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        Project Estimation & Cost Control Database Application (EC101)

  Projects Estimation & cost control systems development & database applications is a
training seminar presented by a senior expert estimation & cost control engineer who has long
experience in Estimation database organization & cost control systems development for large
scale projects.
This seminar is to help in company simple
resources organization, estimation
department assembled resources planning,
supplier prequalification, direct & indirect cost
estimates, project integration management,
procurement management, data collection
strategy implementation, invoicing generation,
insuring proper links between all company
departments such as estimation, cost control,
planning, quantity surveying, purchasing,
ware houses, accounting and site
management. Presentation of several cost
control, reports including productivity &
variance reports generation.
Also this seminar includes training support
hours in developing a practice sample
estimation & cost control project.

      Introduction to database as a construction data management tool, Demonstrative

      Applications on major database components, Demonstrative examples

      Estimation database development, Simple resources dictionary, Assembled resources
      dictionary, Demonstrative examples

      Project resources allocations dictionary, Estimation report generation, Demonstrative

      All complimentary sections related to Estimation database, Demonstrative examples

      Developing all complimentary sections related to estimation report, Demonstrative

      Integration of Cost Estimation with planning.

      Cost budget generation.                   2/19/2009
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      RFD (Request for delivery) presentation & control.

      Cost control database system development, Data collection strategy

      Creating database links with accounting systems, Productivity & variance report
      generation, Demonstrative examples

      Cost Baseline preparation & implementation.

      Budget updates practical methodology.

      Earned value management and strategy of controlling the most indicative resource

      Reporting earned value management, schedule variances & cost variances, SPI'S and

      Discussions regarding daily reporting and complementary data collection efforts and
      models with practical examples.                      2/19/2009

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