taste testers.
passed away suddenly on April 13, 2008.                                        I am very excited about working for Lubbock County and look
                                                                           forward to everything that I can learn and experience here. I
                        Character Counts!                                  have always believed that Lubbock County is the ideal place to
The Character Counts! class schedule is below. If you are interested       live and work, so being a part of this group is an am azing
in attending please contact Gloria Rodriguez at 775-1090 or                opportunity and a task that I undertake with pride.
        May 14            Caring                9:00-10:00am                 W hen changing direct deposit accounts, notify Payroll
        June 11           Citizenship           2:00-3:00pm                  before you close the old account. Give us a call : 1095
                            “GUESS WHO??”                                  or 1094 to help you with planning the switch in accounts.
            Congratulations to Kathy Sprawls (Maintenance) for being
            the first to guess correctly on our April “mystery person”.                 Don’t Fall Victim to the Rebate Scams
            The answer was Rick Swartz, who is the Electronic              The IRS recently warned that scam artists are using the promise
            System Administrator for Maintenance. We have selected         of expected tax rebates to trick taxpayers into revealing their
            a new person for June. The first County employee to            personal and financial information. Taxpayers should notify the
submit the correct answer on which County employee this describes          IRS by sending an email to if they receive any
will win a $25 W al*Mart giftcard! Send your guess to                      questionable emails or telephone calls. Reminder: The IRS does W e will announce the winner in the
                                                                           not contact taxpayers by telephone to obtain personal and financial
next Gazette. The clues are:
# She has lived in Lubbock all of her life;                                information, nor does the agency send unsolicited, tax-related
# enjoys watching her boys play football and her daughter cheer;           emails to taxpayers.
# when she is not out on the field, she hits the shopping malls &
                                                                                         INSURANCE CLAIM S COSTS
    nail salon.
                                                                                                 February                         M arch
                         LEADERSHIP FORUM
                                                                           Health               $222,647                         $444,402
The Lubbock County Leadership Forum will have their last class
                                                                           Dental               $ 31,859                         $ 26,649
on M ay 9 th from 8:30 - 12:00 noon at the Sheriff’s Academy on the
                                                                           Prescription Drugs   $ 97,310                         $ 75,257
10 th floor of the bank building.

Do not share your passwords with anyone. LCIS will NEVER
ask employees for their passwords. If you have a question
about sharing information, call LCIS @1390.

                           FY09 Budget
The FY09 budget process has begun. Departmental presentations
are tentatively scheduled for mid July. Remember to visit with your
Department Director about your wish lists!
                                     Our mission is to serve Lubbock County by providing
                                         public service with integrity, compassion and
Jobline: (806)775-1692                  professionalism through innovative leadership.                  

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