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Open skies - but not for all

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Monday February 18, 2008 | Editor: | Advertising:                                          Page 1

Open skies -
                                                                                    MFS in further                               HOT JOBS!
                                                                                    Scott talks                       SYDNEY
                                                                                    MFS will hold further talks       Business Development Exec - $80K Pkg
                                                                                    with Chris Scott this week        Retail Travel Team Leader - $60K Pkg

but not for all
■   Singapore Airlines angered        of home-grown companies
                                                                                    as uncertainty continues to
                                                                                    surround the sale of Stella
                                                                                    to private equity group, CVC
                                                                                    Asia Pacific.
                                                                                      The two parties met
                                                                                                                      Corporate Cons (All Levels) - Up To $60K
                                                                                                                      Flight & Product Coordinator - $45K+
                                                                                                                      Wholesale Reservations - Up To $45K+
                                                                                                                      Fares & Tktng Specialist - Up To $42K
    over continued snub               out of some loose definition                  on Friday with an MFS             BRISBANE
Michael Bruce                         of ‘national interest’,” SIA’s                spokesman saying more
                                                                                                                      Multi-skilled Corp, CBD, Mon-Fri - To $50K
                                      vice president public affairs,                discussions will follow this
                                                                                                                      Wholesale Res Team Leader - $49K+

      ingapore Airlines has           Stephen Forshaw said. “As we                  week with Scott's advisers.
      hit out at the open skies       have consistently argued, it is                 Scott, one of the largest       Domestic Corporate, CBD - From $45K++
      deal struck by the US           a mistake to confuse national                 shareholders in MFS, is           Wholesale Rail Cons, CBD - From $42K++
and Australian government,            interest with national carriers’              furious about the CVC             Youth Retail Travel, CBD - $35-$40K++
claiming it is “only the first        interests. They are not one and               deal and has called for an
                                                                                                                      Wholesale Ticketing, Mon-Fri - $39K+
step” towards                                         the same.”                    Extraordinary General
liberalisation.      It is a mistake to confuse          Despite the                Meeting to discuss the sale.
                     national interest with                                                                           MELBOURNE
   The US and                                         comments, prices              Amid demands for the MFS
                                                                                                                      Multi-Skilled Corporate Consultant - 40-50K
Australia signed national carriers’ interests are expected to                       board to step down, he
an open skies                                         fall on what has              claimed shareholders should       South America Specialist - 42K
                     Stephen Forshaw
deal last Friday,                                     become one of                 have been consulted on the        Wholesale Reservation Consultant - 40K
paving the way                                        the world’s most              deal and that it under valued     Head Office Help Desk Consultant - 36K
for Virgin Blue to commence           expensive routes.                             Stella.
                                                                                                                      Fares & Ticketing Consultant - 36K
ten weekly flights between the          Flight Centre managing                        It is unclear precisely what
                                                                                                                      Retail Consultant - CBD - 35K
two countries later this year..       director Graham Turner said                   Scott is seeking from the
   The agreement allows carriers consumers are set to benefit                       talks. The MFS spokesman
from both countries unlimited         from huge savings. “The new                   declined to comment on the
frequency and capacity                carriers will be keen to establish            content of the discussions
between the two countries. But        a presence on Australia-USA                   while Scott could not be
Singapore Airlines has again          routes and existing operators                 reached before Travel Today
been locked out from the route.       will be equally keen to maintain              went to press.
                                                                                                                          SYD: 02 9248 6868
   “Competing in a globalised         market share,” Turner said.                     The former S8 boss saw
economy doesn’t mean                    Virgin to announce US                       the value of his shares fall
                                                                                                                          MEL: 03 8641 6868
consumers should lose by              details next month – see story                from around $300 million to           BNE: 07 3218 2134
protecting the legacy practices       on page 2                                     $40 million in the wake of the
                                                                                    MFS crisis.

QantasLink hit by pilot shortage                                                                                         EARLY BIRD SPECIAL
QantasLink is starting to be              having to make “temporary                 In today's issue                    UP TO 10 FREE DAYS
affected by the pilot shortage,           adjustments” to some of its
                                                                                      ■   TSAx agents hatch
according to reports this                 schedules because of a “higher                                              AND RETURN DISCOUNTS
                                                                                          breakaway plan - pg2          PAST CLIENT BONUS
morning.                                  than normal pilot attrition rate”
  A Qantas spokeswoman,                     Regional Express has already              ■   New Sabre council -pg3
quoted in the Australian                  cancelled flights and pulled off            ■   New Greyhound fares
Financial Review, said it was             routes because of the shortage.                 - pg4

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Monday February 18, 2008 | Editor: | Advertising:                                                 Page 2

Interest grows                                                                      V Australia to reveal hand
                                                                                    V Australia is set to unveil
                                                                                    details of its in-flight product
                                                                                    and inaugural operations next
                                                                                                                           fact the carrier is set to lose
                                                                                                                           market share on the route.
                                                                                                                           Chief executive Geoff Dixon

in new group
■   Group gives working title         dubbed Magellan, after the
                                                                                    month ahead of the launch of
                                                                                    trans-Pacific services later this
                                                                                      Virgin Blue chief executive
                                                                                    Brett Godfrey described the
                                                                                                                           said further liberalisation of
                                                                                                                           air services arrangements is
                                                                                                                           needed “if Australian carriers
                                                                                                                           are to grow operations and
                                                                                                                           match opportunities available to
    of Magellan                       Portuguese maritime explorer.                 open skies deal as a “significant      foreign competitors”.
Steve Jones
                                        The bosses of the three                     change after almost twenty               Federal transport minister
                                      agencies, Andrew Jones, Trevor                years of restrictive bilaterals”.      Anthony Albanese said: “The

          trio of Travelscene         Jones and Kevin Dale, declined                  “It will enable us to bring          agreement will also provide
          American Express            to comment, but sources close                 long awaited, genuine                  certainty for Qantas and Jetstar
          agents are forging          to the agents said a concept                  competition to the trans-Pacific       to plan into the future, and
ahead with plans to launch a          has been developed which is a                 market,” Godfrey said.                 widen the network of cities they
breakaway group                                     “viable strategy                  Meanwhile, Qantas has                serve in the United States.”
and have given          Other Travelscene           and attractive                  welcomed the deal despite the            Click here to comment.
the operation           Amex members                to independent
a working title,        are believed to be          well established                TVL taken off ASX                       Delta merger
sources close to        interested in exploring agents”.
the retailers have      opportunities with the        All are currently    will be                   The proposed merger
said.                   new operation               serving a six-                  removed from the official               between US airlines Delta
   Andrew Jones                                     month notice                    list of the Australian                  and Northwest appears set to
Travel in Hobart,                                   period with their               Stock Exchange at close of              occur following the resolution
Hawthorn Travel in Hawthorn,          membership of Travelscene                     business today following its            of a dispute involving both
Victoria and Melbourne-based          Amex expiring on March 31.                    acquisition by               carriers’ pilots.
National Network Travel                 Andrew Jones previously
resigned last October amid            said the agents “didn’t feel
speculation they were preparing comfortable with the current
to set up a new entity.               arrangements” with Travelscene
   Other Travelscene Amex             Amex in that “they don’t suit                      Tired of                       “When I added up all the extra
                                                                                                                        charges I’d have to pay to run
members are believed to
be interested in exploring
                                      the independently-owned, non-
                                      branded agents”.                                   being                          my own business and saw the
                                                                                                                        support that I would get from
opportunities with the new
operation which has been
                                        “We feel we have a solution,”
                                      Jones said.                                        short                          Travel Counsellors I knew I
                                                                                                                        would be better off!”

Changes spark                             Explore adds to                                changed?                                                    Carol Mills
                                                                                                                                      Travel Counsellor, Victoria

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Monday February 18, 2008 | Editor: | Advertising:                                                         Page 3

                                                                                    NFS in Arctic                                    Contiki sees Bali

Sabre creates                                                                       Circle move
                                                                                    Natural Focus Safaris has
                                                                                    signed a deal with Cruise
                                                                                                                                     The increase in visitors to
                                                                                                                                     Bali has been particularly

agents’ forum                                                                       North to add Canadian Arctic
                                                                                    Circle cruise packages to its
                                                                                       NFS sales and marketing
                                                                                    manager Praful Albuquerque
                                                                                                                                     felt in the 18-35s market,
                                                                                                                                     with Contiki reporting “huge
                                                                                                                                     growth in bookings and
                                                                                                                                     enquiries” at its resort.
                                                                                                                                        Contiki Holidays and
■   GDS to create a 12-strong            forum where they can take                  said the move was in                             Resorts managing director
    Customer Council                     a more active role in our                  response to the success of                       Tammy Marshall claimed
Steve Jones                              future development ideas,” he              its Antarctic program, which                     demand has been stimulated
                                         explained.                                 has seen “huge growth”.                          due to improved packages

        abre Pacific’s key agents          The creation of the council                 NFS will offer six                            to the island, including free
        will get a greater say in        has been driven by Sabre                   departures in July and                           night offers. But air capacity
        the development of new           Pacific chief executive Gai                August. “It’s for people who                     is the “major challenge” in
products following the creation          Tyrrell who was keen to get                have been to the Antarctic                       trying to fill the resort, she
of a Customer                                           greater input from          and are now looking for the                      admitted.
Council.                 [We] are giving key            its customers.              other extreme,” he said.
   The Global            agents a forum where              Previously, the                                                           AAT discount
Distribution             they can take a more           GDS presented               Stella hotel sale
System has               active role in our future agents with                                                                       AAT Kings is offering savings
identified eight         development ideas              technology which            Stella Hospitality Group is                      of up to $440 per couple
of its major             James Granter, Sabre           was then tested             offering free nights at almost                   on its 11-day Spectacular
customers to sit on                                     and refined. Under          100 of its properties for                        Bungle Bungles journey from
the council with a further four          the new scheme, agents will                bookings made before March                       Broome to Darwin. Prices
expected to be approached.               make suggestions and “provide              20, 2008.                                        start from $4395 per person.
   It will meet on a quarterly           us with development ideas”,
basis and comprise both leisure          Granter said.
and corporate agents, head
of marketing James Granter                SIA figures
said. He declined to reveal the
identity of the council members.         Singapore Airlines saw
   “We’ve had beta testers               passenger numbers increase
before when we’ve launched               2.5 per cent in January while                     Senior Travel Sales Consultant
new technology but are                   capacity also increased 3.4                   Leading Adventure travel Company, Kumuka Worldwide, is seeking a
now giving our key agents a              per cent.                                    motivated and enthusiastic applicant to work as a full time senior travel
                                                                                                     sales consultant based in the Sydney office.
                                                                                       Your main responsibilities will include:
                                                                                       ● Selling Kumuka tours direct to customers
                                                                                       ● Providing the highest level of service
                                                                                       ● Booking complex flight routings via the Galileo system
                                                                                       ● Issuing travel documents
                                                                                       ● Managing wholesale airfares
    The national airline of Vanuatu has a vacancy for an experienced Sales             ● Mentoring and training other sales consultants
         and Ticketing Agent to be based in the Sydney CBD Office.                      To be successful for this great opportunity, you will have:
     A small dedicated team handles all facets of airline travel to Vanuatu,           ● a minimum of 2 years experience as a travel consultant
    including telephone sales, travel agency assistance, client consulting,            ● an excellent knowledge of Galileo
            fare quoting, reservations, ticketing and administration.                  ● an outstanding understanding of booking flights, including complex
    Applicants must have International Fares & Ticketing I & II. Experience              itineraries
        with Amadeus CRS is preferred. Knowledge of South Pacific                       ● a proven ability to increase sales in a travel environment
                    destinations would be an advantage.                                   Ideally you will be well travelled. Remuneration package includes a good basic
                                                                                                               salary and generous bonus structure.
             Please email your resume and a covering letter to:                                                  Please send your CV to
                               Lynne Jeffery                                                                   Megan Hall General Manager
                      Sales Administration Manager
                                                                                                                  Kumuka Worldwide
                                                                                                                 Australia/New Zealand
        Applications must be received by Friday 29 February 2008.
           Applicants must have the right to work in Australia.
                                                                                              Applicants will only be contacted should they be required for an interview.
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Monday February 18, 2008 | Editor: | Advertising:                          Page 4

Greyhound hits                                                                        Amadeus hosts agents

back at airlines
■   Three-tiered level of fares           passengers pay in taxes alone
                                          on LCCs while discounts of
Steve Jones
                                          50, 30 and 15 per cent will

      cheduled coach operator             be available on other routes
      Greyhound has launched              “depending on how fast you
      a range of special fares as         book”. Along with a cheaper
it looks to fight back against the        option, Thomas stressed
low cost airline price war.               that Greyhound is more
   A three-tier level of fares has        environmentally sound.
been introduced which chief                  “When compared to jet
executive Robert Thomas said              aircraft, studies have shown
will include destinations “left           one full coach has five times
out of the cut price map”.                less CO2 emissions per
   The company has also                   passenger per kilometre on the              Amadeus hosted a dinner for 100 agents and industry
                                                                                      contacts to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Pictured
promoted itself as a more                 same route,” he claimed. “Our
                                                                                      with Amadeus client relationship manager Andrew
environmentally friendly way of           objective is to set the standard
                                                                                      Delaney are, from left, Jenniffer Bo and Lilian Yang
travelling than flying.                   for transport throughout                    from Longway Travel.
   Thomas said its lowest fare            Australia, minimising emissions
of $40 between Sydney and                 and maximising the efficiency
Tamworth is less than air                 of travel.”                               This week’s travel diary:
Cathay growth                             Dreamliner test                           - February 18 – Creative          – Gold Coast Marriott. See
                                                                                    Holidays 2008 Bali                above. Contact marketing@
Cathay Pacific and subsidiary             Boeing has commenced final                Roadshow – Hilton Hotel,
Dragonair carried 2.04                    assembly on the second of                 Adelaide. Contact events@         - February 20 – Eastern
million passengers in                     its 787 Dreamliner flight-                 Mediterranean Tourism
January, a rise of 17 per cent            test aircraft. There are 21               - February 18 – Travel            Association industry product
on last January. Load factors             Dreamliners in various stages             Counsellors Roadshow              evening – Hellenic Club,
increased to 82.3 per cent.               of production.                            – Sebel Queens Road,              Canberra. Contact info@emta.
                                                                                    Melbourne, 6.30pm.      
                                                                                    Founder and chairman              - February 20 – Travel
                                                                                    David Speakman to present         Counsellors Roadshow –
                                                                                    briefing. Contact marketing@      Royal on the Park, Brisbane.
                                                                                    Contact marketing@
                                                                                    - February 19 – 20 – The
                                                                                    16th Asia Pacific Incentives      - February 21 – Adventure
                                                                                    and Meetings Expo (AIME) –        World Roadshow featuring
                                                                                    Melbourne Exhibition Centre.      representatives from
                                                                                    Contact heidi.ruettinger@         TREK America, GAP
                                                                                      Adventures, Dragoman and
                                                                                    - February 19 – Eastern           others. Contact jasminew@
                                                                                    Mediterranean Tourism   
                                                                                    Association industry product      - February 21 – Travel
                                                                                    evening – NSW Rugby               Counsellors Roadshow – Four
                                                                                    Leagues Club, Sydney.             Seasons Hotel, Sydney. See
                                                                                    Contact          above. Contact marketing@
                                                                                    - February 19 – Travel  
                                                                                    Counsellors Roadshow
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Monday February 18, 2008 | Editor: | Advertising:                                  Page 5

  Exceptional Job Opportunity at eNett
  Leading payment solutions company eNett is seeking a highly motivated person
  for an incredible opportunity to join the eNett team in a customer service/
  support role. Our workplace is dynamic, creative, flexible and supportive, yet
  focused on success and achieving results. You will be joining an innovative and
  exciting young team, full system training will be provided with a great deal of
  scope to expand the role. The role is based in Melbourne CBD.
  The successful applicant will have:
                                                                                               ARE GROWING!
  •   Excellence in customer service       •   Respectful phone manners
                                                                                       It is an exciting time to join and as
  •   Confident computer skills             •   Clear communication skills              we continue to grow and build our strong premiere brands. As part
  •   Initiative and self leadership       •   Be an active team member                  of the Orbitz Worldwide Group, we are now also affiliated with a
  •   Attention to detail                  •   Travel industry knowledge would
  •   Professionalism                          be beneficial                           strong portfolio of consumer brands that include:,
  •   Focus on individual and                                                 ,,
      business success                                                                            and corporate travel brand, Orbitz for Business.
                                                                                              Currently we are recruiting for the following positions:-
  Please send your job applications,
  eNett International Pty Ltd                                                                  ● Senior Business Development Manager, NSW
  Attention: Michael Jones:
  PO Box 4535, Melbourne Vic 3001                                                               (based in the Sydney Office)
  Or to:                                                                     ● Senior Business Development Manager, QLD
                                                                                                (work from home based anywhere in QLD)
                                                                                               ● Business Development Manager, WA/NT
                                                                                                (work from home based anywhere in WA/NT)
                                                                                         For all roles you must have minimum 2 years previous business
                                                                                        development experience and direct sales with Hotels. For senior
                                                                                        roles, a minimum 2 years team lead/management experience is
      To book recruitment advertisements for Travel Today                                                            required.
               please contact Kate Southward at                                         To apply for these fantastic opportunities please email your
                                                        resume to

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