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									                                                Gazebo Gazette
                                    Employees of Lubbock County
                                                            MARCH 2008
                    CORRESPONDENTS                                                         LEADERSHIP FORUM
Doug Freitag    Melanie Hall    Mandy Mantooth Cynthia Metsgar         The Lubbock County Leadership Forum has begun. The
                        Gloria Rodriguez
                                                                       class will meet at the same time (8:30 -12:00 noon) on the
   Welcome the new hires for the period 12/29/07 thru 1/25/08:         second Friday of each month for four consecutive months.
Shatorres Bates (District Courts); Tanya Bujnosek (CSCD); Sandra
                                                                       This forum is designed for Elected Officials, Department
Collett (Public Defender Office); Joe Davis (Jail); Courtney Dieken
(JJC); Michael Elliott (Road Maintenance); Shamecia Harper             Directors, Supervisors and employees being groomed for
(CSCD); Shannon Kite-Powell (District Clerk); Jennifer Martinez        supervisory positions. The seminar covers a variety of
(CSCD); Susan Minns (JP # 4); Bonnie Powers (Jail); Terry Sansing      topics for administrators, including how to effectively
(LSO); Catherine Tedrick (JP # 4); Joseph W arner (Road
Maintenance) and Rachel W ilson (District Courts).
                                                                       interview, hire, coach, train, discipline and separate
                                                                       employees. The final session covers relevant personnel law
                                                                       and is facilitated by an attorney specializing in employment
Bethann and Douglas Freitag (CDA) on the birth of their
new son, Landon Ray, w ho was born on February 5, 2008.
                                                                       litigation. Class dates are: 3/14, 4/11 and 5/9. The
                                                                       sessions will be held in the Sheriff’s Academy on the 10th
Shanna Rodriguez, daughter of Cynthia (LSO) and Danny
M etsgar (LSO), who m ade the Presidents list at South
                                                                       floor of the bank building. Please email HR to register for
Plains College last semester.                                          the class.
                                                                                            TCDRS in Lubbock!
Cynthia M etsgar (LSO) who retired on February 29, 2008.
                                                                       John Jagou, TCDRS service representative, will be
Cynthia plans on starting a new career at the City of
Lubbock on M arch 3 as Anim al Service Supervisor.
                                                                       conducting seminars for all TCDRS members on March 4 th
Thank you Lubbock County for all the knowledge and                     and 5 th. Class times on March 4 th will be: 9:00am, 10:30am,
friends you have given m e over the years.                             1:30pm and 3:00pm. Sessions on March 5 th will be at
                         Character Counts!                             9:00am, 10:30am and 1:30pm. The 3:00pm session on
The Character Counts! class schedule is below. If you are              March 4 th is specifically suited for 20+ year employees.
interested in attending please contact Gloria Rodriguez at 775-1090
                                                                       Do not share your passwords with anyone. LCIS will
                                                                       NEVER ask employees for their passwords. If you have
         March 12          Responsibility       9:00-10:00am
                                                                       a question about sharing information, call LCIS @1390.
         April 16          Fairness             9:00-10:00am
         May 14            Caring               9:00-10:00am                        INSURANCE CLAIMS COSTS
         June 11           Citizenship          2:00-3:00pm                               December         January
                           “GUESS WHO??”                               Health             $283,832         $403,041
               Congratulations to Irene Munoz (County                  Dental             $ 24,901         $ 26,194
         ? Judge’s Office) for being the first to guess                Prescription Drugs $ 71,958         $ 73,668
               correctly on our January “mystery person”.                           TASC Flexible Spending Account
               The answer was Sara W agoner, who is a                  Several participants have not received their personal
              Deputy Clerk at the District Clerk’s Office. W e         identification numbers (PIN) via mail from TASC. Please call
have selected a new person for the month of March, so good             Melanie Hall (1655) or Mandy Mantooth (1690) in HR to
luck on your guesses. The first County employee to submit              obtain your PIN number to access your FSA online account.
the correct answer on which County employee this describes
will win a $25 W al*Mart giftcard! Send your guess to                  Remember that Daylight Savings Time is on March 9 .
                                                                                                                                th W e will announce the winner               Don’t forget to move your clocks one hour forward!
in the next Gazette. The clues are:
r She has worked on classified programs: Space Shuttle, Hubble
  Space Telescope & Stealth Bomber;
r was caught in a three day lock down mode at a prison in
r has traveled throughout North America & Germany performing
  theater and singing; and
r has worked auto raceway circuits like Laguna Seca and Sears
                                   Our mission is to serve Lubbock County by providing
                                       public service with integrity, compassion and
Jobline: (806)775-1692                professionalism through innovative leadership.            

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